SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas 2022

SMS marketing offers an effective way of reaching out to customers in real-time. Businesses can send personalized text messages with the best offers and coupons, news about product launches, or discounts on products to their targeted audience via the SMS platform. You can also target specific customer segments like age groups or location-based using the SMS software.

The best part about SMS marketing is that it offers a high ROI. A study by Twilio found that businesses see an average return of $44 for every dollar spent on SMS campaigns. It is because, unlike other digital channels, SMS messages are almost always read by the recipient. In fact, 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

It makes SMS marketing a great way to reach out to customers with time-sensitive offers and drive conversions. In addition, text messages have a high open-rate and clickthrough rate compared to other digital channels.

So how can businesses use SMS marketing campaigns to increase their marketing success? Here are the 15 best SMS marketing campaigns that companies can use to drive conversions and increase sales:

1. Welcome Message


How do you greet new customers when they first create an account with your website, join your service, or otherwise interact with your company for the first time? You may use SMS welcome campaigns to complement or replace your welcome emails, which increases the chance that people will open and read them.

Your ideal clients appreciate succinct and to-the-point welcome texts, which will help you develop a connection with fresh clients.

Here are some great examples of a welcome SMS message:

  • Hello [Name]. Welcome to our service! Use promo code: ABCD for 15% off your first purchase.
  • Hey there [Name], thanks so much for signing up with us. We look forward to working together and having a great time doing it! Here is a link to get started.
  • We hope you enjoy your experience with [company]. In the meantime, here’s a little something for you. Use promo code: CHEERS10.

Welcome messages are best when they are short and straightforward. You can also add a link to your website or promotional offer in the message itself.

2. Offer Value to Customers

Value best sms marketing campaigns

One of the best ways to increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business is to offer them value. You can do this by providing exclusive discounts, early access to new products or services, or bonus content that is not available anywhere else.

You can also use SMS marketing campaigns to reward your customers’ loyalty. For example, you could send a thank you message to repeat customers or offer them a special discount on their next purchase.

Here are some best examples of offering value through SMS:

  • Thank you [Name] for being our best customer. Enjoy 30% off your next order with us! Just use promo code: ABCD at checkout!
  • Welcome to our loyalty program! For every $100 you spend, get a $20 credit towards your next purchase. Just use promo code: ABCD at checkout.

By offering value to customers through SMS marketing campaigns, you can encourage them to keep coming back for more.

3. Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal Campaigns best sms marketing campaigns

Holidays are an excellent time to connect with your consumers, whether to advertise a new product, invite them to a seasonal event, or wish them well. You might also search for alternative and unusual holidays relevant to your company, such as National Pizza Day, when the pizzeria offers discounted lunchtime slices to SMS subscribers.

Including a coupon or other special offer in your seasonal SMS messages is always a great idea, as it encourages customers to take advantage of the deal.

Some best examples of seasonal SMS marketing campaigns are:

  • Valentine’s Day Sale! 20% off all purchases when you use promo code: HEARTS20 at checkout!
  • Christmas discounts are now available! Get 25% off your order when you use promo code: MERRY25 at checkout
  • Easter sale happening from now on! Get 30% off all purchases when you use promo code: EASTER30 at checkout
  • Halloween discounts are now available! Get 25% off your order when you use promo code: TRICKORTREAT at checkout.

4. Thank You Messages

Thank You Messages best sms marketing campaigns

Thank you messages are a great way to show your customers that you appreciate their business. You can send them as soon as the purchase is complete or after a certain period has passed.

Sending a coupon or other special offer in your thank you message is always a good idea, as it encourages customers to take advantage of the deal.

Some best examples of thank you SMS marketing campaigns are:

  • Thank you for your purchase! Use promo code: ABCD for 20% off your next order
  • Thanks for being a loyal customer! Get 25% off your next purchase when you use promo code: THANKS25 at checkout.

Every time a customer purchases anything from your website or store, send them a text message of thanks. Doing so can raise the company’s image in the customer’s eyes while also increasing brand recognition.

5. Get Reviews For Your Business

Get Reviews For Your Business

Surveys and polls are essential communication tools that allow you to get input from your customers. You may ask your consumers to rate your company, offer comments on the customer service experience, or suggest changes.

Polls and surveys have a lot of other creative applications, such as asking customers to pick their favorite version of your product or vote on a new logo.

You can also use SMS marketing campaigns to ask customers to write a review of your business on sites like Google, Facebook, or Yelp. It is a great way to get feedback from customers and show potential new ones that you have happy customers.

Some best examples of customer survey SMS are:

  • Please take a few minutes to answer this survey about your experience with our company
  • We would appreciate it if you could leave a review of your recent purchase on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Thank you!
  • Do you have a few minutes to answer questions about your experience with us?
  • Would you be willing to take this brief survey about your experience with our customer service?

6. Member and VIP Campaigns

Customers love to feel like they’re a member of a select group. If you provide unique discounts to your text subscribers, your SMS list can give that sensation. It will not only encourage consumers to join your text campaigns but may also boost sales.

You can also create VIP campaigns that give your best customers special treatment. It might include early access to sales or new products, exclusive deals, or a personal customer service representative.

Some best examples of member and VIP SMS marketing campaigns are:

  • Welcome to our members-only club! Get 25% off your next purchase when using promo code: WELCOME25 at checkout.
  • Welcome to our VIP club! Get 30% off your next purchase when using promo code: VIP30 at checkout.
  • Thank you for being a loyal customer! As a token of our appreciation, get 25% off your next purchase when you use promo code: APPRECIATION25 at checkout!

7. Product Launch Campaigns

Use SMS marketing to announce the arrival of a new product line when your company introduces one. You may promote new goods in stages, such as:

  • Pre-launch: Create SMS messages to build interest in a new product before it sells. You may allow customers to preorder the item, obtain early access to new features, and learn the release date ahead of time during this period.
  • Release stage: On the day of launch, you may send SMS messages to remind customers to buy the product or obtain special discounts that others don’t have access to.
  • Post-launch: Maintain the buzz for those who haven’t heard about the product launch by sending out SMS messages to promote it. This messaging is ideal for individuals who joined your SMS feed after the product’s release date and are just getting to know you. You may also send out push emails to purchasers of the goods, encouraging them to submit a review for other consumers.

8. Time Sensitive Offer Campaigns

Maintaining exclusivity is an essential tool while constructing SMS marketing campaigns. Let your consumers know that if they sign up for your SMS messages, they’ll gain:

  • Discount coupons are available only to subscribers.
  • Flash sale alerts
  • Primary alerts when bestsellers are on sale

A frequent shopping habit may be generated by using a sale or flash sale campaign to encourage regular purchases from your client base, mainly if you sell new goods monthly. Being consistent in offering incentives to your SMS subscribers can also encourage them to seek out your business when you have a deal, keeping the connection with them.

9. Conversational Campaigns

Conversational Campaigns

Texting weekly pointers about your company is another approach to maintain customer involvement. It’s best to start with simple messages about upcoming events, new products, and services.

Become more personal in your conversational campaigns by sending the latest updates so that they know what is going on behind the scenes. Besides helping them feel connected to your business, it also creates a sense of transparency that can be helpful when your clients want to voice their opinions about what is going on.

For example, a pest control firm might advise avoiding insect infestations, while a plant nursery may provide weekly gardening advice. It can help develop your company’s reputation as an expert in its field and enhance your connection with customers.

10. Post Purchase Campaigns

Post Purchase Campaigns

After someone has made a purchase, send them a text message thanking them for their business and including a discount on their next purchase as an incentive.

Including a survey in your post-purchase campaign can help you better understand what customers are looking for, what they liked about the product or service they just bought, and how likely they are to refer your company to others.

Some examples of Text messages that you can send to customers post-purchase are:

  • “Hello [Name]! Thank you for purchasing [product]. We have similar products that might interest you. Click on this link to view our exclusive selection.”
  • “Enjoying using [product]? Share your experience with us by writing an online review.”

11. Abandoned Cart Campaigns

If a customer puts something in their online shopping cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, send them a text message reminder with a discount code to encourage them to finish the purchase. It is common in e-commerce marketing because customers often leave items behind if they suspect the shipping will be too expensive or don’t like their options.

You may keep track of which products your SMS consumers abandon in their shopping carts and send them text reminders to finish the transaction. These text reminders are more successful than email reminders since customers are more likely to read texts than emails.

Here are some examples of abandoned cart SMS Reminders:

  • “Hey there! We noticed you left this item in your cart. It’s still available, so don’t miss out!”
  • “Hi [Name], we noticed you didn’t finish your purchase. Here’s a special discount to sweeten the deal!”
  • “Hey, you left behind items in your shopping cart. Use the code [code] at checkout to get a discount.”

12. Subscription Program Campaigns

Subscription Program Campaigns

By sending weekly and monthly tips through SMS, you may offer bite-sized material to your subscribers. This type of marketing campaign aims to create tips or award incentives that will encourage people to trust your business or interact with it.

Some of the things you could suggest with your tip might be:

  • DIY projects involving the use of your products
  • Tips on safety and upkeep, as well as incentives to contact your firm for expert service if significant problems arise
  • Money-saving tips, including discount codes for your products and services.
  • Tips on saving money, followed by discount codes for your products or services

SMS tips are similar to content marketing in that they may quickly pique a reader’s attention and intrigue them about your company’s products or services. You may also use a tip as a preview for a more extensive piece of writing and a link to your website for those who would like to learn more.

13. Early Access Campaign

Early Access Campaign (sms marketing campaign ideas)

If your firm releases new goods monthly, seasonal, or yearly, you may use text messaging to promote them. You can preorder them using an SMS marketing campaign.

Preorders allow customers to pay down part of the purchase price before the goods come out, allowing them to avoid fighting with others over the product’s release date. Preordering also will enable businesses to assess whether they need to order more items if they are still manufacturing items and whether it would be necessary to obtain an extra lot of products for sale after the initial launch.

Some things to keep in mind when running SMS Preorder campaign are:

  • How much does the new product cost, and how much do they have to pay to preorder it if they didn’t buy the first one?
  • A link to the preorder form for consumers to make a deposit
  • When should customers expect their order to be completed and delivered?

14. Sales Announcement

Sales Announcement 9best sms marketing campaigns)

A flash sale or discount campaign might be an excellent approach to get your consumer base to make regular purchases, especially if you regularly bring new items out. 

Encouraging your SMS subscribers to check in if you’re having a sale can also help them find you should you need their business again.

Some examples of sales announcement SMS campaigns are:

  • “Hey [Name]! It’s sale time. Check out our latest deals!”
  • “New arrivals! 20% off everything for today only.”
  • “Sales are a great way to clear the inventory and make room for new products. Get an extra 25% off when you use promo code [promo].”

15. Gift Guide Campaign

Gift Guide Campaign (sms marketing campaign ideas)

The holidays are an excellent time to promote SMS campaigns. You might run a gift guide campaign that offers special deals on specific products or services for friends who need them as gifts.

Make sure to run campaigns about the event or season relevant to your Message. Consider using CTAs for the following situations:

  • Encourage clients to purchase gifts for family, friends, and others around these holidays.
  • Make your consumer feel exceptional about receiving the Message, such as birthday-related greetings and discounts.
  • Consumers are more likely to purchase something that is in line with their interests at the time, such as during tax season, summer vacation, or the start of a new year.

Many people search for holiday-related discounts throughout the year, so that these dates may be ideal transitions from leads to transactions.

Some examples of SMS gift guide campaigns are:

  • “Hey [Name]! Want to get your friend a great new item for their birthday? Use code [promo] at checkout to save 20% on anything in our store.”
  • “Need some ideas for gifts this holiday season? Try out these suggestions from us!”

How does Campaign Ideas Increase Marketing Success?

Short message service (SMS) is a relatively recent method to advertise your business. But it can quickly increase your marketing success if you use it correctly. It is a way to communicate with your target audience, and the possibilities for how this can be done are endless.

SMS marketing campaigns that you can use as suggestions to improve your marketing operations:

  • Sending out promotional offers to subscribers.
  • Thanking clients for their loyalty or purchases.
  • Offering suggestions on what products to buy as gifts during certain seasons or holidays.

In fact, according to Forbes in 2014, SMS is the most effective way to get your content read by your audience.

SMS might cost less per person and achieve a 45% response rate than other marketing techniques such as email, which may only receive a 6% response rate or social media posts with a 0.03% response rate.

Here are five benefits of SMS marketing campaigns that can help your business succeed:

  • SMS messaging may be used with other marketing tactics such as emails or social media.
  • It’s a wonderful method to inform subscribers about fresh offers, give incentives for long-term customers, distribute coupons and special codes, and so much more.
  • With third-party SMS marketing programs, tracking the success of your SMS marketing efforts is simple.
  • Text messages may be sent to anybody, even those who don’t have internet access.
  • SMS messages have a high response rate, so you may use them to deliver surveys and receive feedback from your subscribers.

What Tools Can Help to Create SMS Marketing Campaigns?

Using tools that automate the process is the most effective approach to an SMS marketing effort. These tools provide many features, allowing you to manage your SMS marketing campaigns from start to end.

Here’s a list of some of the best SMS Marketing Software tools you can use for your campaign:

  • JookSMS – this tool lets you send SMS messages to subscribers using mobile devices. It has a messaging engine that allows for multiple contacts, personalization capabilities (such as inserting subscriber names into opt-in forms), and the ability to schedule your campaigns ahead of time.
  • SMS Marketo – this program provides features like mass sending, automated follow-up sequences, contact management, and more.
  • TextMagic – this tool offers a wide variety of features for SMS marketing, such as opt-in forms that can be personalized, automated messages, A/B testing to see what works best with your subscribers, and the ability to track campaign results.

Which Companies Use SMS Campaigns?

SMS campaigns are tried, tested, and used by well-known companies in their marketing strategies.

Here are just a few of the companies that utilize SMS marketing for their businesses:

  • Starbucks – sends out promotional offers to subscribers, coupons and discounts.
  • Amazon – uses text messaging both as an opt-in tool (for those who subscribe) and to send survey feedback or collect customer reviews.
  • Baskin Robbin’s ice cream – sends out birthday wishes with a coupon for free ice cream.
  • Nike – uses SMS to send alerts about new products, discounts, and other promotional offers.
  • McDonald – sends its subscribers discounts and coupons and information about menu items.

The possibilities are endless when using SMS marketing in your business plan. Keep these ideas in mind and start your own successful SMS marketing campaign today! Also, don’t forget to read more about Big Brands That Use SMS Marketing: Best Examples to know how they succeeded with their Text marketing campaigns!

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