Best Course Platforms Where You can Learn SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become an essential part of the marketing industry. Many existing e-learning platforms have incorporated mobile marketing courses on their offers and made them available for anyone interested in learning these skills more in-depth. 

With the ever-growing number of people using mobile devices as their communication tool, it is more important than ever to know how to reach these individuals with your business.

Thankfully there are courses available that will teach even novice marketers everything they need to create an effective campaign for reaching potential clients on our phones.

SMS marketing is an excellent way for entrepreneurs and businesses alike to educate themselves about the newest craze in customer engagement. With this knowledge, they can create campaigns that will get their customers hooked on whatever product or service it may be!

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile marketing courses, you have come to the right place.

The best online SMS course platforms are listed below.

  1. Udemy
  2. Shopify
  3. JookSMS Support Page
  4. Linkedin
  5. Hubspot
  6. MarketMotive
  7. CourseStorm
  8. Youtube

1. Udemy


Udemy’s goal is to provide new chances for individuals and organizations worldwide by linking them with the knowledge and abilities they require to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and the current CEO is Gregg Coccari.

This online learning platform helps students, companies, and other institutions upskill and reach their goals.

Udemy is a marketplace for online courses, with thousands of current courses in many languages and the tools students, instructors, and businesses need to succeed.

On Udemy, millions of individuals learn from real-world experts in a wide range of disciplines, including programming and data science and leadership and team building.

More so, Udemy Business is a business training and development platform with thousands of courses, learning analytics, and the ability to create and distribute their content offered by Udemy.

Presently, there are more than 30 SMS marketing courses offered in Udemy. You may choose a course according to your knowledge level and needs. Some have as few as nine lectures of mixed videos and documents, while others offer up to five hours and 40 classes!

The courses are also available in various languages, including English and Spanish.

2. Shopify


Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform that caters to small and medium-sized enterprises. Merchants may use the program to build, configure, and manage their stores across several sales channels, including the internet, mobile devices, social media sites, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

Shopify’s SMS marketing tutorials range from basic to advanced and cover topics such as notification automation, transactional notifications, and list creation.

Shopify offers small firms a range of services, including marketing, customer engagement, payments, and shipping solutions to make running an internet store easier.

Shopify’s enterprise-level technology is accessible to organizations of all sizes, thanks to the platform’s scale and reliability. Shopify currently supports over 800,000 companies in more than 175 countries, with corporate names like Red Bull, GE, Nestle, and Kylie Cosmetics.

Shopify was established in 2004 by Daniel Weinand, Tobias L├╝tke, and Scott Lake. The company is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

You can learn many new things about marketing, including text messaging marketing, strategies, and mobile shopping, from the range of mini and free courses offered at Shopify Learn.

3. JookSMS Support Page

JookSMS is a reliable and user-friendly messaging system for consumers and workers. It provides SMS marketing services to various businesses to improve their brand awareness, acquisition, and retention.

The excellent client care shown by JookSMS is apparent in the many testimonials from current and past customers.

Businesses are looking for new methods to expand their businesses. They’ve developed a platform that allows you to send numerous text messages to a database that’s already been uploaded or any number of loose numbers for any purpose you choose.

JookSMS is based in Royersford, Pennsylvania, US.

As a leading provider of text messaging solutions, the JookSMS Support Page is an excellent resource for learning about SMS Marketing courses, books, strategies, and statistics.

The JookSMS blog provides customers with SMS marketing tips and tricks for reaching their business goals.

4. LinkedIn


Linkedin revealed its free LinkedIn Learning portal in 2017, offering opportunities to online marketers in India and around the world.

This professional networking service site that allows users to make new connections, find jobs, market products/services, and learn new things online.

The site also allows users to develop and interact with their professional networks, access shared knowledge and insights, and discover business possibilities.

There are many ways to learn about different courses offered on Linkedin Learning, including LinkedIn University and Learning Paths.

Each course is led by industry experts who present the information in six-minute lessons that can be watched at any time.

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and is based in Sunnyvale, California, United States.

5. Hubspot


HubSpot provides SEO and marketing courses for marketers interested in learning the latest techniques, a leading digital marketing platform for small businesses. It is a global inbound marketing software platform that helps organizations attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

The company offers free courses through its Marketing Hub University offering up-to-date information on contemporary digital marketing trends. The site also provides paid certification courses.

The HubSpot blog offers marketing professionals information regarding inbound marketing, landing pages, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, analytics, and web design, among other things.

The application enables sales and service teams to have productive talks with leads and prospects using the HubSpot Sales Cloud.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah started HubSpot in 2004, and it is now based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has offices in Dublin, Ireland.

6. MarketMotive


Market Motive is a leading online platform for professional development training courses–including SMS Marketing. The company provides customers with the latest skills, strategies, and ideas to help them succeed in the marketplace.

MarketMotive offers online courses for professionals and business owners, and all active students get free access to their platform.

The site’s blog provides information on entrepreneurship, technology, marketing tactics, best practices. Additionally, they have topics aimed at helping small businesses grow. Companies using Market Motive as a resource include Cisco, Dell, and Xerox.

Market Motive builds a curriculum that trains individuals in various digital marketing trends, including SMS marketing and strategies.

Higher education institutions like Duke, Benedictine, and Polk State College have incorporated their curriculum to complement classroom training and expand their Community Education lists.

Large organizations, media companies, and Fortune 1000 Enterprise customers come to MarketMotive for bespoke team training. They also train their in-house marketing teams and salespeople who sell advertising and marketing services.

MarketMotive is based in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

7. CourseStorm


CourseStorm is a straightforward online course registration tool. Organizations may quickly build an essential online catalog, upload courses, and collect registrations in minutes. Their students will have a pleasant, functional website to locate and enroll for courses.

They offer a flexible platform that allows entrepreneurs and marketers to access an extensive catalog of online courses from leading experts at a fraction of the cost. Likewise, CourseStorm provides knowledge on SMS Marketing courses and other topics.

The platform enables organizations to provide customers, prospects, and employees with online courses on various topics.

CourseStorm offers courses from leading experts in digital marketing, sales, social media, business development, and other areas; CourseStorm’s catalog features fifteen categories, including SMS marketing.

CourseStorm is headquartered in East Coast, New England, US. Matthew James, the Co-Founder, also sits as the company’s COO.

8. YouTube


Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim created YouTube in 2005. They were all PayPal employees who left to build the video-sharing site.

Users may upload, view, and share videos using YouTube. It uses Adobe Flash video and HTML5 to show various user-generated video material, including film clips, TV clips, music videos, and amateur films.

The most important features of YouTube are playback, uploading, quality, and codecs. It also allows users to view videos on outside websites via playing them on web pages. The site has both iOS and Android versions of its movies playable.

Unregistered users can watch videos, but registered members may upload an infinite number of clips. Also, videos that might be potentially threatening are only accessible to authenticated users who confirm their age by clicking a box.

Search YouTube for Mobile Marketing Training Videos. There are hundreds of SMS marketing course videos on the site. Most of these courses are posted by industry experts with decades of experience in SMS Marketing.

How to Apply SMS Marketing Courses?

SMS Marketing courses from online learning platforms can be valuable in developing strategies. It provides best practices and a better understanding of mobile marketing.

Those who are new in the field will find these courses helpful as they start their campaign.

These courses can be used to understand SMS marketing and how it is used in the overall marketing process.

Additionally, those who already have experience but are looking to learn more will also find these courses helpful. Taking these courses will help them upskill to the next level.

As with any online course, one must review the course material and determine if it fits them.

Who Provides the SMS Marketing Courses?

Most of the SMS marketing courses are provided by online learning. Moreover, you can find them at SMS marketing platforms such as Udemy, Shopify, JookSMS Support Page, and a few others we’ve mentioned above.

Mobile marketing certificate courses are offered in physical learning institutions such as McGill University, Georgia Tech, and various other institutions.

What is the Cost of an SMS Marketing Course?

The cost for SMS marketing courses varies. For instance, the price of a course is usually dependent on what it offers and who provides it. Udemy courses range from $12.99, while bespoke mobile marketing courses from MarketMotive can reach as high as $1199!

Depending on the platform, there may be some fees associated with the course. However, the overall cost of an online course is typically less than what you pay for traditional education options.

If you are not ready to spend for SMS marketing courses, you may explore free videos from YouTube and find free resources from blogs and websites.

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing Courses?

The main benefit of completing an SMS marketing course is getting a certification. You will gain this once you finished the lectures and passed the examinations. It is valid for e-learning platforms that offer certification courses in digital marketing and other related studies.

On the other hand, some course offerings do not provide a certificate, but you can access video tutorials and available learning materials.

As students, you also get mentoring, coaching, and knowledge-sharing experience with the instructor or lecturer. Therefore, you should check the contents of the course offered if it will be helpful for your mobile marketing strategies.

What are the other Resources to Learn SMS Marketing Basics?

Aside from SMS marketing courses on e-learning platforms, there are other venues where you can learn more about SMS marketing, tips, and strategies. You can explore resources online and offline such as the following:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Free Online Tutorials
  • Online Forums
  • Blogs and Magazines
  • Social Media Communities
  • and More!

Schools and Universities: Digital marketing courses are now being offered in well-known learning institutions. If you are willing to learn more about mobile marketing in a class setting, look for schools and universities near you. Some of the top schools offering e-learning programs in digital marketing are McGill University in Canada, Georgia Tech, Auburn University in the United States, Coventry University in the United Kingdom, and more.

Free Online Tutorials: Many free online tutorials help beginners understand how SMS marketing works. You can check out resources from industry leaders such as Facebook, Google Ads, Mobibase, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and Twitter for helpful tips on SMS marketing best practices.

Online Forums: Search online, and you will find free resources such as articles, and videos, at no cost. You can further expand your knowledge by joining related forums or communities to ask questions and learn from other experts in the field.

Blogs and Magazines: Aside from using search engines to look for SMS marketing strategies, you can read SMS Marketing Books or SMS Marketing ebooks, blogs and magazines that may be useful in your marketing campaigns. It is a good idea to find an expert in digital marketing who can serve as a mentor or guide for developing mobile marketing campaigns.

Social Media Communities: Mobile communities are great places for beginners in SMS marketing to share their experiences and learn from more seasoned digital marketers. Some of the most popular mobile communities include Bizness Apps, Mobile Mavens, and more.

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