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Promotional Videos And SMS Are A Potential Game Changer

SMS Messaging and Video marketing are gaining momentum. According to an article published in eMarketer, Cowen and Company estimate video ad spend in the United States will hit $28.08bn dollars by 2020. To put that into perspective, businesses only spent $9.90bn on video ads last year. The video streaming business has exploded the last few […]

February 11, 2019

How Referrals Can Improve Customer Acquisition

The hardest challenge for businesses in the digital age is acquiring customers, referrals are the best solution and mobile phones are the best platform to reach your existing customers. Because SMS has a massive open rate of up to 98%, text messaging services present online businesses with a higher potential for success. There are two […]

February 5, 2019

How Product Segmentation Helps Capture The Market

Small businesses looking to expand can sometimes be discouraged by the cost of launching a new product. Conducting market research and launching marketing campaigns is time-consuming and expensive. But there are cost-effective solutions if you have the right strategy and affordable tools like product segmentation. The United States Small Business Administration recommend putting a face […]

January 25, 2019

The Psychology Of SMS Marketing

When you consider how central smartphones are to modern life… It shouldn’t really come as any surprise that SMS marketing is one of the most powerful advertising tools available right now. Statistics show that for 91% of Americans, smartphones are never out of arms reach, even when they’re sleeping. The performance of SMS marketing speaks […]

January 21, 2019

5 Ways To Boost Shopify Sales With SMS Marketing

Shopify ushered in eCommerce when the platform was launched way back in 2004 next year, eCommerce is expected to increase and generate $425bn sales in the US alone. The growing trend of mobile shopping will also have a significant part to play in the evolution of online consumerism. The success and increase of Shopify sales […]

January 15, 2019

Have You Adapted Your Sales Funnel For The Digital Age

In a traditional business model, creating a sales funnel follows a simple formula. The marketing funnel typically correlates with the mindset of consumers at specific points of the customer journey and they would be ushered along to the next stage. But the digital age has shredded the formula. Although the fundamental approach to marketing funnels […]

January 4, 2019

5 Marketing Communications Mistakes that Will Sink Your Campaign

5 SMS Marketing Mistakes that Will Sink Your Campaign When you send marketing communications to your list of contacts, be careful to avoid mistakes that will sink your campaign and seriously hurt your open rates. Here are five common mistakes: Sending Irrelevant Information Don?t waste your time sending information your customers do not care about, […]

December 31, 2018

SMS Protocols: Text Etiquette

There are rules for everything these days and then there is etiquette, the unwritten rules. SMS messaging squarely falls into this round category and can make sms marketing somewhat awkward. It even has its own expression: “textiquette” as in Text Etiquette. Whatever next. But for businesses sending bulk sms marketing messages, text messaging etiquette should […]

November 14, 2018

Ad Spend On SMS Marketing Is Phenomenal!

SMS marketing is like a runaway train. Nobody knows when marketers will hit the brakes! But SMS messaging ad spend is forecast to hit the $65.87bn by 2019. The positive growth in SMS marketing is fuelled by the increase in online mobile users. Digital advertising expects to reach a whopping $570.4 billion worldwide this year […]

November 4, 2018

What Is The Future of SMS Marketing

With the popularity of mobile devices, SMS marketing continues to gain traction in the digital marketing’s future. And experts predict the growth of text message marketing will continue for at least the greater portion of the decade. In 2015, the global market spend from SMS marketing was US$57.27bn. The estimated growth is forecast to reach […]

October 27, 2018