How To Use SMS To Improve Your Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is crucial for small businesses. Almost 70% of the revenue earned by small businesses comes from the top 25% of customers. Subsequently, it is more cost-effective to retain customers than find new ones. Brand new technologies emerging in the digital age are making a massive impact on customer loyalty programs. But old-school SMS is proving to be one of the most powerful tool. It’s not the technology that impresses customers, it’s how brands use it. The functionality of a loyalty program should be simple. Your goal is to provide customers with convenience whilst gathering useful data that is…

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How Small Businesses Can Capitalise With Amazon Alexa

The digital revolution is entering its next phase: voice activation assistants in the home. With the introduction of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, online shopping and product research will become even easier for consumers. The popularity of voice activated assistants has grown significantly in the last few years. Major improvements to mobile services Siri, Cortana and Google Now has been a major boost. And with the emergence of Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice instructions will be the new way to shop. It is estimated that 35.6 million Americans are already using voice-activated devices at least once a month. According…

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