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7 Ways to Become Mobile Friendly and Connect Better with Prospects

With more people than ever using their mobile devices to search, buy, and seek entertainment, Google has made it a priority to become mobile friendly. But how do you connect with people on their mobile devices? 7 ways you can connect better with prospects more effectively 1. Use Multimedia Content Mobile users love multimedia content, […]

June 27, 2019

5 Best Practices for Promoting Your Competitions

Promoting a competition is a great way of building a buzz around your product and raising awareness about your brand. Furthermore, promoting with digital technologies and bulk SMS marketing strategies you can reach a wider audience. The next time you promote one, why not look to build your list of contacts. Competitions can help to […]

June 25, 2019

How To Get More Customer Reviews For Your Business

Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types – but especially online businesses. Getting more third-party customer reviews provides social proof that can help persuade people to trust your brand and become customers themselves. In the digital age, people check customer reviews more than ever, and the opinions of peers hold a […]

June 20, 2019

5 Marketing Communications Mistakes that Will Sink Your Campaign

When you send marketing communications to your list of contacts, be careful to avoid mistakes that will sink your campaign and seriously hurt your open rates. Here are five common marketing communication mistakes 1. Sending Irrelevant Information Don’t waste your time sending information your customers do not care about, and you will instantly improve the […]

June 18, 2019

Better Post-Sale Communications: How To Make Your SMS Messages Count

A lot of marketing advice these days focuses on how to direct traffic to your site and make more sales. That?s all essential, of course. But you should also pay attention to how to communicate after the sale and make your SMS messages count. Keeping hold of your existing customers and increasing their lifetime value […]

June 13, 2019

How To Send Your Digital Marketing Engagement Rates Soaring

No matter what your preferred method of digital marketing is, the one constant in your strategy will always be your customer engagement rates. If people are not engaging with your content, they will stop being interested in your products and services. Furthermore, they won’t share your content or mention your brand name. All this can […]

June 11, 2019

From SMS to Email: How to Master the Art of Short Copywriting Marketing

Whatever type of marketing campaign you are running, one of the things you’ll already know is that people are busier than ever! And that makes it harder for marketers to get their prospects to actually take notice of their messages. One of the best things you can do is master the art of short copy […]

June 6, 2019

Is Your Business Optimizing Geolocation and SMS?

The number of global users accessing the internet on mobile devices is expected to account for 61.2% of all web traffic in 2018. And this trend will continue to grow year on year. Optimizing geolocation and SMS is crucial for your business. Leading US businesses and global search engines are geared towards mobile browsing for […]

June 4, 2019

7 Ways to Connect Better with Prospects using Mobile Marketing

With more people than ever using their mobile phones to search, buy, and seek entertainment, it makes sense to target your clientele on their favorite devices. But how do you connect better with prospects using mobile marketing? Here are some of the ways you can reach out to people and connect with them more effectively. […]

May 30, 2019

How To Create A Two-Way Conversation With SMS Marketing

There is growing consumer demand for a two-way conversation with brands. Traditional advertising only permits one-way traffic and consumers are growing impatient with the lack of information and understanding of products they are buying. Properly placed SMS Marketing helps bridge that gap. Today’s consumers want a personalized experience. Personalization is the new branding. The digital […]

May 28, 2019