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Promotional SMS – How to squeeze your offer in 160 characters

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It is a real art to include everything you want in just one SMS. When you work in marketing and deal with promotional SMS, you must master this art. Briefly and to the point.

On the other hand, if you are still not convinced about SMS marketing, you need to know that almost 80% of marketers are more likely to employ mobile-specific tactics than “classic ones”. In this text, we can teach how to include the whole message into 160 characters and show you the power of SMS communication. That is how you can satisfy your customers and deliver high business results.

How to start with Promotional SMS?

At the very beginning, think about who these messages will reach. Theoretically, it makes no difference whether you are on the B2B or B2C market. Ultimately, this message reaches a human, consumer, or e.g., sales employee. No matter if the doctor reminds his patient about an upcoming visit or it is a part of a political campaign – all recipients are human.

It is important to keep it in mind. So, if you’ve already decided who are you texting to, now precise your group of recipients. Divide them into smaller segments.

After choosing your recipients, now it’s time to choose your weapon, which means platform. If you are searching for one – JookSMS is a very intuitive and easy to use platform which makes SMS communication even more natural. You can also get some inspiration from our article about winning messages. You can use them as help while creating your templates.

Now it is time to plan your campaign and act!

First things first – Say hello

You need to begin your message politely, and to be honest, personalization is a good way to it. Instead of a stiff Hello or Good Morning bet on Hi Mark! The recipient will feel better immediately. Thanks to personalization, all the customers will feel that this SMS has been sent individually to them.

Customization of an offer is also a good idea. You can mention that We hope you enjoy your last purchase, this definitely will suit it!

One plus one means synergy

When your marketing activities are interrelated, they can display even more power. Connect activities on different channels. If you inform on your Facebook fan page or group about an SMS contest, you will not have to explain everything in SMS. If people know that the contest texts will be sent before, they will likely read the message instead of immediately removing notifications without getting into its content.

Introduce yourself – Use your brand name

Have you noticed that unknown numbers, even short ones, do not inspire much trust? That’s why it’s worth investing in a brand name instead of a number. First of all, you will inspire confidence, and secondly, you will save signs – no need to introduce yourself.

It will not work if you both want to send and receive messages. Then you have to decide on the number but choose a short one – max six digits.

Don’t you think that placing a link in an SMS will save some characters? It will be much better to send customers to the page where everything is described in detail, e.g., requirements regarding participation in the competition or its regulations. What’s more, thanks to adding links, you can track the engagement of your customers.

P.S. Remember to use link shortener to save even more characters. At Jooksms, we have our own link shortener tool that you can use.

In and out

If you are launching a new SMS campaign, it is important to inform customers about it. Suppose this is your first campaign ever, it is crucial to get permission. You must allow your clients to agree to this type of marketing actions.

The best way to do so will be the newsletter or pop-up on your site that tells users about an upcoming campaign and asks for your clients’ contact numbers. You can also place such consents e.g., during the account setting up process on your website. The customer must agree on receiving marketing materials. These are legal requirements.

On the other hand, you must ensure that your client can unsubscribe from your SMS club. Let’s discuss such an example. You have a store with products for newborns and, until the client’s children were little, SMS with promotions were useful. But now, when the children are already in kindergarten, they do not need cyclical information about feeding bottles price discounts.

That is when they should have an option to unsubscribe. It works good for both sides: your clients don’t receive messages that they perceive as annoying, and you don’t pay for sending out mistargeted campaigns.

Right keywords is a half the battle

If you decide to use SMS as two-way communication, you can use keywords that trigger a specific action. This keyword must be short and campaign-related. They have tot be clear so that the client understands what is behind them and that the desired action is launched in the system.

What else must be clear? The call to action. Do not forget about it. It is an excellent way to end your SMS and keep your client interested and ready to act!

Focus on purpose

Why are you sending this Promotional SMS? To remind your customer about the appointment? To invite them to a free webinar? Or to inform them about the big sale in your store? Keep your purpose in mind and go straight to the point.

Do not write about how well the store is doing or about its wide range of products. You’re limited by 160 characters so say hello and go to the goal of this SMS. In this way, you will also attract the customer’s attention. Remember that the notifications on his phone will show the very beginning, so it must be catchy. Think about on which notification you’d prefer to click. The number of characters is almost even.

Hi Eva! Last weekend our website was visited by over 12k users… or Hi Eva! Have you heard about our summer sale? Here is something for you… 

We are pretty sure the second one wins. It is catchy, it explains the purpose, and it attracts customer attention and willingness to read the whole message.

Think about value

Think about the value of the message for each customer. Write the message you would like to receive. The message clue must have value for the customer otherwise, the whole campaign misses the goal.

Let’s go back to the example of a children’s products store. Informing the customer about discounts makes sense if the customer is actually in the target group. There is no point in sending information about the price reduction on feeding bottles if the customers have not bought anything for two years.

The conclusion is simple, the child grew out of the store’s range of products, and there is no need to remind those clients about the store. You can only annoy the customers with continuous SMS, and when they need something from your store, e.g., as a gift or for their another newborn, they will find another store with a less obtrusive promotion.


Thanks to promotional SMS, you can not only take care of marketing or customer contact but also obtain relevant information and insights about your customers and campaigns. Just take care of analytics.

If you add short links in your messages, UTMs will help you. Thanks to them, you will learn how many people visited your website by clicking on this link. The most popular metrics are open rates and conversions. You can read a lot from them, but first, the campaign must be planned accordingly.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to fit into 160 characters and express everything you want. Yet, if you use SMS as a marketing channel, you must learn how to do it. We hope that the hints above have helped you in this and thanks to them you will use the great potential of promotional SMS.

Promotional SMS – How to squeeze your offer in 160 characters
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Promotional SMS – How to squeeze your offer in 160 characters
It Is A Real Art To Include Everything You Want In Just One SMS. Use The Great Potential Of Promotional SMS And Master This Art!
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