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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

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Real Estate Companies Are Using SMS To Increase Closings

In the digital age, direct marketing strategies are the best way to stay ahead of the competition and reach qualified customers. For highly competitive sectors such as real estate, SMS marketing provides agents with a powerful platform to promote your listings.

SMS has proven to be an effective marketing tool in the last half-decade especially for realtors. With an open rate exceeding 90%, it’s little wonder that major brands like Coca-Cola are reaching customers by text.

Given 95% of the American population own a cell phone, mobile marketing is a sensible choice. Although texting may feel outdated, SMS messaging services are central to mobile strategies! And are a cost-effective solution with a greater reach than other digital marketing tools – it’s ideal for real estate agents!

Attract More Buyers Instantly

Texting is an easy and enjoyable form of communication. As a matter of fact, the majority of customers prefer to be contacted by business via SMS over other forms of communication.

Including an SMS keyword on For Sale signs encourages potential buyers to get in touch as they are passing a property. There is no other marketing tool that is more instant than a text and being able to contact real estate agents via SMS prompts buyers into taking action on the spot.

Improve Personalized Service

Personalization is expected in this day and age. With a new demographic of young people buying and renting homes, they are accustomed to texting and recognize that SMS improves customer care.

Affordable Marketing Tool

Compared to continually printing classified ads, SMS messaging services are far more cost-effective for real estate agents. With SMS marketing tools, you can create customised ads which includes everything buyers want to know about a property.

You can also send bulk SMS to existing customers coming to the end of their current contract. If real estate agents can provide customers with information about new listings, it saves people the trouble of doing the research themselves and generates more leads quickly.

Save Time

Once you’ve built up a solid mobile customer base SMS streamlines lead generation and enable you to save a lot of time attracting customers. The time it takes to advertise properties on multiple platforms is time-consuming and expensive. SMS allows you to occupy homes with very little effort.

Send Reminders

When people are looking for a place to live, they generally view several properties. All the appointments they schedule can be confusing and it’s easy to lose track of where they’re supposed to be.

No-shows are frustrating and waste your precious time. With an open rate of 98% in the first 15 minutes… SMS is a great tool for sending reminders and helping to improve your customer service.

In conclusion, SMS is becoming an increasingly vital marketing tool for real estate agents. The benefits of integrating text message marketing into your mobile strategy far outweigh the costs. If you’re not using SMS, you could be losing customers to your rivals.

How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From SMS Marketing
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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From SMS Marketing
SMS Is Becoming A Vital Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents, It Is The Best Way To Stay Ahead Of The Competition And Reach Qualified Customers
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