Before implementing any solution in your marketing strategy, you would probably carry out some thorough research. Is this the right solution for your business? Does the competition also use this type of solution? The same should be done before choosing SMS marketing. But don’t worry, as we are here to give you a helping hand by answering some crucial questions.

If you are wondering whether SMS marketing is for you, then you’re in the right place. Did you know that about 5 million billion people around the world can send and receive text messages? It’s a pity to waste such potential. Below you will find some examples of industries for which SMS marketing can be beneficial. We will show you how each sector can make the most of text messages for marketing and improving the customer experience.

1. Retail stores

sms on retail stores

Shops are often one of the first ideas that come to mind when you think about SMS marketing. You probably receive SMSs from several stores yourself, so no wonder that it’s a very good solution for this industry. However, it’s about quality not quantity. As we have already mentioned, this is a popular solution among retailers, so your message must be unique in order for it to reach the hearts of customers . Start by personalizing your messages.

First, use customers’ names. Remind your clients about promotions on products they have already purchased, or send them discount coupons. Another good solution is to propose complementary products to those already purchased by customers.

It’s also worth mentioning that both online and brick and mortar stores can use SMS marketing effectively. It’s enough to vary the content, and send invites to either the outlet or the website. In this regard, loyalty programs are also quite important. Remind a client that they have collected 10 “stamps”, say, in the application, and can claim a gift in the retail or online stores. It’s also a good idea to support another method of communication such as email, since omnichannel is a really effective marketing strategy. Sending an SMS reminder that there is an email with a discount code in the client’s email inbox, which expires in 2 days time, can increase this email’s efficiency by up to 30%.

Regardless of whether your store is in a mall or online, give text messages the chance to support it.

2. Healthcare

sms on healthcare

It’s crucial to keep in touch with patients and clients, especially in the case of services that are so important for human life and health. Healthcare is one of the industries in which consumers most often wish to opt into SMS programs, with as many as 43% wanting to use such options. This type of communication is great for reminding about upcoming visits or for confirming visits.

It can also be a promotional tool – messages about discounts on specific services are also a way to encourage patients to visit specialists for checkups or treatment. It’s also good practice to periodically remind about control visits. An invitation to a six-month dental check-up at the dentist’s office, for example, would be a nice gesture. In this industry, SMS messages are not only a marketing solution but also a reminder and guide that everybody should take care of their health.

3. Travel industry

sms on travel industry

How can the tourism industry use SMS marketing? Well, traveling involves planning many steps and when one of them fails, the rest may also be in question. And here, text messages can come to the rescue. They have a very high open-rate (98%) that makes them ideal for updating customers about different stages of a journey, e.g. about a successful hotel room booking, as well as sending the details of a reservation. SMS is also an excellent and fast way to inform clients about delayed flights or canceled ones. This gesture would really save customers a lot of stress. In addition, it’s also a good way to send customers some practical tips or interesting facts about the places they have chosen as holiday destinations. Such actions can really increase customer loyalty and make their trip more joyful and interesting.

Besides, SMS can support promotion in the travel industry. New routes or hotels in places where clients have previously visited are just a few examples of topics that can be covered by SMS messages. Reminding customers of how badly they need a vacation could also turn out to be a bullseye for your travel agency! Here you can read more about SMS marketing in the travel industry.

4. Restaurants

sms in restaurants.

Gastronomy is another example of services for which SMS can be worth their weight in gold. Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a bar in the center of an urban estate, text messages are a nice way to increase brand awareness and build customer relationships. Booking confirmations are the most popular way to use SMSs in this industry, but we still have some more different ideas.

If you organize some events in your place or, a week of Mexican cuisine is coming up for example, then inform your customers about it. This will increase the probability that people visit the restaurant. If there are happy hours in your bar during the week, remind your clients about it from time to time. A notification about cheap drinks would make the day for some!

Text messages are also a way to gain feedback. After a booked dinner has finished, ask the client via text messages if everything was okay. You can also encourage them to propose new dishes for the menu or new promotional campaigns. This way the client will feel appreciated and listened to. People love to contribute to the surrounding environment, so create such opportunities for them to do so.

5. Banking and financial industry

sms in Banking and financial industry

In the financial industry, the customer’s trust in a given organization is an essential aspect. After all, it’s important when it comes to handing their money. Therefore, customers are very willing to agree to receive SMSs from their banks. It’s the third most popular industry in this aspect, since 41% of customers would agree to SMS marketing.

What are text messages useful for in this industry? They are often used to check the balance of or debt on the account. Many customers feel safe thanks to this because they can monitor their cash flow, but also avoid scams. It’s a good way to remind recipients of upcoming expiry dates of their bank cards too. SMSs in the financial industry can also be used purely as marketing tools – information about new credit loans or offers personalized for each customer are very common.

6. Law companies

sms in law companies

In addition to the obvious (as for most services) confirmations about visits to law offices, they can use SMS messages in other ways. The legal industry sometimes requires relatively quick actions. Reminding a client to sign essential documents can sometimes really affect the speed of a case. It’s also a useful progress reporting tool: this way, the client can be kept up to date and may have their nerves calmed too. Text messages can also be beneficial to remind a forgetful client about an upcoming court hearing. If the client does not show up it means only wasted time, and that is the worst thing that can happen for a lawyer.

It’s also a good trick to send, for example, Christmas greetings. This can make your customers smile and warm their hearts, so the next time they need legal support they may choose your services.

7. Beauty industry

sms in the beauty industry

It doesn’t matter if you run a beauty salon or take care of customers’ hairstyles. Competition in this industry is fierce, so it’s worth trying to meet customers’ needs and high expectations. Of course, reminding about visits or confirming them is standard. However, it’s also worth sending messages about discounts on specific services, e.g. birthday vouchers. This would be a very nice gesture, and who would not like to arrange some me-time for their birthday.

Besides, it’s essential in the beauty industry to keep up with what’s new. Tracking trends and adjusting services to them can prove to be the key to success. It doesn’t hurt to send an invitation to a cosmetic treatment that a celebrity recently spoke about, or propose hairstyling inspired by a famous actress who appeared on the red carpet. Try it, and you won’t regret it!

8. Real estate

sms on the real estate industry

The real estate industry is another example of an industry where time matters. Very often, information about new, advantageous offers and customer decisions must flow very quickly so that the entire process ends with the purchase of a given property. What’s more, it’s worth updating about what the market situation looks like, or whether there are new offers that match a given customer’s requirements and style, etc. Seamless communication in this industry is the basis of success. And thanks to SMS, it can be so.

It’s also a great way to send clients schedules of upcoming meetings and their locations, thanks to which your client will always be on time and in the right place.

9. Entertainment industry

 sms on the entertainment industry

In this case, it’s worth sending ticket data that the customer has to show at the entrance by text. Not everyone can always log in to the email inbox and find confirmation, so having it in a text message can be a lifesaver. It’s also a very common practice to send SMS notifications about similar events to those which a given client participated in or about events in their area. It’s also a good idea to inform recipients about the exact time and date of presale openings. In this case, a matter of seconds very often count for obtaining a ticket, so the client will be very grateful.

10. Insurance industry

sms on the insurance industry

Did you know that the value of the insurance industry hit $625 billion in 2019 That means this market has great potential, and you need to use it to the max. You might ask how? With the help of SMS marketing, of course! Promotion of this type of service must be responsible. After all, trust is also crucial in this sector. Thanks to SMS, you can also send invitations for free advice or remind your client of an upcoming payment for a given policy.

It’s worth taking care of contact with the client by sending a birthday or holiday wish so that they will not turn to the competition at the earliest opportunity. In this industry, it’s also worth offering SMS advice. Not everyone (both customers and support agents) has time for long telephone conversations, and sometimes one question in a text message is enough to brighten a given situation.

To recap quickly

As you can see, the range of industries for which SMS marketing may be beneficial is quite varied. If you are concerned that the logic behind this marketing endeavor may be too much for you, don’t worry. Software is here to help you. One such tool is JookSMS, thanks to which SMS marketing can become a piece of cake. Your main task will be just to compose the message content, and JookSMS will take care of the rest. It really makes things easier and it doesn’t cost the world either, which is a big plus.

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