Webinars are a standard marketing strategy to reach and engage a specific target audience. Not only are they an effective lead-generation channel, but enable brands to grow and nurture target groups after the event. 

One of the issues all companies find when hosting webinars is the number of attendees is often significantly lower than the number of subscribers.

According to webinar company ON24, the average number of registrants that actually show up to webinars is about 40-50%.

There are a number of reasons for why people fail to turn up to webinars despite showing an interest. Sometimes they are too busy to attend, other times they experience technical difficulties are cannot join. 

However, the main reason registrants fail to join webinars is they forget. To significantly increase your webinar attendance, why not send SMS reminders. 

SMS v Email 

email vs sms

It’s standard industry practice to send emails to webinar subscribers. The problem with email, however, is that only 20-30% of webinar subscribers open emails. 

SMS, on the other hand, is received directly to smartphones. And everybody always has their phone close by. What’s more, 90% of text messages are read in the first three minutes

You don’t want to be bombarding subscribers with SMS, but it is pertinent to send informative text messages about your event a week or two in advance. 

Create a buzz around your seminar with micro-content that provides your audience with a soundbite of what they can expect to learn about. 

With MMS – multi-media messaging services – you can attach videos to your text messages, or include a link to relevant content! Where people can access relevant information about your webinar. 

As you get closer to the event, a day before, and again an hour prior to the start of the event, a short, friendly reminder shows you are organized and trustworthy. 

What Should You Include In Your SMS Webinar Reminder?


Although SMS is a powerful tool to reach your audience, text messaging marketing services do have character limitations. You only have space for 160 characters per message. 

On the flip side, a limited character space can actually work in your favor. The people you are sending texts to have already signed up for your webinar. You do not need to send lengthy sales pitches to these people. 

The content of your text messages should primarily serve as a reminder. As mentioned above, providing snippets of information about what your audience can expect will also work in your favor.

Include videos and links to supporting content. But most importantly don’t forget to include instructions and a link where your audience can join the webinar. 

Ideally, the link should be sent in the final SMS message, an hour prior to the start of the event.

It’s also important to keep your registrants informed about the process they need to take to join the event. Explain how you intend to communicate with in the first email.

By doing this, when your audience receive a brief text message they understand what it is. They also know to expect the link to the event an hour before they need it, rather than filing through texts and emails looking for a relevant link moments before you are due to start.

In the first contact, you should also include a calendar link. You will need to do this by email, but send an SMS informing subscribers that you have sent them an email. Remind them to check their spam folders. 

Why SMS? 


Despite being thought of as an aging technology, SMS is proving to be a powerful marketing tool. It’s cost-effective, direct, personal and well-received by the general public. 

According to a survey conducted by Twilio, consumers prefer to communicate with brands via SMS and email over other marketing channels.

Moreover, SMS is essentially a direct route to your audience where they are not distracted by the bright lights of the internet. You can also reach people anywhere via text messaging.

To remind registrants about your webinar, SMS is by far the most effective channel for the simple reason that everybody receives your text. What’s more, when people are expecting to receive a text from you, they will read it!

SMS will not only improve the attendance at your webinar, but it can also be used as a reminder for other events, appointments, renewals, to update their info and anything else you want to remind your audience about.

If you’ve not already added SMS messaging to your marketing arsenal, you’re probably missing out on a huge portion of your target audience. Why not sign up for text messaging marketing today!

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