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Nonprofit organisations such as churches can often struggle to connect and engage with their audiences effectively. Even though your congregation are members of a close-knit group… It can often feel they are miles apart or somehow disjointed. Incorporating texting services (SMS) initiatives on your church is a great way to stay connected to your worshippers. Most people have a cell phone today, and 98% of SMS messages are read in the first three minutes. 

As a matter of fact, texting statistics published by a government agency in Vermont. Reveals that 81% of Americans text regularly, with over 6 billion SMS messages sent every day. 

With SMS being as popular today as ever, it makes sense for churches to keep in touch with your congregation via their cell phones.

Make Deeper Connections 

People feel closer to their church when they have a sense of belonging. Whilst not every member of your congregation can be classified as devout, you can be assured their belief in God is unwavering. 

SMS is a powerful channel to stay connected to members of your congregation that do not, or cannot, always make it to mass. Use texts to send words of wisdom on auspicious occasions or to ask people to pray for other members of the congregation when needed. 

Text messaging groups also provide your congregation with a platform that brings them together. 

Examples Of Church Messages

Good morning from New Portland Church! We’d love you to join us for “Church at Home” service this morning at 10 AM! You can find the link here:”

Join us for Good Friday service premiering tonight at 7PM! Search “Newark Church Service” on YouTube on your TV & join us for discussion here

SMS Reminders 

Ministers that enjoy organising ad hoc events outside the church calendar can use texting services to provide your members with relevant information.

Whether you’re organising a village feat or a weekly prayer meeting, informing your members ahead of the event serves as a timely reminder. 

You can also include links in text messages. This helps to guide recipients to your website in order to find more information about the event. If they need to register for an event such as a day trip or pilgrimage, mention this in your text message. 

Reduce Publishing Costs 

Publishing ads and various pamphlets is a cost most churches can ill afford. Think about how much paper you use each year on calendars, invitations, fundraisers and everything else you publish. 

When you calculate the amount you spend on unnecessary publishing, you will find that transferring most communications to SMS channels is far less expensive. The cost to send an SMS is $0.0025 or less.

In addition, using less paper is better for the environment. Cell phones use less energy than it takes to create paper and destroy it without even reading it.

Encourage Donations

We are slowly becoming a cashless society. More people are already shopping online and purchase groceries with credit cards or digital wallets. The amount of cash being withdrawn from ATM’s is shrinking. The after-effects of coronavirus will also serve to usher in digital dollars

When people start to carry less physical money, they may be less inclined to be as generous with their donations. However, when people are used to making regular donations with a cellphone, you have a consistent flow of cash coming into your organisation. 

Moreover, you can also encourage people that do not attend church assemblies on a regular basis to donate online. SMS reminders are a subtle way to keep your church in the mind of your congregation. 

Churches play an important role within a community, but busy lifestyles cause a disconnect between ministries and members. SMS is a bridge that God has created for you to spread the Word out to his lambs. 

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