Ways Schools and Universities Can Keep  Students and Parents Better Informed  

SMS is a cost-effective tool that numerous businesses are reaping the benefits from. The education sector can also benefit from SMS messaging services.

Almost every child in full-time education has online access in one form or another. The majority own a smartphone. Schools can use SMS to better interact with students in a direct and informative way. It helps you get important messages across immediately.

SMS messaging services are also measurable so you can track and monitor delivery and response rates. With this data, you can review how valuable your messaging is and how responsive students are to you what you have to say.

Furthermore, there are numerous ways in which you can use SMS to improve the running of your establishment. And keep students and parents better informed. Kids love receiving text messages. Even from their school.

Confirm Admissions

The first time you send a text message to your pupils, why not make it a positive and exciting message. Confirming an application has been accepted can be a real confidence booster for most students.

If you also include multi-media services (MMS) as part of your messaging service, you can also embed links in your messages to direct students to your website where they can discover other relevant information.

Keep Parents Informed

It’s often the case that schools need to contact the parents of a pupil, but getting in touch with parents can be difficult. Many have full-time jobs and are not easily accessible when you first try. SMS resolves that issue.

SMS can be used to inform parents of a child’s absence, a detention, reminders of parent-teacher meetings or even to request a meeting to discuss their child’s behaviour or performance.

Emergency Alerts

There may be a time when you need to inform the entire register of students that classes are cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Because SMS is quick and direct, sending a bulk-text message to students saves a lot of time and hassle for everybody.

SMS messaging services enable you to create dedicated lists to a particular group of individuals. Which makes sending out messages to the right people quick and easy.

For example, perhaps a teacher has called in ill or you have to change the location of the lesson at the last minute. A group SMS will reach all students in the relevant class within seconds.


University lecturers can also take advantage of SMS by reminding students of upcoming assignment deadlines. This is particularly useful to students that are given several months to complete an assignment. You know how easily dates can be forgotten.

Event Notifications

Inform students and parents of any events you are holding. SMS can be used to create a buzz around an event and remind students when the date is fast approaching.

SMS is a highly flexible and cost-effective tool that can significantly improve the running of educational institutions and give parents peace of mind that their children are in safe hands. Students won’t have an excuse for missing classes, events and deadlines either.

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