2 Types of SMS Long Code

An SMS Long Code, or Long Number, is a 10-digit virtual phone number that companies may use to send and receive SMS and MMS messages and make and take voice calls. They’re less expensive than short codes.

The main difference between a Long Number and a Short Code is that the former may be used to contact people worldwide. While Short Codes can only be used for domestic and national communications via messaging, Long Codes are unrestricted in this area.

There are two major types of Long Codes, and we will discuss their uses, purposes, pros, and cons.

The table below differentiates the two types of SMS long code numbers according to their uses, similarities, and differences.

10-digit Long Codes (10DLC)Toll-free  the US and Canada Only
Short descriptionUS- and Canada-only 10DL, or 10-digit long code, is the industry-led long code solution for non-consumer (A2P) messaging in North America.A toll-free number (8XX), which is available for voice calls, has been text-enabled. 
Existing toll-free numbers can be used.
Example+1 415 555 26711 (800) 227-2345
Ideal forLocalized,  in-branch or in-store, smaller, segmented customer baseEnterprise level or localized, large-scale or in-branch, low messaging volumes
Common use casesChat (text and voice), event-based interactions, service updates, appointment remindersCustomer service chat (text and voice) customer feedback, notifications and updates
Costs / PricingApprox. $1 / monthApprox. $1 / month
Time to marketDays – weeksHours – days
Throughput/ VolumeBased on use caseLimited, based on use case
Voice capabilitiesYesYes
Delivery receiptsNoYes

1. Toll-free Numbers

Toll-free phone numbers begin with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. While most people are familiar with toll-free landline numbers, not everyone knows that they may be converted to text-enabled quickly. It implies you can keep your existing number while enjoying the benefits of a text-enabled Long Code.

Alternatively, you may acquire a new toll-free number for your company in minutes. Now, you must fill out an easy online form to begin sending. The approval procedure for the carrier takes only 1-2 weeks. They are also less expensive than 10DLCs and shortcodes.

The application procedure for TFNs is still being developed (rolling out in September 2022). If you already have a TFN and use it to text, you’ll need to fill out a form and have it validated to continue using it.

Toll-free texting is effective for various applications and can handle moderate volumes of transmissions. Depending on the provider, you may send up to 30 messages per second. A text-enabled toll-free number is suitable for most businesses unless you need to send thousands of texts quickly.

Some of the advantages of using Toll-Free Long Code Numbers include the following:

  • It is both cost-effective and quick to obtain.
  • An 800 number to make a sales or marketing call might increase customer confidence.
  • Up to 30MBPS per second with a maximum peak speed of 300Mbps (depending on carriers)
  • It allows two-way texting, picture and video messaging, and voice communication.
  • Ideal for customer support, alerts, reminders, and marketing applications

2. 10-Digit Codes

The first step in developing mobile interactions with 10-digit phone numbers was the establishment of local 10-digit phone numbers for individual communications rather than mass messaging. In early 2021, getting a 10DLC for A2P messaging became feasible. It takes less time to apply for a short code; you can start sending messages immediately after your application is approved.

A person-to-person or peer-to-peer (P2P) communication is a text message sent from one mobile phone to another. Texting a friend about your plans for the weekend, for example, is a P2P SMS and not an A2P SMS.

The Campaign Registry (TCR) will issue your company a Trust Score (also known as a vetting score) right after registration. You must disclose your use case to avoid being fined; carriers will search for those sending non-approved A2P messages via P2P channels.

Your company’s vetting score will ultimately impact your business’s performance. How tier 1 carriers divide up their capacity varies. T-Mobile, for example, may set a limit on the number of times you can send messages each day, while AT&T may reduce your Throughput Per Minute (TPM).

It’s not necessary to certify your brand while vetting it, but it will assist the carriers in giving your 10DLC ads a higher throughput. We recommend completing the procedure for obtaining your “Trust Score.”

  • Keeping your phone number may increase confidence.
  • Up to 30 million packets per second for a single CPU (depending on vetting score)
  • It allows for two-way text messaging, multimedia messages, and voice communication.
  • It’s an excellent tool for promoting products and providing support.

What is SMS Long Code?

Longer SMS are ten-digit phone numbers used to send and receive text messages for a long time between personal cell phones (e.g., 512-501-5940).

Many businesses widely use long code phone numbers to communicate with their clients in several intriguing ways. Some small firms use their mobile phones, but this is inconvenient and difficult to manage, let alone unprofessional.

Businesses widely use text messaging as part of their communication strategy to transmit and receive text messages with clients and staff. Customers are given a company phone number rather than an unknown personal number, and enterprises may keep track of every text sent by each employee in one place.

Which SMS long code is the most commonly used?

The most commonly used SMS long code type is the 10-digit SMS long code. These are used by businesses to communicate with their customers in a variety of ways. With the launch of A10DLC, businesses (such as local companies, individual franchise locations, and so on) may deliver A2P text messages to their consumers individually or in bulk using a local phone number.

These are ideal use cases for enterprises like these:

  • Customer service
  • Interactions based on events
  • Updates to the process and service
  • Appointment reminders
  • Customer satisfaction and surveys

What is the purpose of SMS Long Codes?

The purpose of an SMS long code is to provide businesses with a 10-digit phone number that can be used to send and receive text messages between personal cell phones and business landlines.

If you’re a company just getting started with SMS marketing, the T253 SMS Long Code is ideal. They enhance customer care, raise brand recognition, send out to many clients, etc.

The Long Code is used to deliver many types of content, such as the following:

  • Promotional offers and campaigns;
  • Two-factor authorization and security messages;
  • Appointment reminders;
  • You have access to all the data available in your account, including action items and notifications.
  • A two-way mailing list to get comments, ratings, and customer interactions.

How does a 10-digit SMS long code work?

Long codes are used for texting and voice communication. Unlike short codes, you can use SMS long code numbers for phone calls.

A long code (also known as a seven-digit number) is often utilized to send promotional offers via SMS text messaging. Customers can call or text your business at no cost, making them more likely to do so. A toll-free SMS long code is cost-effective and efficient for clients who need to text or call you (as with

Local ten-digit phone numbers were initially utilized for person-to-person (P2P) conversations, in which a text or call is made from one phone to another. Because these lengthy codes weren’t originally intended for commercial usage, wireless carriers were prone to blocking them.

However, in 2021, 10DLC was officially authorized and produced for business messaging. 10DLC numbers are ideal for mass texting consumers with transactional communications such as appointment reminders, delivery updates, and other customer service communications.

When is the SMS Long Code used?

SMS long code has several case uses. If your business needs an SMS phone number for any of the following, an SMS Long Code would be a significant investment:

  • Sending automated confirmation texts – If you send automated confirmation texts after a consumer places an order, schedules an appointment, or any other timed text signal, you’ll have to text a lot of people at once.
  • Sending out a text message for promotional use- If you want to send promotional text messages, make sure you have a 10DLC number and are a member of TCR.
  • Sending mass alert text messages- Businesses frequently need to communicate with staff, consumers, or students about a change in schedule or another unexpected condition.
  • Following up with clients -You may send follow-ups to clients you interacted with within a specific time frame using texting. You can program a text to be delivered automatically to customers. Contact your customer support team if you have a certain number of consumers.
  • Responding to clients: When you use business texting, it should be a two-way conversation between you and your consumers. That implies that your clients should be able to text you when they have a query, want assistance from customer support, or have new information to pass along.

What Are the Advantages of a 10-Digit Long Code?

SMS 10 Digit Long Code helps protect clients and those at the receiving end of the texts. They also promote healthy and efficient communication between businesses and customers, allow companies to save money, and are sustainable. Here are some of the best advantages of using a ten-digit long code for your business communications.

  • Healthy and efficient communication – When clients know they can reach out to you via text, they feel more comfortable about your business. 10DLC offers a sense of safety for people who need to communicate with you.
  • Increased messaging capacity – SMS users on P2P-10DLC previously had throughput rates of about one text message per second. The number of messages the user sends should be more significant after registration.
  • More affordable costs – P2P-10DLC is no longer accessible, but A2P-10DLC messaging will be less expensive. Message rates for shortcodes and their messages can be costly.
  • Increase deliverability – If you’re a member of TCR, you’ll be pre-screened and allowed to send emails that can enhance your delivery rates. If you’re a member of TCR, fewer messages and senders will be identified as spam.
  • Marketing messages – You may now market via SMS thanks to 10DLC numbers, which is formerly limited to shortcodes.

How do you know if a long code number is better suited to your needs?

The 10-DLCs are not meant to be used in place of dedicated short codes. They’re designed to enhance your current long-code messaging system, extend your customer engagement strategy, and provide you with more options for providing excellent mobile experiences.

You will need a long code number when you want to increase your brand’s trust score and conduct campaigns that promise the protection of end-users against harmful or unsolicited content.

A long code number is also ideal for improving your customer engagement and campaign strategy by adding new features like two-way messaging, MMS, and keywords.

You will need a long code number when you want a more sustainable way of conducting business that doesn’t violate any rules or regulations.

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