When you send marketing communications to your list of contacts, be careful to avoid mistakes that will sink your campaign and seriously hurt your open rates.

Here are five common marketing communication mistakes

1. Sending Irrelevant Information

Don’t waste your time sending information your customers do not care about, and you will instantly improve the power of your emails and SMS campaigns to boost your ROI.

To make sure every message is relevant, segregate your list so you can send content that every subscriber actually wants to receive. Otherwise your subscribers will soon learn to ignore your emails or SMS messages. Make sure you always pack in value and give subscribers a reason to open all of your marketing messages.

2. Not Using a Call to Action

Every email or SMS you send should include a call to action (CTA). CTAs are important in marketing, and if you fail to use one, your customers don’t know what to do next. A goof CTA not only compels customers to take action but tells them what to do.

The CTA is simply where you clearly tell your subscribers what action they should take. That could be “Click Here” or “Buy Now”. Never assume they will know what to do, even if it seems obvious, and always make it clear.

3. Including Too Much Info

The best marketing messages only include the necessary information and nothing else. That does not mean they should always be short, but often there is no need to make them long.

Read your message before sending and ask yourself whether all the information is really necessary. If not, trim it down. When you send an SMS, you want to keep it as short as you possibly can because no one wants to read a lengthy SMS.

4. Making It Difficult to Respond

If you make it hard for the subscribers to respond, this will hurt your results. In an email, that could be to click on a button. In an SMS, it could be to reply with a “YES”.

And don’t forget to consider what happens after they reply. For example, if you send them to a landing page, make sure it’s mobile-friendly in case they are visiting on a mobile device.

5. Lacking Urgency

Always add a bit of urgency to your marketing messages, especially if you want your subscribers to take a specific action after reading it.

Urgency is one of the classic persuasive tactics that will get more people to act. For example, you could say how the first 100 people to reply will get extra entries into your competition. Or, if you are promoting a special offer, highlight how it will only last 24 hours.

Adding urgency can help to boost response rates because no one wants to miss out.

Boost the Power of Your Marketing Messages

These five mistakes are all easy to make, but they can have a negative effect on your marketing messages. Avoid making them, and you will instantly improve the power of your emails and SMS campaigns to boost your ROI.

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