Landing pages are essential for driving leads and increasing sales. It is therefore essential that these crucial sales pages are fine-tuned for conversions. Google has focused on mobile friendly sites and we provide you some optimization tips for mobile landing pages.

Creating landing pages for online channels differs depending on the device your prospects are using.

In the modern age of internet shopping, more people are accessing the web via mobile devices. That means they are also encountering more landing pages on mobile devices.

It is, therefore, imperative that your mobile landing pages are optimized for mobile screens in order to increase conversions.

Five Essential Factors That Should Be Included on a Mobile Landing Page

1. Keep Them Short and Simple

Mobile landing pages should be designed to be short, simple, and clear. Your prospects will be visiting your landing pages directly after clicking on a link in an ad, email, or SMS, and they want a short, fast-loading page at the other side.

Landing pages should be clearly laid out and provide the most essential information. You don’t need to write a blog post that goes into fine detail, but you do need to highlight the most crucial selling points.

Furthermore, if readers have to zoom in to see the text or scroll through pages of text to get to the call to action (CTA), they are unlikely to convert. So keep the page as simple as possible while ensuring you get your key message across.

2. Don’t Ask for Lots of Information

Reduce the need for your prospects to fill in a lot of information on your mobile landing pages. Instead, stick to short forms asking for just an email address or phone number. Even better, just use a button to take them to your website to complete an action there.

Even on desktop versions of landing pages, you want to keep the information to a minimum. But this is especially important if you are sending people to your landing page from an SMS.

3. Use Clickable Buttons

People want to be able to access pages from mobile devices conveniently. The CTA button should be visible and make it very clear what the prospect should do.

Don’t use standard links because these are harder to click on mobile devices. You want them to be able to click on the link with their finger so use a widget. Remember, make everything as simple and obvious as you can to boost conversions.

4. Use a Dedicated Mobile Landing Page Builder

Standard web building software doesn’t always work for mobile landing pages. Don’t assume that because you are using a responsive website, your landing page will be automatically optimized for mobile screens.

It’s also important that the landing page is designed specifically for mobile devices. Space out the text, and use images as much as possible to deliver the message.

Resist the temptation of including too much content on mobile landing pages otherwise the text and images can become squashed. This can create problems viewing the page and the key elements may not be noticed.

5. Include the Essential Elements

Wherever a landing page is being viewed, it should contain a few essential elements. These should include a strong headline that informs readers what the message is about, a hero image, social proof (perhaps in the form of testimonials),  a list of benefits, and trust symbols, such as certifications and organizations you belong to. 

You should also take care to make sure the list of benefits are clearly communicated. Bullet points are the easiest way to quickly convince your prospects to convert.

Get More Conversions from Mobile Landing Pages

Sending your prospects to a mobile landing page directly from an SMS is a smart idea – especially given that 75-90% of SMS marketing messages are opened within the first 15 minutes.

What is important, however, is that your landing pages are optimized for conversions. Therefore, keep the five factors above in mind when designing your mobile landing pages.

There’s also one other thing you should bear in mind. Test the results. No matter how well structured your landing page is, it’s the text or images that compel customers to take action.

Play around with the headline, CTA, and images to figure out which combination works best for the audience you are targeting. This will ensure you put the finishing touches to a fully optimized mobile landing pages and increase your chances of making more sales.

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