Urgency is a popular and highly effective tactic when you want your prospects to take action in your Digital Marketing. And there is no better marketing channel to draw up immediate response than SMS.

If you want your prospects to sign up for an event, purchase a product, or take you up on your latest special offer. Urgency can help to encourage them to act.

And given SMS has an open rate of over 70% in 2018, you are almost guaranteed the majority of your target audience will receive the message.

There are many ways you can use this tactic in your digital marketing! And here are six of the best to try out yourself.

1. Use a Countdown Timer

Putting a time limit on an offer has always been an effective marketing tactic because people do not like to think they are missing out.

A countdown timer is a dramatic and effective visual that indicates time is of the essence. You can use one of these in your emails, on your landing pages, or wherever else your projects with see.

If you want to encourage your prospects to act fast, showing them when the offer runs out is proven to be a successful digital marketing tactic with visual cues adding emphasis that time is running out.

2. Use the Right Language

Whatever your digital marketing tactics are, if you want to create a sense of urgency, the words you use are important. Use language that makes people take action.

Hard-hitting call-to-actions like “quickly”, “while supplies last”, “instant” , “now”, “don’t miss out”, “fast”, “soon” and similar words can help to give your prospects the nudge they need.

3. Launch a 24-Hour Special Offer

The simplest way to use urgency is to launch a short-term only special offer. And there is not much time to think about whether you want to buy something or not of the offer runs out in 24 hours.

The fact that an offer ends so quickly is enough to encourage your prospects to act immediately rather than put off the decision to buy and potentially miss out on a deal.

4. Send Timely SMS Reminders

Timely reminders can be an effective way to get people to take a specific action. For example, you might be running a special offer for a week or a month. When the offer is coming to an end, make sure people know about it.

You can send an email, but an even more effective option is to send an SMS. Text messages not only boast a much higher open rate, they get opened quicker as well. So when urgency is important, SMS marketing channels are proven to work best.

5. Set Strict Limits

Another way to get people to act quickly is to use scarcity. This is similar to urgency and works on the same principle of encouraging people to act to avoid missing out.

There are different ways you can use scarcity in your digital marketing. One of the simplest is to list how many products are left in your e-commerce store, just like Amazon does in its listings.

When you highlight the fact there are only five products left, customers are more inclined to make an immediate purchasing decision rather than run the risk of losing the opportunity.

Another strategy is to send an SMS and/or email informing your prospects that you are selling 100 products at a 50% discount on a first-come, first-served basis.

6. Host a One-Off Event

Another thing you can do is to host an event that you only do once, like a webinar. You could host a one-off webinar and make it clear that this is only going to happen once and that only people who sign up will be able to view it afterwards. This will make sure that your prospects make a bigger effort to come along.

Use the Power of Urgency in Your Digital Marketing

Urgency is a powerful persuasive tactic that you can use in your marketing and sales activities. It’s best to not overdo it, so try to use it sparingly. And don’t fake it for example, don’t advertise special offers with a 24 hour deadline then keep it going for a week.

When deployed effectively, urgency can be a very effective tactic to help you get more conversions and sales. Use your digital marketing arsenal to make sure the message hits the sweet-spot, and don’t forget to utilise the power of SMS marketing. If you want to create a sense of urgency, there is no better marketing channel than text messaging.

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