7 Virtual Number Apps

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers that are not associated with a specific physical location. They are typically used to route calls to the correct location or person and can be used with various phone systems. Virtual numbers are often used to set up call forwarding and voicemail services. They can also be used to set up conference calls and provide customer service and support.

There are various virtual number apps available, each with its own set of features and benefits. We will look into the seven unique virtual number apps you may consider for your business use.

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper offers a simple virtual phone number service for startups and small businesses. It includes a mobile app that allows you to manage your business phone system from any device and location.

You can get various virtual business numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers for multiple locations, and toll-free 800 and 833 numbers.

You may keep work, and personal calls separate with the same gadget and never miss a call. Call forwarding, voice mail, business texting, business VoIP, and WiFi calling are just a few features included in Grasshopper.

Many small company owners use Grasshopper to receive incoming calls on their phone plans.

Grasshopper virtual number app is not free. Prices start at $26 per month for 1 number and three extensions.

2. Nextiva

One of the most popular virtual business phone number service providers today is Nextiva. The company makes it easy for companies to manage a virtual phone number using an app on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

To use Nextiva, you must change your local phone number to a mobile one (for international travelers). You can also keep your existing landline and utilize it with Nextiva to access HD voice calling over VoIP. They also provide virtual business telephone numbers for various regions around the world.

In other words, you may use local area code phone numbers for various US states to appeal specifically to local business owners and target consumers.

Call forwarding/routing, auto-attendant, receptionist, voicemail transcription, voice mail to email, call queuing, unrestricted calls, and call analytics are just a few of the powerful tools available in each plan offered by Nextiva.

You can get all inbound business calls on your personal mobile device with their virtual phone system app, which is available for iPhone (iOS) and Android phones.

You can get vanity phone numbers for your business line using Nexia, and they have a dialer function that can save time.

The service is not free, with fees starting from $18.95 per user each month.

3. eVoice

eVoice is a well-known business phone provider, with global coverage, especially in the United Kingdom. They provide business phone systems, virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and local numbers for various countries.

These services include call management systems, virtual receptionists, outbound calling software, conference calling, and more. You can get customized phone numbers for the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, the United States of America, and many other countries.

You can pick from various plans, each with its number of users you may add and set of call minutes. The cost of forwarding calls differs depending on your location and the amount you are forwarding.

It is also a paid service starting at £7.50 per month for one user.

4. Phone.com

If you’re looking for a low-cost virtual business phone system, Phone.com is another fantastic choice. They provide inexpensive small company phone services to startups, solopreneurs, and small businesses.

They also offer cheaper calling rates to certain European nations and Canada by including those as local call minutes. You’ll find mobile apps, call forwarding/routing, virtual assistant, IVR menus, text messaging, faxing, and more in the features list.

They have various pay-per-minute plans to choose from. You can save money based on your usage if you use this option. However, as your company expands, so does the cost of running it.

Unlimited plans start at $29.99 monthly for one extension, and pricing varies by plan type. Pay-per-minute plans go for $12.99 per month.

5. FreshCaller

FreeshCaller is a convenient virtual business phone app service. They provide cost-effective packages to fit almost any budget, including a pay-per-minute plan with unlimited agents.

You can obtain worldwide and toll-free numbers, utilize the existing number, disguise a local number with a virtual number, or pick a vanity number.

It has all the functionality you’d expect, including conference calling, voice mail with music on hold, and call return. You can schedule calls to another number or join a group conferencing. Call forwarding is also available, allowing you to divert incoming calls to your mobile phone when you’re unavailable or don’t want to receive them.

A free plan includes 100 minutes of talk time, three users, and two toll-free or local numbers. The paid plans start from $15 per month.

6. Ooma Office Phone

If you are a fan of Ooma, you would also love their business phone services. Ooma provides VoIP phone systems for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can add unlimited users, set up auto-attendants and call groups, use your business number on your mobile phone, get voicemail transcriptions, and more. By default, they will pre-select a toll-free phone number for you, but you also have the option to select a new accessible business phone number.

Ooma’s features, including a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, music-on-hold, smart mobile phone applications, and more, are available with the Ooma office platform.

Finally, it features a remote control that makes it simple to operate. You can set everything up in minutes, and the instructions are very clear.

It is the best equipment for smaller or side hustle businesses. Their package begins at $19.95 per month and includes a free toll-free number and 35+ business phone functions.

7. Google Voice (Free)

Google Voice is the way to go if you’re searching for a free virtual business phone app. You may use G Suite with all other Google Apps you already use for your company if you are already utilizing it.

Personal plan users may use the virtual phone number to call people in the US and Canada at no cost. On the other hand, the personal plan does not enable you to utilize all of your calling features.

On the other hand, the business plan is designed for small businesses. Google Voice for G Suite users provides you with all the features a virtual phone app should have.

You will require a G Suite account to use this service, starting at $6 per user per month. You can port your business number to Google Voice or select a new one.

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is a telephone number that is not directly associated with a telephone line. It is related to an account, which can be used to route calls to your phone or computer.

A virtual phone number allows you to contact anyone anywhere at any time using almost any internet-connected device. As a result, it’s no surprise that webphone numbers are becoming increasingly popular.

Virtual phone numbers provide a wide range of communication choices and a layer of anonymity. Many professionals are concerned about this.

How Virtual Number Works?

Virtual numbers work by routing calls through the internet to your phone or computer. It shouldn’t be compared to a regular phone number linked to a landline or smartphone. These numbers originate in the cloud and are connected to a preexisting mobile phone number you own. As a result, cloud telephony is often referred to as virtual telephony.

Traditionally, phone numbers have been linked to a specific device, a landline or a cell phone. Landline phones necessitate that you wait in one location for an important call.

Smartphones are superior, but you still need to carry them with you in an emergency.

Virtual phone numbers allow you to keep in touch whether you’re working from home or traveling worldwide; you don’t have to be bound by a physical location or a specific device.

What is the function of a Virtual Number?

Virtual numbers allow a company to have more control and flexibility in receiving calls by eliminating the physical restrictions that previously “bound down” real phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers may be purchased and managed through the service’s admin portal on the web.

The company can change a virtual phone number’s destination in real-time without waiting for service provider representatives to get around to it using this technology.

When is a Virtual Number Required?

When you run a business, you will need a virtual number to manage all of your company’s communication needs. Whether you have a small company website or an eCommerce site, offering consumers a quick method to contact you can help expand your business.

Customers now have numerous ways to contact a company, and most firms have an internet presence. While communication solutions like business email, live chat, or text messages (SMS) might be helpful, nothing compares to the personal human interaction of speaking with a real person.

Customers and prospects are used to receiving calls from business phone numbers, which is why many of them feel that a landline number is adequate. However, when handling business and consumer calls, they soon discover how ineffective the old-fashioned landlines are.

It is when a virtual business phone number software comes in handy. It provides you with the following advantages over traditional land and mobile phone numbers.

Where Can I Use Virtual Number Apps?

There are many ways that you can use a virtual number app.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website, you can use it to provide customer service or take orders. You can also use it as a sales line to increase leads and conversions.

If you run a small business, you can use the app to manage your company’s communication needs, including customer service, sales, and marketing.

You can also use the app to keep in touch with family and friends while traveling.

Here are some of the uses of virtual number apps:

  • It can be used with your cell phones, computer systems, desk phones, and other devices.
  • Several workers may utilize the same phone number at the same time. Individual team members can also have their numbers or phone extensions.
  • The app enables you to access your business communication capabilities, including call routing, call recording, waiting, ringtones, vacation responses, business hours, caller ID, and other corporate communications features.
  • Additional advantages include text messages, video conferencing, email to voice transcription, and cheaper local/international phone calls.

Where Can I Obtain the Virtual Number App?

The virtual number app is free on the App Store and Google Play. You may also search online and review the features and offers of each virtual number service provided to choose the best for your business.

Once you have decided on the provider, you can sign up for an account and choose a pricing plan. You may be required to download the app from the App Store, Google Play, or the provider’s website.

After downloading the software, proceed with the installation of the program. In most cases, you can install the program on your mobile device, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Then, you can set up your account and app on your preferred devices. Once you have accomplished this, test your new virtual number by sending out messages.

Are Virtual Number Apps Free?

Most virtual number apps are free to download. However, many apps may require users to sign up for a paid account for full access to its features. Pricing plans for virtual number services vary, so you should compare the features and rates of each one before making your decision. You can find many of these offers and deals by searching online.

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