Bulk SMS is an efficient and effective way to communicate with large numbers of people at once. The range can vary from a few recipients per day to hundreds or even thousands of recipients per day for days, weeks, or months. Whether you want to send a group message, broadcast emergency alerts or simply market your company’s latest offers, Bulk SMS is the ideal way.

Bulk SMS service providers offer businesses the opportunity to send messages in Bulk. Learn more about the different types of Bulk SMS and how they work below. 

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a service that allows companies to send their content one-to-one or in Bulk to groups of mobile subscribers. 

What is Bulk SMS

The technology used in sending Bulk SMS messages has been around for a while. Still, with the advent of advanced technology and the tools made available all around us today, there’s no doubt that you could provide your customers, business partners, and prospects maximum satisfaction with Bulk SMS.

It is an easy way of communicating to your customers directly from your cellular phone or PC through the use of your GSM modem/gateway. It’s a convenient, low-cost method of sending text messages to any mobile phone in any part of the world where GSM service is available. 

Sending Bulk SMS messages allows companies to promote their products and services without the high costs of traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements. It also enables business owners to personally inform customers and clients about important matters through bulk messages directly from their cellular phone or PC.

What are the Benefits of Using Bulk SMS?

The benefits of using Bulk SMS are the following:

1. Reach prospects and customers in real-time and get instant feedback about products, services, or events from the market.

2. Save on traditional advertising methods like radio, newspaper, etc., which can be very expensive.

3. Provide service to customers 24/7; no need for business hours.

4. Inform customers or clients about important information through bulk messages without being intrusive.

5. Provide a more personalized way of doing business that is cost-effective and efficient.

Presently, there are more than 3 million smartphone users globally, and businesses are increasingly using Bulk SMS as part of their marketing campaign. It is an effective tool to keep customers engaged and informed. 

What are the Purposes of Using Bulk SMS?

The primary purpose of using Bulk SMS messages is to communicate with thousands of customers in one go. It remains one of the most cost-effective means to send out informational and promotional messages across all audiences. Here is the other purpose of Bulk SMS:

Purposes of Using Bulk SMS

For Businesses: Bulk SMS is an ideal tool to announce special offers, new products, services, sales promotions, etc., to your customers or clients. It is also used to inform customers about delays or changes in flights, buses, trains, and ships.

For Companies: Bulk SMS is used by companies to let employees know of meetings and business trips through mass text messaging from their cellular phones.

For the Communities: Bulk SMS is one of the most effective means of communication for municipalities and government offices. Presently, it is used in emergencies and alerts in case of calamities. Charities and organizations also use bulk SMS to send out urgent and essential information to people affected by natural disasters, wars, or economic crises. It is also used for elections, voting, and fund-raising campaigns.

For Schools: Bulk SMS is used in educational institutions for announcements and notifications to students, staff, and parents. It is instrumental during intermittent weather conditions to announce the suspension of classes.

For Public Health: Bulk SMS is used in public health for sending out information about disease outbreaks and epidemic threats directly to the general public.

How Much Does Bulk SMS Cost?

The cost of sending Bulk SMS can be as low as 1 cent per message. It depends mainly on the bulk service provider the client is using and countries sending to. Typically, a service provider will offer a plan with a set amount of credits or messages.

Jooksms plans start at $25 which includes 1025 messages and the phone number used to send the messages.

The average cost also varies according to the type of plan or subscription you use from the provider and the inclusions to the service you get. For instance, you may need Triggers, Schedule Messages, Tags, and at least 4000 messages per month. The higher plan you get, the cheaper it will be for you to avail of these services.

If you need a special package, you can arrange for a plan covering your unique Bulk SMS needs.

Types of Bulk SMS

Types of Bulk SMS

There are basically two types of bulk sms messages that businesses and companies use to reach out to their audiences. These are promotional and transactional. 

Promotional Messages

Promotional SMS is a type of Bulk SMS used to promote a business or its products through offers, information about sales promotions, new products, etc., which include seasonal offers, birthdays, discounts, etc. This type of Bulk SMS is limited to 120 characters per message.

Promotional SMS is legal as long as it is strictly related to any product, service, or business. It cannot be used for selling purposes unless the recipient has been given prior consent. For instance, if companies send out promotional messages through SMS that are irrelevant to their products or services, it can be considered spam and illegal.

Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are another type of Bulk SMS used to promote a business, but they are typically used for sending information such as bills and invoices to customers or clients. They may also include reminders about meetings, etc., through this type of Bulk SMS service. Transactional messages can be up to 160 characters.

What Are the Key Differences Between Promotional and Transactional SMS?

Promotional messages and transactional messages are fundamentally different. Here are the key differences between these two types of Bulk SMS.

1. While promotional SMS are non-essential and the receiver can easily ignore them, a transactional bulk message needs to be carefully written, formatted, and presented not to appear spam.

2. Promotional SMS is sent to new and existing customers with discounts, offers, or promotions. In contrast, transactional SMS is an affordable way to send OTPs, informational messages, or booking and order alerts to your registered customers.

3. Promotional SMS are only delivered to non-DND and opt-in numbers. At the same time, Transactional SMS are stored in a directory and delivered to all recipients, even if they have a Do-Not-Disturb status set.

4. Promotional SMS can only be sent during business hours. Transactional SMS are delivered consistently, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, restricting time after the commercial transaction is complete.

5. Promotional SMS will be delivered with a random 6-digit Sender ID. Meanwhile, Transactional SMS comes with a 6-alpha character ID that often corresponds with the business or product name.

What Are Other Ways to Reach People Like Bulk SMS?

Other Ways to Reach People Like Bulk SMS

There are other ways to reach people similar to Bulk SMS, such as social media and newsletters. Many companies have started using social media to provide information about the company. There is also the use of newsletters sent out monthly or weekly for information people need for business and personal reasons.

But, this alternative has its flaws. For one, not everyone checks their social media accounts regularly or subscribes to newsletters. The use of newsletters has also led to spam because people are sending bulk messages to get subscribers for their lists so that they can send out more advertisements and eventually gain revenue from them.

If you want to reach people so that they are assured to be reading what you have to say, consider using a Transactional Bulk SMS service that is not only convenient but also reliable.

Some of the most common platforms used that have the same purpose as Bulk SMS include:

Social Media Applications such as Facebook and Twitter

Messenger Apps such as Viber, KakaoTalk, WeChat

Text Messages or SMS and MMS

Email and Voicemails

→ Telemarketing

There are many ways to reach a person, but not all can be considered effective and productive. By using Bulk SMS from reliable services, you have assured the system’s reliability and high response rates because it is sent directly without asking for permission or consent.


Bulk SMS is an effective means of communicating your messages, whether it is business-related or personal information. But it can be expensive if you do not know how to set up an account, choose a plan, and send text messages. Understanding the types of Bulk SMS will help you decide which one is more appropriate for your needs and how to set up an account effectively to maximize your communication efforts.

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