Thanks to the reactive marketing impressive open rate and high-percentage of responses. SMS messaging is a powerful tool to have in your marketing mix.

SMS also has multiple uses for marketers; promoting offers or events, customer services, reminders, notifications, announcements, driving traffic, surveys, and providing subscription links.

As you can see, SMS messaging is very versatile. It´s also predominantly used for pro-active marketing campaigns, but can be equally as effective in reactive marketing. The process of responding to current events in order to reach a significant audience.

Reactive marketing is a relatively new discipline. Brought about by the introduction of social media platforms, brands have the power to connect directly and instantaneously with consumers.

As a channel of communication, SMS has the power to cut through the noise of social media platforms and land in your target´s inbox. And because over 90% of text messages are read, your reaction to breaking news can also prompt a response in your customers.


Unlike proactive marketing which requires meticulous planning, reactive marketing ceases the moment and raises a talking point. Especially if the remark is genuinely humorous and in good taste.

When performed well, reactive marketing has the potential to positively influence purchasing decisions. Before we go any further, let´s take a look at some examples.

An absolute classic example of reactive marketing came from the marketers at Specsavers during the 2012 London Olympics.

When the South Korean flag was mistakenly hoisted at a match involving North Korea, the team understandably walked off in protest. Specsavers were quick to react with an ad featuring their long-term catchphrase: Should have gone to Specsavers?.

Other classic cases of reactive marketing include Mini´s ad after the horse meat scandal in the UK, Burger Kings response to Steve Harvey´s gaffe at the 2015 Miss Universe Contest when he announced the wrong winner, and when Game of Thrones showed their support for the decision to permit gay marriages in the United States.

Reactive marketing should be shareable and memorable. Imagine how many more prospects you could reach if your customers forwarded your SMS to their friends.

Why Use SMS for Reactive Marketing

Given the nature of reactive marketing, you only have a small window of opportunity to jump through. If you´re not the first brand to react, it won´t have the same impact.

Whilst social media is also instantaneous, the majority of customers will not see it immediately unless they work online, are logged into their account all day and get notifications from you. It´s a long shot.

On the other hand, text messages typically open within three minutes of receiving them – and over 90% open within the first 15 minutes. Texting has the power to cut through the noise and find your targets quickly.

There isn´t a marketing tool that has better equipment for reactive marketing. Of course, you should still be using social media platforms and email as well, but the message can easily be buried. SMS gives you an advantage over other marketing channels.

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