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The number of people that own a mobile phone in the United States grows year on year. In 2017, 224.3 million consumers owned a smartphone. That number is forecast to rise to 270.66m by 2022.

The mobile revolution also dictates that more people are conducting more searches on portable devices than they are on desktop PC’s. With innovative developments in mobile technology, mCommerce is also becoming more popular and is predicted to continue its upwards curve.

Furthermore, mobile marketing gives you a direct channel to your audience, anytime, anywhere. Unlike other marketing channels, customers can be reached when you need them to know something, not when they want to know something. Mobile channels do not rely on customers searching for you in order to connect.

Whilst mobile marketing has its obvious advantages, tackling the medium is not without its challenges. A well-thought out strategy and a strong understanding of which touchpoints to connect with your customers via SMS messaging increases your chances of running a successful marketing campaign.

Why small businesses need mobile marketing

As an advertising channel, mobile is one of the most affordable options and SMS marketing delivers a higher ROI than most other strategies. Mobile is also a personalised format and enables small businesses to get closer to customers and build relationships.

Surveys reveal the majority of customers prefer to communicate with brands via text. The key point to remember here is that brands should not use SMS and other mobile channels solely for advertising. There are more, and better, ways of utilising mobile.

For example, businesses are recognising the advantages of using SMS messaging services to conduct customer service, send reminders, provide relevant information and request feedback.

Tailoring your messages, and your advertising, in an informal yet professional manner is the best approach. Allow your brand to be more intimate with customers but without being intrusive. Certainly refrain from bombarding customers with text ads.

SMS Marketing

The statistic for SMS marketing speak for themselves. Here are a few to help you realise the power of text message marketing has for brands:

  • Between 90-98% of text messages are opened within 15 minutes
  • By 2020, 48.7m consumers will opt in to receive SMS messages from brands
  • SMS boasts a higher response rate than other mobile advertising platforms
  • 23.5m people responded to brand texts in 2017

The advantage SMS marketing has over other channels is that customers don’t need to have a smartphone or connect to the internet to receive your messages. You can reach anybody that owns a mobile phone. And you can reach them 24/7.

Advancements in SMS technology also means you can add various other media to your messages; that includes, images, videos and links that you can use to drive traffic to your website or social media page. Texting is much more versatile in the modern age.

Providing marketers set the right tone and do not invade the privacy of customers, SMS gives your mobile marketing strategy an extra shot of the good stuff. And because SMS is versatile and affordable, it gives small businesses greater advantages to connect with customers than other marketing channels offer.

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