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Our platform offers a deliverability report for you to review. You will only be charged for SMS that was able to be delivered. From here you can see how many were sent successfully, failed to deliver, if there are enough credits waiting to be delivered and more.

You can click on “Inbox” from the dashboard or “Mailbox” along the left-hand side menu

At the bottom of your Inbox you will see the Mass SMS messages that were sent with their current status, date sent, and contact group sent to. Click on “Details” of the Mass SMS message you would like to review.

From the Mass SMS Details view you can see the message details, view the report, and continue to send the unsent messages once enough money is added to the account to do so. Click “Send Unsent Messages” to send the remainder of messages waiting to be sent now that enough money was added to be completed.

Below you will see the deliverability report or “Stats” of the Mass SMS sent. Here you can see how many were sent successfully, failed to be sent, remaining queued to be sent, and if credits are still needed for the remaining SMS needed to be sent.

To check what numbers were successfully Sent, Failed or are in queue for Not Enough Credits you can just click on the word/link you want to look at and it will show the report of numbers for each.

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