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A Widget will create a simple form for your clients to fill out their first name, last name, phone number and have the information saved directly to your database on JookSMS. The Widget will create an HTML embed code that you can copy/paste to add to your website.

Scroll down and click on Widgets in the left-hand menu. Then click on New to begin creating the Widget.

This takes you to the Create Widget page. Set the Status to “Active” and add a title of the Widget in the Name field (This is for you only to see). Set the Language field to English or Spanish. In the Contact Group drop down, you will set this to the contact group the information will be added to when they fill out the form on the webpage.

Now that the Widget is created, you can do some minor adjustments or simply copy the HTML embed code to add to the webpage by clicking on “Shared Widget”.

In the Shared Widget page, you can adjust it to be a black or white background and also change the language if you like. The default background color is set to white but by copy/pasting the “widget_jk_ct-black” code over the default code you can change the background color to black. You can do the same with the language if you choose. Finally, just copy the full HTML embed code to add it to your website.

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