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Before you get started, you must first create a “Contact Group” to add the contacts to if you are looking to send mass SMS to them. This is easily done by selecting “Contact Groups” in the left-hand menu and clicking on “New”.

Video Tutorial Also Available: https://youtu.be/fAv-yRswjfc

Importing Contacts:
Create a .csv spreadsheet. You can do this in excel. Choose “save as”, then the file extension .csv.
Create columns for your data:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Reference (Optional: a location, customer ID or other data field you want to track).
Here is a sample:

Note: All phone numbers added to the system need to have the proper international format of +1 in front of it (Ex: +19175647234). However, if you’re not sure how to format it correctly the platform will add a “+1” to ALL the numbers provided by selecting the “Country of Origin” at the bottom of the import page. Just make sure your numbers only include the area code and phone number with no additional information or letters.

The system automates your settings needed. You can review the file and make any adjustments needed with the fields/columns you wish to import (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Reference). Select the country of origin if you wish to add a +1 country code needed to ALL numbers.

Click Process to complete the import of contacts or you can click review to see any changes made before importing.

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