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In order to upload your list of contacts to your account your file needs to be in a CSV or TXT format separated by Tabs or Commas. Make sure all the numbers that are going to be imported on the list begin with a +(Country Code)(Phone Number) for example for U.S. numbers it is +13724506753 otherwise the contact may not be imported.

You will need to go to the contact button from the menu at your left and click on Import. Once the import page opens, please click on Upload File and select the file you would like to upload (Making sure it’s in either CSV or TXT format).

Each number will need to include a first name in order to be saved. You will then choose the owner of the list in the drop-down or just leave it to Main. Next, if any Contact Group was created, you will need to select a group for the list to be added to. If there are no other Contact Groups created you can leave it as No Group. Select Upload.

Finally, It will ask you what information or columns you would like to import and from here you select what fields you would like to import with your list and click on Process. If you’re still having issues, you can send us the list and have one of our techs take a look to see what the issue is and have it uploaded for you.

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