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In order to send mass SMS to more than 25 numbers on a page from your Contacts you will need to create a Contact Group list. You will be able to import or add manually all the contacts you wish to send the bulk SMS to. There are no limits for how many can be sent.

You will select Contact Groups in the left-hand menu

Once in Contact Groups List you will be able to view, edit or select which Contact Group you would like to send the Mass SMS to.

Once in the Send a Mass SMS screen, you can schedule a time to send the SMS by clicking in the field and a calendar with a time schedule will pop up. We Strongly recommend for you to personalize the message in some form by using the customizers in your text that are listed along the bottom to help avoid from getting flagged as SPAM and blocked. These will use the information saved in your contact list attached to each number.

We suggest to just click on the variable listed along the bottom where you would like to place the personalization.
Using the {{reference}} variable will include any information saved under the reference column of your contact list

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