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Before we get started please note if you choose to get a text message sent to notify you, you will be charged for each additional SMS usage. There is no charge if you choose to set up an email to be sent to notify you about each reply to the platform. This way you will not have to worry about having to login just to check to see if you received any replies.

Setting the Automated Trigger for Email or Text forwarding:

In the left-hand menu, click on Triggers and then click on New to begin creating a new Trigger.

You will come to the Create a New Trigger screen. In the Name field you will give it a title. The Type field you will set to SMS. You will set what JookSMS number assigned will be used with the trigger in the Phone Number field. Set the Type of Condition to “Always” to notify you each time you receive a reply.

IMPORTANT: You will set the Type of Action field to “Send an email” or “Send a new SMS” depending on what type of notification you would like. Please note if choose to send a new SMS you will be charge for each SMS being sent. You will not be charged for sending an email notification. Next, you will add your Email address (Or Personal Cell Phone number if you choose to send an SMS) in the To Email/To Phone Number field.

Set the content you would like to be sent to you in the Template field. If sending a new SMS to your phone you cannot have any line breaks so it must all be on one line and still within the 160 character limit. When sending as an email notification, you can write what you like and have it include all the information that you need in the email by just clicking on the Placeholders.

Sender Number: Will include the number of who sent the SMS reply.

Receiver Number: Will include the JookSMS number the SMS reply was sent to.

Contact Sender: Will include the name saved in your contacts of who sent the SMS reply.

Content Body: Will include the text content sent in the SMS reply.

Sent to Email: Will include the email the notification was sent to.

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