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When using the URL shortening tool in your text message it will actually set a different and unique URL to each recipient being sent. Located in your Mass SMS reports, you will be able to track who clicked on the link and when they clicked on it as well.

Click on the placeholder {{Link|https://www…}} to add a URL link to the text message being sent where you like it. If there is text before/after the link tool, make sure to leave a space before the {{ and after the }} or else the text will be included into the URL and it will not work properly.

Copy your URL and Paste it over the sample URL starting from https://www Making sure to leave the {{link|

Your link will now look like the image shown above starting with {{link|…… The URL will be shortened, and a separate and unique URL will be given to each recipient being sent to.

You can check the Link Stats right in your Mass SMS report
And it will show you who clicked on the link and when they did.

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