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SMS marketing is typically used to drive foot traffic. But thanks to advancements with mobile technologies, online brands can also use text messaging services to increase traffic to your website as well.

And now an estimated 237.6 million Americans own smart phones with search capabilities. Incorporating SMS messaging into your overall marketing strategy makes perfect sense.

The influx of mobile technologies in recent years has provided marketers with more flexibility. Include features such as links, images and videos in your text messages and you have more scope to capitalise on m-payments and boost revenue.

Yet an infographic published by powered by search reveals only 25% of brands have a mobile strategy.

Given brand text messages have an open rate of up to a 98% in the first 15 minutes, SMS is proven to be a powerful strategy in its own right. However, the platform works best when used as part of a wider marketing strategy. Marketers just need to figure out how to get the most from mobile.

Mobile marketing of course is a fairly new concept, so we thought we would share our knowledge and offer some tips. This article will furnish you with ideas of how to use SMS messaging services to increase web traffic, strengthen your social media presence and improve sales.


Despite being limited to 160 characters, the SMS space still allows marketers to provide customers with relevant information. You may not have sufficient room for a sales pitch, but you can include links to drive traffic to your website. Use texting to raise curiosity and compel customers to follow the link.

Another reason to embed a link in an SMS message is to lure customers to your social media campaign. If you are running a competition or want to invite customers to like a page, a link gives them a one-tap access without having to exit the text and open their browser.

Offer incentives

It is not possible for every business to propose an offer via SMS. Some brands simply do not have enough room to entice customers. However, marketers do not need much space to provide recipients with an incentive that promises a reward in exchange for clicking a link.

Incentives can be tied to almost any marketing campaign. Brands have to pay particular attention to how much advertising they are sending customers these days as consumers are tired of receiving too many promotional ads. It is important to remember therefore that not every marketing channel has to involve selling something. SMS for example can be used to invite customers to complete a satisfaction survey.

Utilise SMS API

Now app developers have figured out ways of sourcing web traffic using an SMS API, marketers can streamline messages and connect apps, brands and customers.

SMS messaging services allow you to send out bulk messages. And combining the qualities of an app with the enhanced user-experience of an app increases your chances of attracting more visitors.

Because SMS has such a high open rate, SMS API?s are ideal for time sensitive offers and  the quickest way to pull customers into your sales funnel. Where you take customers from there will depend on the campaign you are running, but SMS can be seamlessly integrated with multiple online channels.

SMS marketing platform

messages in bulk

You can strengthen the delivery of your SMS campaign by taking advantage of a strong marketing platform. Bulk SMS platforms can be used to automate the process of sending text messages and, because they are easy to use, significantly slash processing times and increase productivity.

Marketing platforms provide analytics and allow you to schedule SMS messages to be sent at a time in the future. This gives you the opportunity to plan your content ahead, but still have enough time to make adaptions that will improve results.

For example, you might compare the response of two SMS messages and find that one method has significantly better results. Therefore, you may want to propel the momentum and capitalise on consumer interest around a certain product or message.

Integrating SMS messaging services into your overall marketing strategy has a number of benefits. Given the importance of online visibility, why not use SMS as an easy means of reaching your audience and increase traffic to your website.

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