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B2B marketers in the US have been slow to adopt SMS marketing. However, after an upturn in 2019, experts predict that will change – especially as we head into an uncertain post-pandemic world.

With more staff working from home, B2B companies will need to rely on a variety of communication technologies. Texting is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, as more brands focus on delivering excellent customer service, B2B companies are expected to maintain brand loyalty with suppliers that provide superior service.

B2B firms look for the following attributes in a partner:

  • Commitment
  • Fulfilment
  • Seamlessness
  • Responsiveness
  • Proactivity
  • Evolution

Brands that provide value are creative, forward-thinking companies that make it easier for customers to order and receive the supplies they need to run their operation smoothly.

It’s no surprise that more B2B marketers are starting to leverage text message marketing. Fast, convenient and versatile, business owners are wondering why they didn’t adopt SMS sooner.

Convenient Sales 

business to business marketing

We’re finding that more B2B businesses are utilising SMS messaging services to make it easier for customers to contact them. Texting is far easier than phoning.

With some businesses having to shed workforce numbers, the remaining staff will have even less time now they have more to do.

Customer services and sales play a central role in the communication stakes. Studies show that 52% of people prefer to use text rather than making a phone call.

What’s more, customers are not put on hold with a text, nor are they greeted with an engaged tone.

Encourage Two-Way Conversations

SMS is ideal for two-way mentioning in an instant. By creating a dialogue with your B2B customers, it’s easier to streamline engagement and provide immediate feedback.

But it’s the versatility of SMS where the real power lies here. You can use texting to send polls and questionnaires which can help provide deeper insights into the needs and behavior of your customers.

By collecting essential data, you can improve the customer experience and nurture loyalty.

Zero Learning Curve

 send a text message

Texting is straightforward. Anybody with a cell phone can send a text message. Even your grandmother. SMS messaging API’s are slightly different but are easy to grasp. Your staff does not have to be an IT or telecoms expert.

SMS messaging services use a simple computer interface known as an API (application programming interface). From the dashboard you can send and receive messages, manage responses, track KPI’s, manage your budget and optimise campaigns.

With the right SMS mobile partner, you have access to a powerful communications tool that enables you to connect directly with your customer in an instant.

You can even reach out to multiple customers at the same time. If you have an important announcement to make or want to send a promotion out to all your customers, a bulk text messaging service is effective and straightforward.

For more information about how SMS marketing can help B2B businesses connect much easier, contact a member of our friendly team. We are happy to help.

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