The post-pandemic world is changing the way brands approach and interact with consumers. As the world embraces the “new normal,” bulk SMS messaging services provide a solution to connect with customers and retain them. With social distancing guidelines restricting the physical interaction consumers are permitted with brands, SMS on Public Relations provides businesses with a powerful tool to nurture brand loyalty.

As a tool for Public Relations, mobile phones are convenient, flexible and widely used. Moreover, SMS has the capacity to be used as a channel for end-to-end transactions and everything in between.

The “everything in between” includes marketing, advertising and customer services, a bundle of essential traits that can be filed under the PR label

In a time of intense rivalry among business owners, earning consumer trust has to be a priority. And in recent years, SMS has proven to be an effective channel for communicating directly with customers. 

Key Benefits of SMS

Key Benefits of sms

SMS statistics reveal the power of SMS. It is estimated that the number of people opting into brand SMS messaging will be 23% higher than it was four years ago. 

The rise in popularity has to be for a reason. Some of the key benefits of SMS include: 


SMS enables consumers to open a two-way conversation and satisfy their thirst for the answer quickly. What’s more, 90% of people open SMS messages within the first 3 minutes. 

The immediate nature of SMS also provides business advantages. They are great for sending time-sensitive messages such as alerts and exclusive updates. 


With 160 characters to play with, brevity is required. SMS messages are easy to read. In other words, they are consumers dream. Moreover, they are a highly personalized channel of communication which is ideal for building customer loyalty through PR. 


SMS is user-friendly which makes texting a convenient way to interact with customers. A study from Arbitron and Edison Research reveals that 52% of cell phone owners keep their device within arm’s reach 22 hours of the day. 


From a PR perspective, SMS is an effective means of developing relationships with your customers. Your SMS opt-in list is essentially a private club. Use this VIP tag to offer exclusive promotions and make your customers feel special. 

SMS Behavior Reports 

SMS Behavior Reports

According to stats, SMS open rates outshine email by 78% and 75% of consumers prefer to hear from brands via text than other forms of communication. 

The average American checks their cell phone 47 times a day and within five minutes of waking up. In other words, cell phones are an addiction that meets the instantaneous demands of today’s consumers. 

Moreover, 64% of consumers think businesses should use SMS more often and 70% say the text is a better way of getting their attention.  

The overriding outlook for today’s consumers is they want information and they want it fast. Text messages from businesses is an easy solution to follow up information on product and services.

Consumers also need to trust a brand. In a post-pandemic world, brand loyalty will be the key to business success, and the report reveals that 77% of cell phone users have a positive experience with a business via SMS. 

Why SMS Works For Public Relations (PR)

The role of public relations is to build awareness and earn the trust of consumers. Creating a convincing story around your brand and its products ties in with the overall concept of digital marketing.

However, the problem for the majority of brands is they do not receive enough media coverage and their online visibility is poor. If consumers do not see your brand story online, the chances are they are not fully aware of what you can do for them. 

tool public relations

PR campaigns have to include an omnichannel strategy. Whether you’re publishing a blog post, posting a video on YouTube or engaging in a conversation of social media, people need to know where to find you before they know what you have to say.

SMS helps to drive traffic to relevant content about your brand. Whether the content you want to promote focuses on creating interest or providing information, texting a link to your customers gives them the opportunity to access relevant information that satisfies their queries.

Steering customers towards relevant product information also reinforces your image as a brand. As a Public Relations tool, SMS works wonders for retailers that often have a high turnover of merchandise. 

Sending off bulk text messages informing your customers of your new line of products is the quickest way to get your message out en masse. Also, use SMS as a means of enabling customers to navigate to products they are interested in. 

You can use the same strategy for end-of-line or end-of-season sales together with exclusive promotions. 

To strengthen your image as a helpful and trustworthy brand, set up a landing page which SMS customers can access directly from their SMS inbox. 

Trust in Texting 


It’s well established that SMS is more effective as a marketing tool than email. Although the information you convey is similar, SMS has a higher and faster read rate that – when executed correctly – compels recipients to take the next step. 

From a PR perspective, SMS has the capacity to improve brand awareness, nurture customer loyalty and build trust. 

For online businesses, building trust is crucial for the success of your store. Transparency is key. Because texting helps you to connect with your customers you are better placed to build awareness. 

A fatal mistake some businesses make today is to oversell products. Modern consumers do not want advertising or a hard sell. They need information that convinces them to buy your product. 

Texting is an ideal tool for offering customers what they want at the right time. Furthermore, because text message marketing is a relatively untapped resource in the US, businesses that adopt SMS messaging services before the flood have a better opportunity of inviting new customers and keeping them. 

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