A lot of marketing advice these days focuses on how to direct traffic to your site and make more sales. That?s all essential, of course. But you should also pay attention to how to communicate after the sale and make your SMS messages count.

Keeping hold of your existing customers and increasing their lifetime value is the secret to a successful business.

While attracting new customers takes considerable time, effort, and investment, making repeat sales to your existing customers is a lot cheaper and easier. So it?s important to make sure you?re holding onto your existing customers rather than spending time and energy attracting new ones.

The key to customer retention is how you communicate with your customers after the sale.

Keep Them Informed About Their Purchase

As soon as someone makes a purchase, keep them informed throughout the whole process. People want to know what stage their order is at, so send them an immediate confirmation as soon as their payment has gone through to let them know when you expect to ship their item.

Send them another message when you ship it and another when it is out for delivery. Your customers will appreciate this, and if they have a good experience, this should encourage them to make more purchases.

Ask About Their Experience

Send out a message asking your customers about their experience. You might send this out a few days or weeks after the sale.

Are they enjoying their product? Is there something wrong with it? Let them know that you are there for them, and make it easy for them to contact you either by responding directly or calling.

This is a great way to build better customer relationships. Don?t just send them their product and forget about them ? show that you genuinely care. That way, they?ll be far more likely to continue to buy from you.

Ask for a Review

Following up on the previous email, you might want to ask for a review. Third-party reviews are more important than ever. Many people will want to research products and services before they buy them, and reviews play a big role in the research process.

Your existing customers can really help you out here. But if you want to get more reviews, you?re going to have to make it easy for them.

Send them a message with a link to a few of your favorite review sites like TrustPilot. Don?t try and bribe them for positive reviews, just ask them for their honest opinion and tell them how much it matters to you.

This way, your existing customers will know that their opinions matter, helping to build a stronger relationship, and they can help you to get new customers at the same time.

Send Exclusive Offers

Make your customers feel special by sending along exclusive offers only available to them. This will help to make them feel like they are in a select group, which is great for building better relationships. They will also know it?s worthwhile being on your list, so they are more likely to open and read your messages.

You could also invite them to your loyalty program, which is a great way to improve relationships and encourage them to buy from you again.

Provide Valuable Information

Once customers are on your list, send them information that they will love. This could include tips on how to use your product, information about new products, and anything that provides them with value.

Make them want to open your messages so you will stay top of mind, and you?ll have a better chance of encouraging them to buy from you again.

Recommend Other Products

If you sell other products that individuals might be interested in, tell them what you have to offer. Cross-sell specific products they are most likely to want.

Don?t hound them with sales messages. Be genuinely useful and recommend products based on their purchases and the products they have shown an interest in.

Use SMS Messages

Whilst reading the above tips, you probably had email campaigns in mind. However, you will probably have more success if you experimented with SMS messages instead; SMS has many more advantages.

Text messages are more personal, more likely to be noticed and opened, and they are a highly effective way to build trust and loyalty. SMS is especially useful when you are sending important messages that you want to be read.

Focus on Building Relationships

Relationships are what matter in business, so focus on making the ones you have stronger. Keep in touch with your customers and provide them with content they find valuable.

So many companies get this wrong, but you don?t have to. Provide your customers with value and you can make more sales and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

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