Bulk SMS has become an important marketing tool for schools and universities in recent years.  It is a way to update parents and students in the simplest yet most cost-effective manner.

The use of SMS messaging has become a widely appreciated convenience across all industries.  There are many business owners and entrepreneurs using bulk text messaging to promote their companies. SMS text messaging comes with a very high open-read rate. Thus, it has become an essential tool in marketing and brand awareness.

Now, it can be applied to schools and universities. School administration, students, and parents can take advantage of more accessible communication for important announcements, reminders, or emergencies.

This article discusses how SMS marketing for schools and universities works, the benefits of using bulk SMS, and examples of SMS templates utilized by schools and universities.

How Important Is SMS Marketing for Schools and Universities?

Importance of SMS Marketing on Schools and Universities

The importance of SMS Marketing for schools and universities can be attributed to its effectiveness in reaching out to many people. It comes with a very high open-read rate, which allows the sending of informative yet straightforward messages instantly.

The Educational Sector is included in the top 10 industries that use SMS marketing, with 47% used to communicate with customers.

Since it is cost-effective and easy to use, SMS marketing has become one of the best ways for schools and universities to communicate with parents and students regarding essential announcements, reminders, and other important events.

An example of how effective SMS marketing is for schools and universities is in emergency alerts. Many times, schools and universities have used different types of bulk sms messages to warn students and parents regarding emergencies, as it is a way for them to reach those people with an immediate phone number.

In a study by Raley in 2007, social integration is one factor that keeps students higher in the educational community. Texting and SMS messaging assist new students in the transition process, inclusion, engagement, and retention. 

Some examples of how effective SMS marketing is for schools and universities are as follows:

“NC State, the largest University in the Carolinas, used an SMS hotline number to support their virtual orientation. The number was announced during the Zoom meeting. At the end of the session, 6,672 students had their questions answered. Also, more than 700 parents and students subscribed to future text notifications.”

“The University of Bristol also uses SMS as part of its emergency alert system. They send messages to warn about serious crime incidents, the spread of viruses among the student population, and for last-minute lecture venue changes.”

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Schools and Universities?

How sms work on school and university

SMS marketing works for schools and universities because it leads to more accessible, quicker, and convenient internal and external communication. It is also far more environmentally friendly compared to handing out leaflets or letters. 

SMS marketing can instantly reach out to parents and guardians. Likewise, teachers and students can quickly receive important messages that the school sends out. 

1. SMS for Emergency Alerts

One way in which schools and universities can use SMS marketing is by sending emergency alerts to students via text message. It only requires the school or university to obtain a list of phone numbers from all enrolled students, as they must provide their contact information during enrollment. If the student has provided more than one phone number, then the school or university can send an SMS message to all of them.

Another way in which schools and universities can send emergency alerts is through their websites. A website with a built-in rapid notification feature allows for text messages to be sent quickly and easily without the need for additional software or hardware.

Emergency SMS alerts can range from urgent warnings to students and parents of imminent natural disasters and other emergencies to reminders about school events.

2. SMS for Announcements

Another way in which schools and universities can use SMS marketing is through announcements.

It includes important events such as sports games, school programs, and activities, along with general reminders regarding log-in procedures or other important updates in the school or university’s syllabus.

This bulk text messaging does not require a list of phone numbers, as the messages will usually be sent to the school or university’s website visitors. While it is possible to obtain phone numbers for those who register on sites, this requires more time and effort.

3. SMS for Events

Sending invitations via SMS text messaging should also be considered an effective tool in marketing.

It can help increase attendance in events by sending reminders to students or parents regarding upcoming events.

It can include school dances, sports matches, and other activities organized by the school or university. The invitations may be sent directly to those who have not yet responded or declined an invitation, which is why SMS marketing for events works best when used on a large scale.

4. SMS for Reminding

Sending SMS reminders to students and parents is also a good way for schools and universities to update their schedules. It can include upcoming sports games, school events, or other activities.

The important thing is to send reminders in advance to avoid last-minute changes or cancellations due to lack of interest.  On the other hand, reminders should not be sent daily as people would rather check their official website instead.

The frequency of texts is also essential, and this is where SMS marketing for schools and universities can stand out from other forms of marketing.

5. SMS for Job Advertisement

Finally, schools and universities can use bulk text messaging for job advertisements. It is an excellent way to broadcast vacancies and find applicants for various career positions.

The messages can include descriptions about the job, instructions on how to apply, and requirements. Texting is a way to reach out to more people quickly and efficiently than other means of communication that require more effort on both ends.

What are the Benefits of Bulk SMS for Schools and Universities?

Bulk SMS Benefits

Aside from the various ways in which SMS marketing for schools and universities works, many benefits also come with implementing this strategy.

1. Bulk SMS is Cost-Effective for Schools and Universities

Bulk text messaging can broadcast necessary information quickly and easily without relying on other forms of communication such as phone calls or website updates. 

Compared to the cost of running other marketing campaigns, bulk text messaging is more affordable. It makes a big difference when used on a large scale which is often the case for schools and universities. 

With SMS marketing, there is no need to prepare flyers or posters and go around recruiting helpers. All that’s needed are mobile numbers of students or parents who will receive the messages for free.

2. Bulk SMS is a Direct Method for Schools and Universities

Another advantage of SMS marketing for schools and universities is that it allows a direct connection to students or parents quickly. 

The messages are one-way communication, eliminating the need for constant feedback from both ends until an agreement has been reached. 

It also allows immediate response, which is essential for urgent matters. This type of text messaging is commonly used for emergencies or to keep in touch with parents working abroad.

3. Bulk SMS is Measurable for Schools and Universities

SMS marketing allows schools and universities to measure the impact of their activities on their prospective students and clients without needing a lengthy research process. 

With digital marketing, it is easy to track who receives the messages and what actions they take. 

Like in online marketing, the success of an SMS marketing campaign is measured based on the performance of specific activities, such as the number of people who opened and read the message.

Is It a Good Idea to Use SMS Templates for Schools and Universities?

Yes. It is a good idea to There are various ways by which text messaging can help colleges and universities in their outreach to students, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders. 

It increases involvement, engagement and retention of students in the educational institution. Students feel that the school considers them an essential part of the community by consistently sending out SMS messages for various purposes. 

Likewise, parents feel that it is a good decision to choose schools that keeps communication line open between students, parents and the school administration.

However, it is essential to have a creative yet consistent mobile marketing strategy for SMS templates to be effective. It means knowing what messages should be sent when and under what circumstances so that they will be better received. (SMS Templates for All Industries)

Having prepared templates can also ease writing texts, especially when there are many messages to send. If a template is not customizable enough, however, it might be better to start from scratch. SMS marketing for schools and universities should be tailored according to the situation so that recipients will find them more relevant.

Examples of Bulk SMS for Schools and Universities 

#1. Emergency Alerts

“To all parents: >>><<< Please be informed that there will be a lockdown exercise tomorrow from 8 am to 9 am. Students will return to their classrooms and wait for further instruction. Thank you for your cooperation.”

#2. Announcements

“Attention all students! The school administrative council will hold its meeting on Tuesday, July 20, 2020, at 9 am sharp. All members are expected to be on site. Your presence is very much appreciated.”

#3. Events

“This coming Saturday, the school library will have a book sale from 10 am to 1 pm. There will be a wide range of books for only P50 each! Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on your favorites.”

#4. Reminding

“Please do not forget that class resumes tomorrow, Monday, February 1, 2020, at 8 am sharp. Also, the upcoming Saturday will be a free dress day here in school as part of our annual school fair celebration. Thank you for understanding, and enjoy your weekend!”

#5. Job Advertisement

“Earn your college degree online with St. Mary’s University. We offer full-time and part-time academic programs for working professionals, teachers, and other career changers. Visit www.saintmarysedu.com/jd or call us at (0919) 932-1742 today.”

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