Why SMS Is More Popular Than Ever

Consumers never leave the house without their smartphones. It, therefore, makes sense for brands to have a direct channel to mobile customers. 

Furthermore, according to Google, the number of visitors to retail stores has fallen by 57% in the last five years, but the value of every visit has almost tripled. 

Google concludes that “mobile is driving local”. That means that SMS can drive your sales.

Why SMS Marketing?

Because SMS provides brands with so many options, not only are more businesses adding SMS to their marketing arsenal, but consumers are also responding to text messages from brands.

1. Impressive Statistics

SMS performance statistics speak for themselves. Texts boast a 98% open rate, a 45% response rate and 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to hear from brands via SMS. And the stats were providing here is barely scratching the surface. Consumers simply love receiving text messages and SMS is the easiest and most convenient channel of communication. 

2. Grabs Attention 

SMS pings on a smartphone gab attention and create a dopamine effect. The brain is naturally stimulated when we receive an SMS because we anticipate a reward. Brands that deliver appealing rewards will turn over an impressive ROI through SMS.

3. Generate Leads

An SMS campaign starts with acquiring the cellphone numbers of consumers. To do that, brands have to launch an appealing offer. In doing so, you acquire a direct channel to hundreds, or even thousands, of new customers.

4. It Makes Consumers Feel Special

Modern consumers want to be assured that brands have their best interests at heart. They want to know you care. SMS is an ideal channel for showing your customers how much you care and making them feel special with exclusive offers.

When you’re sending out offers via SMS, make sure you address your customers by their first name, send them offers they are likely to be interested in, and most importantly, tell them the offer is only available to highly valued customers. When you make people feel special, they are more inclined to make a purchase.

5. Builds Your Loyalty Program

Numerous reports show there has been a dramatic increase in mobile coupon redemptions. According to Statistica, there has been an estimated 93.75% increase in SMS coupons since 2014 and the mobile coupon market is expected to grow by more than 56.5% by 2025.

The rise in the popularity of eCoupons gives brands a prime opportunity to grow customer loyalty through SMS. However, it’s important to note that too many misplaced messages will prompt people to unsubscribe from your SMS list. Keep offers relevant. 

6. SMS is Versatile

Using SMS to send promotional ads only is not the best way to utilise this powerful marketing tool. Although you only have 160 characters to play with, SMS is highly versatile and can be used to built trust and loyalty with customers.

For example, you can send delivery updates, invitations, appointment reminders, news updates, event announcements, latest stock updates, and much more. Use the versatility of SMS and text message marketing will work better for you.

7. Text Messaging Creates Urgency

A tactical marketing ploy for businesses is to create a sense of urgency. For example, offers that are given a time limit of 24-hours or a week, or products that are running out of stock.

Example: 10% off CK t-shirts. Buy today, only 3 left in stock!

Because SMS is direct and unhindered by noise from other advertisers, it’s a great channel for creating urgency and tempting customers into your store the same day.

8. Geo-Targeting Tempts Mobile Customers

Geo-targeting is one of the most powerful tools you can add on to text message marketing campaigns. The aim is to geo-fence a perimeter around your store of say 3km. When one of your mobile customers enters the perimeter you can contact them with a special offer.

Geo-targeting really comes into its own when you set up perimeters around your competitor stores. According to Google, 82% of customers admit they use their cell phones to compare the price of the merchandise with a competitor whilst in a store.

Whilst it is impossible to know what product consumers are specifically looking for, sending an SMS coupon with a discount offer on any item will be just the temptation shoppers need to prise them away from competitors and lure them into your store. 

9. MMS Enhances Customer Experience

Advancements in mobile technologies have enabled brands to include rich media in text messages. Signing up for a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables you to include images, videos, GIFs and links back to your online store or social media profiles.

Not only do images and videos make SMS messages more appealing, but they also provide shoppers with more information – and visual content has more impact than any other type of marketing medium.

10. SMS Supports Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing requires an omnichannel and with an abundance of marketing channels to choose from, it’s impossible for brands to use them all.

sms marketing is popular

SMS has the edge over most other digital marketing tools because messages are delivered directly to recipients. SMS is simple and convenient for shoppers because they nearly always have their cellphone close to them, have SMS alerts switched on and check their phones regularly. 

What’s more, consumers are not distracted by other content or ads when they read text messages. If you send a text with a promotional offer mid-morning or mid-afternoon whilst people are at work, the idea grows in their mind without distraction from your competition.

It’s easy to see why SMS marketing is growing year-on-year. It has far more advantages than most other marketing channels, and for a fraction of the cost. No matter what size business you are, SMS provides marketers with numerous benefits, which when deployed in the right way, increase your chances of growing your customer base and improving your bottom line month-on-month. In other words, SMS has the power to take your business to the next level.

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