Average Order Value

Leveraging your average order value (AOV) should be a priority for online sellers. The average spend of every customer to your digital store determines the results of your end-of-month revenues. Because SMS has a direct reach and an impressive open rate of around 90%, text message marketing can help online businesses improve AOV. 

In this article, we will outline the key strategies to boost sales through your website. Moreover, we will explain how text messaging is the ideal platform to promote your offers.

What is Average Order Value (AOV)?


AOV is a metric that can be used to evaluate the average spend of each customer. To calculate AOV, divide the number of orders received through your website by the total revenue received. 

For example, if you sell 1000 items and accrue sales revenue of $3000, the average spends per customer is $30.

Tracking AOV enables you to measure the long-term value of individual customers. Not only that but it enables you to determine the buying habits of your customers.

Both these details are the driving force behind your AOV strategy. The data you recover from these metrics gives you the ability to make an informed decision about which products can help you increase AOV.

Average Order Value Strategies 

There are several ways to approach AOV. Ideally, you should include every strategy below if they can be applied to your business. AOV is best suited to e-commerce platforms that sell multiple products.


Upselling is an AOV strategy designed to entice the customer into buying more products – but at a discounted price. The ‘offered’ products can either be the same item or another product that compliments the ‘purchased’ item.

SMS message Examples: Buy 3 get 20% off; Buy 2 shampoo, get 50% off the conditioner


Cross-selling involves creating offers that are not directly linked but are likely to be of interest to relevant customers. 

SMS Examples: Buy football boots, get 25% of any football strip; Buy chicken cordon bleu + Prosecco for half price


Bundles are a handpicked selection of products that complement one another. They could be for special occasions, home movers or just because the items are conveniently packaged as a set. 

SMS Example: 20% discount when your purchase 1 shampoo + 1 conditioner + body wash.

Discount and rebate

Discount and rebate is the quintessential BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free). However, you do not have to stick with the traditional one for one offer. Why not rephrase the offer and present it in a different way?

AOV strategy

Example: Buy two packs of washing powder and get 50% off

Free products (over a certain amount)

Customers love free handouts and can be persuaded to spend that little bit extra if the offer is enticing enough. For online stores, free shipping is a powerful offer to include in your AOV strategy.

SMS Example: New Stock Just In! Free shipping when you spend over $75 

High shipping costs is one of the main reasons for customers to abandon their shopping cart. Offering free shipping when they spend over a specified amount is a powerful strategy that gives you a psychological advantage. 

Consider this. Consumers are willing to pay for merchandise at the price they see advertised. They are less willing to pay when the total amount is more than they originally thought they had to pay.

With that in mind, customers are more inclined to favor brands that offer free shipping even if the products you advertise are more expensive than your competitors. 

As a result, if you set your free shipping amount just above your target AOV, you increase your chances of encouraging customers to spend a little extra rather than completely abandoning their shopping cart.

Why? Because people naturally prefer to have something to show for the money they spend. Shipping is a service they do not get any benefit from. On the other hand, a pair of socks is always welcome.

Rewards / Point System 

Offering rewards encourages customer loyalty. Incorporating a points system enables you to increase your Average Order Value because customers are more inclined to spend a little extra to hit the next tier and access more perks.

Discount Codes

Consumers redeem discount codes at a higher rate than ever before. Digital codes on their smartphones are much more convenient to access and carry with them. There are also numerous ways to use discount codes to leverage AOV.

SMS example, “spend over $100 and get a 10% discount. 

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help to give your Average Order Value strategy a boost. Get in touch today and discover how text marketing can increase your online sales revenue.

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