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Small brands and luxury labels in the food and beverage industry are being squeezed out of grocery store markets. In the absence of distribution channels, artisanal brands need to go it alone to survive. So here is SMS business marketing.

Adding SMS to your online marketing arsenal could prove to be the lifeline you need for your business- and provide the fix your customers’ are craving for in the meantime. 

Since world governments called lockdown to contain the coronavirus epidemic, resellers have taken the stance to stock “essential” food and beverage items only. 

That means grocery stores like Walmart and Costco are stocked with the best-known brands. And they are typically genetically modified food health-conscious individuals want to avoid.

Unless customers hit the stores shortly after a delivery, all the fresh produce and reputable brands are nowhere to be seen.

Consumers have no other option than to purchase their luxury and goods directly from the brands themselves. And that means homemade and artisanal-style brands will need to learn the art of digital marketing. 

Sort Your Stall Out 

Before you start launching promotional ads through your various marketing channels, your priority is to ensure your online store is in order. 

Visitors arriving at your website via a cellphone want a smooth experience. Ensure your website is responsive, easy to navigate, and has a simple checkout process. 

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Advertise on your website that you are available on the SMS marketing business – and that texting will be the best way for customers to place an order. 

Build Trust and Brand Awareness with SMS

Build Trust and Brand Awareness with SMS

With consumer trust in brands at an all-time low, the coronavirus epidemic presents an opportunity for smaller brands that do care about their customers to make a difference. 

Just because the nation is in lockdown, it does not mean they have to go without their favourite brands. Some consumers will actively search for your products online.

In essence, lockdown presents small label brands with an opportunity to grow brand awareness across multiple channels. What you may find is that you do not always have to rely on grocery stores and e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon to reach your audience.

Do not post promotional ads. Instead, publish content and send SMS messages that focus on public interest. During this critical period, your priority should be to maintain the credibility of your brand. 

If you appear to be taking advantage of a bad situation, you are more likely to lose customers. 

Brands that have already been using SMS have a head start. Tap into your existing list of customers with exclusive deals. 

You may also want to consider upgrading your SMS package to incorporate a multimedia messaging service (MMS). This will enable you to send rich media such as video, image and GIFs in your text messages. You can also reduce your SMS costs per message from $0.25 to as much as $0.21.

Be Sassy on Social

social media awareness

Social media marketing will be a key driver during the lockdown. There is no better tool to raise brand awareness than social networks. And with all the time in the world on their hands, thousands of consumers will be hanging out in their favorite social apps. 

Use this time wisely to expand your customer reach through social channels. Let people know you are still open for business and show you are there to help them through this difficult time.

An effective way to grow a relevant audience on social media is to use retargeting strategies. For example, research brands that are similar to yours, or join groups that have an audience that may be interested in your product. 

To give you an idea, let’s say you curate spirits than can be used in cakes or cooking. There are dozens of Facebook groups that attract people that love cooking decadent recipes. 

Or perhaps you sell healthy snacks that are ideal for people to take rambling with them. Join outdoor pursuit groups and get involved with the conversations, befriend members and build awareness about your product. 

You have to be very careful about how you conduct yourself during retargeting exercises. Although you can acquire prospectives 10x quicker, you also risk damaging your reputation if your only interest appears to be in selling your wares. 

Influencers and UGC 

Social media influencers are a powerful way of reaching new customers. They have a ready-made audience that is likely to have an interest in your product. They will probably also welcome a delightful treat that is not available from the grocery store. 

User-generated content (UGC) that can be shared on social media networks is also a powerful tool for raising awareness. The key with UGC is to show prospective customers how much your existing customers love your product. 

If your supply lines in grocery stores and online e-commerce platforms have been severed, SMS provides a marketing channel that enables you to reach customers in lockdown. 

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