You don’t have to be a household name to develop a brand. As a matter of fact, every business needs to create the personalization of a brand that customers identify with, a successful branding campaign is understanding the needs of your customers and connecting with them on an emotional level, you can nurture your brand through SMS personalized marketing.

There is a fine distinction between branding and marketing. This is essentially because branding is achieved through marketing. The purpose of branding is to create a personality and identity for your business.

Branding is slightly harder to achieve via SMS because you only have 160 characters to play with. You therefore need to develop a voice that can:

  • Clearly deliver messages in a succinct manner
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Connects emotionally with recipients
  • Creates customer loyalty
  • Motivates recipients to take action

The key to branding is earning the trust of customers. Because the competition is rife across all industries, you have to convince people to buy from your brand over your competitors.

Personalization in marketing

Modern consumers don’t demand personalization in marketing anymore – they expect it. People choose your brand because they identify with you and your products. So be their friend.

When sending branded SMS messages, address customers by name and only send them information you know they are interested in. With the amount of data available today, there is no excuse for brands not to know their customers.

Keep it simple

With only 160 characters to play with, there is no room for long copywriting content. Your customers also want to know exactly what your message is about. However, please avoid using traditional text spellings. It is crass and not fitting for a professional brand.

Although you need to keep messages simple, don’t forget rule number one – treat customers as friends. For example, if you sell sportswear, you could say, “Hey Brian, the {sports team} new kit is out – and they look amazing. I am so stoked for this season! Check out the fixture list {insert link}”.

Look for inspiration

Don’t be afraid of researching other brands to see what they are doing. The best ideas are always an enhancement of somebody else’s idea. There are plenty of industry professionals that have nailed branding and there is no harm taking inspiration from brands you like – just don’t copy them verbatim.

Browse through social media and Google’s best branding campaigns of 2018, then make a list of ideas that stand out for you. Once you have a selection of ideas you can use them to craft the personalization of your own marketing campaign and branded SMS message. Develop a fresh, unique voice for you brand, and you increase your chances of connecting with customers.

Add multimedia content

Mobile technology has advanced significantly in the last few years. You can add images, videos, and links to SMS messages now. Not only do images and videos make SMS messages more visually engaging and raise curiosity, you can also provide more information.

Adding links makes its easy for recipients to take the next step. Use them to drive traffic to your landing pages and further enhance your brand reputation.

It’s important for modern businesses to develop a brand, and regardless of the marketing channels you are using, you have to maintain the public perception of your brand.

SMS branding has its challenges, but if you keep it simple and make life easy for recipients, they will be more receptive to your brand through SMS.

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