Email is one of the most popular (and effective) marketing tools that businesses can use, with an average global open rate of over 73% for 2020, this immediately tells you that SMS still has the capacity to find its target! So having these in your marketing proves to be effective.

However, text messaging alone is not the only way to build relationships with your customers. SMS is also capable of generating incredible results by engaging targets who do not pay much attention to their emails.

Even marketers that understand the benefits of both these marketing tools think they have to choose one or the other. The truth is, with both being highly effective techniques when used properly, there is no need to use either or.

Why not use both SMS and email? 

A double assault makes sense. And there are many ways you can use them together to generate great results for your business. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

Use SMS to Subscribe Leads to Your Email Lists

Generating email leads is tough. However, it is essential in the world of online marketing. Building your list of prospects is one of the most important tasks you can do because it provides you with a way to engage with your list on a regular basis, grow relationships, and make more sales.

Getting leads often involves getting people to enter details into an online form. However, rather than asking for a form signup, why not ask your targets via SMS instead. 

If you already have people on your SMS list, ask them to respond to a simple message with a word like “YES” to confirm they want to opt into your email list.

This way, there is no need to visit a website and fill in any details. Not only is this strategy quick and convenient for your audience, there is also more likelihood you will receive a higher response rate because the message will reach more people.

Promote Events Using Both SMS and Email

Text messaging and email

When you are hosting a webinar or holding any other kind of event, it’s important to get as many people to show up as possible. Email marketing is the main tool that most marketers use to fill prospects in with all the main information they need using longer messages. But SMS can be useful for the final push.

Most marketers will send a quick email reminder a few hours before the start of the webinar, then another when it is about to begin. However, as we all know, emails are easy to ignore. This is where a quick SMS could be very useful.

By sending people a quick SMS reminder just before the webinar begins, you can be sure that most people will at least see your reminder. SMS boasts a 90% open rate within just three minutes, which makes it perfect for sending timely reminders.

You could also use this for promotions that are running out of time shortly or any type of message where you want the recipients to see the message quickly.

Fill the Gaps in Your Research

Effective marketing requires gathering critical data about your customers. Sometimes it can be hard to get reliable data that you can use to help you strategize your next marketing campaign. 

When you send surveys via email, they mostly go unanswered because people cannot be bothered. It’s important to remember that there is more noise vying for the attention of consumers in an inbox than there is when you send a text.

Although SMS is not a suitable channel for sending in-depth surveys, texting is an excellent channel for sending short surveys that help you fill in the gaps. 

Mobile marketing is ideal for collecting information quickly with a simple “YES” or “NO” answers. Many people will reply to an SMS if it is relevant. 

The data you can draw from free analytical tools helps you to start building a picture. You can add to that picture through social media and internet research. Any information that you don’t have can be collected via SMS. 

Remind Subscribers to Check Their Emails

You could even send SMS to encourage your subscribers to check an important email you have sent them. This is good customer service and consumers appreciate brands that care enough to help. 

If you want more people to open your emails and read the information they contain, send a quick SMS reminder. Let them know that you sent an important email they really need to check, and there’s a good chance many of the subscribers will check it out as a result.

You don’t want to abuse this strategy though. Don’t send text message reminders for every email you send just because you want to try and leverage your email marketing campaign. 

Save SMS reminders for critically important emails your customers cannot afford to miss. for example, if you have sent an email providing instructions or essential information, and SMS reminder is good customer service.

Get More Out of SMS and Email by Using Them Together

email and sms

Emails and text messages can both be highly effective ways to reach out to your prospects and engage them. After all, both strategies allow for two-way conversation.

Giving customers the opportunity to respond and join the conversation is an excellent way to nurture relationships. Building a loyal customer base is at the heart of effective marketing.

Thinking that you have to stick to either email or SMS marketing could mean you miss out on opportunities to get your message in front of an audience. 

There is no reason why you need to choose one over the other. As the above tips show, both channels can be independently effective, and using them together serves to improve your marketing arsenal.

SMS is a powerful marketing tool in its own right, but it is not the be all and end all of marketing. Texting helps to reinforce the tools you already have at your disposal. 

There are plenty of ways you can use SMS and email together to boost open rates and generate more engagement, so make sure you are using them wisely to get the most of both.

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