Mobile marketing was once predicted to be the fastest growing digital ad platform. Consumer reaction to mobile ads soon put a stop to that line of thought. Studies show that 70% of consumers do not like mobile ads and text ads blocking on mobile devices is increasing 90% year on year.

As a result, SMS messaging services are proving to be the most effective communication channel to reach mobile customers. Text messages receive over a 90% open rate and consumers are more comfortable communicating with brands over SMS than receiving a phone call.

The biggest challenge for marketers is creating content for mobile. With limited space to work with, ads have to be concise yet compelling. And still include a call-to-action. Given some marketers are converting over 20% of their customers via SMS marketing messages, there is definitely an SMS formula that works.

This article looks at some of the killer punches you need to include in your text messages in order to get more responses from recipients. It’s worth noting at this point that text messaging ads do not always have to be promotional offers. You can use them to drive traffic and build customer loyalty too!

Avoid text message slang and abbreviations

The text messaging culture has created a language all of its own. “The” has become “Da” for example. Although there is justifiable logic for texters to shorten words as a solution to the lack of space, abbreviations and text slang is off limits to marketers.

Text talk coming from a brand looks like spam and will be deleted with a moments hesitation. The simple truth is abbreviated words looks unprofessional and is more likely to damage the reputation of your brand. Customers will not think you’re cool.

Personalize promotions

It’s impossible to personalize bulk text messages, but it is good business sense to offer promotions to customers that are most likely to be interested in the product on offer. Modern businesses have access to a wealth of consumer data, and smart businesses use this information to determine what your customers want and when they want it.

If you send too many misplaced offers to customers, you create the impression that you do not care about the well-being of your customers. Instead, you announce you are only interested in their money. Subsequently, your customers do not feel special. And that is not good practice for building customer loyalty.

Create a sense of urgency

By its very nature, text messaging stimulates the reward centres of the brain. Because SMS has become associated with a dose of instant gratification, brands have more success with promotions that prompt recipients to act immediately.

Create ads that give customers a time limit; whilst stocks last, for the next 48 hours only. This provokes a sense of missing out on an opportunity if they do not act quickly enough. When you create a sense of urgency, you give customers the chance to fulfil emotional needs that stimulate feelings of self-gratification.

Include visuals

Rich media is proving to be three times more effective than traditional ads. In part, this is because of the mobile revolution. Images, infographics and videos are much easier to digest on a small screen than words. And now more people are using mobile devices to access the net, visual content is growing in popularity.

Including visual content in text ads promotes the most important information you want customers to know. Furthermore, they are more likely to remember the offer because the brain recalls visuals easier than words.

Don’t forget vital information

Telling customers about an offer is not much use if they do not know the specifics such as price, when the offer ends and what they have to do to take advantage of the promotion.

It is customary in SMS marketing to include a code for customers to text. This strategy informs customers what to do next and lets you know who the customer is. You can also use this information to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

You can also include links in a text message that drive customers to a landing page on your website. This strategy should only be included if customers require more information about the product you are promoting. SMS can be used as part of the customer journey.

SMS marketing can sometimes require experimentation. Marketers shouldn’t pressure themselves to get the right message the first time. Use the tips above as a framework and you should expect to reach your goals quicker.

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