The number of global users accessing the internet on mobile devices is expected to account for 61.2% of all web traffic in 2018. And this trend will continue to grow year on year. Optimizing geolocation and SMS is crucial for your business.

Leading US businesses and global search engines are geared towards mobile browsing for good reason. The ability to understand a user?s location is critical on a number of levels; personalized marketing, advanced customer service, instant offers and more.

Consumers expect brands to place more importance on personalization and relevance. As a matter of fact, both are cited as the most disappointing aspects that are missing from mobile ads. It is therefore clear that marketers understand what consumers need.

For many small businesses, location has a critical role to play. By utilizing the geolocation feature in mobile phones and taking advantage of the data, you can connect with your customers and deliver the right message at the right time and in the right place.

Not only that, but by incorporating SMS messaging services into your marketing strategy, you can connect with customers instantly.


Consumers are only interested in mobile ads that are relevant. Brands that understand the individual needs of your audience send relevant communications. This helps to build relationships with customers and retain loyalty.

Furthermore, with the number of channels to contact your audience increasing, brands have to decide how, when and why you want to contact your customers. An article published in eConsultancy suggested the advanced number of touch points creates barriers in understanding the customers journey.

Furthermore, too many misplaced ads prompts customers to unsubscribe and turn to your rivals. For many businesses, adopting an SMS messaging service in conjunction with geolocation cuts through noise created by multiple platforms.

Not only that, but including geo-location in your profiling data gives you deeper insights into the habits and interests of consumers. This depth of insightful data can have a significant impact on ad relevancy.  


The biggest advantage geolocation gives you is the ability to get your timing right. For small businesses that rely on foot traffic in local areas, knowing when your customers are near the vicinity of your store is critical for the timing of text ads.

Geolocation is proven to drive traffic. Reports reveal that smartphone conversion rates have increased by 64% over desktop conversion and spending on location-based mobile ads is expected to hit $29.5 billion in 2020.

Combined with SMS, brands that use coupons to sell enticing deals provide customers with the added convenience of making shopping easier and faster. As consumerism moves towards mobile wallets, geo-location and SMS will have an even greater part to play in marketing.

Data analysis

IP geolocation intelligence also gives you superior data tracking on the success of your ad campaigns ? right down to the postcode. This means the precision of ad campaigns can be subtly improved thus reducing the cost of ad spend.

By using IP intelligence for geolocation, marketers can access various kinds of data that enables you to target specific regions. What?s more, much of this data does not identify individuals so there are no concerns in respect of EU data privacy laws.

For example, you might identify a high concentration of users comes from a particular neighborhood. You can then step up your marketing efforts in that part of town with flyers and offer your existing customers a deal by recommending your products and services to a friend.

The amount of data you can gather on geo-location alone helps marketers to have deeper insights into how you can deliver appropriate messaging. With relevant ads you increase your chances of engaging more customers and experiencing an uplift in conversions.

Take advantage of technology

When contemplating marketing strategies to target local mobile owners, you don?t have to rely on your products. Think out the box. For example, bars, restaurants and cafes are pinnacle stop-off points for mobile users on the go that need a wi-fi hotspot to access the internet.

With the increasing costs of mobile data charges, hospitality brands can take advantage of customer needs by offering deals at times of day when they are most likely to want to use wi-fi. Strategies like this go full turn when targeting mobile customers; personalization, relevancy, timing.

Understanding the value modern technology offers can help you mold appropriate ad campaigns, and connect with your audience with the right message at the right time. Harness the power of geo-location and SMS messaging services and you can grow your customer base and your revenue.

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