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Make More Of Mobile Marketing In 2020

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The conversation about whether mobile marketing is important has reached a conclusion. Yes, it is. However, the question remains how to best utilize mobile marketing in your 2020 digital strategy.

Mobile statistics underpin that mobile devices are being used more than ever to access the internet. But statistics can be deceiving. The important metrics to note are how consumers behave online when using various devices.

Data shows that half the world access the internet on mobile devices. In the US, 51% of digital media is being consumed by mobile users compared to 42% on desktop PC’s. What is not clear is what mobile users are doing online.

This blind spot has not stopped US enterprises from investing in mobile marketing strategies. Over $20 billion have been splashed on mobile strategies ? a third of all internet ad spend.

Deeper insights reveal the majority of social media users are visiting from mobile devices. Some 2,539 billion active users are on mobile devices. Last year, it was estimated that the average US citizen spends 32 hours a month online. 22% of that time is spent on social networks, 20% on reading content and only 5% shopping.

Mobile shopping

Despite the increase in mobile usage, few shoppers are using their handheld devices to purchase goods online. Data published in Smart Insights indicates between 9% and 33% of mobile eCommerce shoppers purchase goods over the internet, and more people use tablets than smartphones.

An infographic published by invespcro is probably more accurate across the board. The figures show that 1.54% of shoppers convert on tablets, 0.55% on mobile phones and 2.06% on desktop.

Firms in non-retail sectors, travel, finance, professional services etc, find lead generation are harder to come by. Customers of B2B companies tend to use desktop because they are in the workplace. The issue for travellers is that travel websites are notoriously awful to use on mobile phones.

Consumers appear to be more confident shopping on laptops and PC?s. These devices are easier to use than handhelds and customers are more confident about storing bank information on a home-kept device over a mobile phone.

Although mobile technology and responsive web designs is beginning to make mobile shopping easier, consumers are slow to adopt these new trends. So how can small businesses encourage mobile customers to convert?

Mobile consumer demands

We may live in a mobile-made world, but mobile shopping is not taking hold as much as brands might have hoped. Google has encouraged online businesses to be more mobile-centric in recent years and consumers demand mobile-focused websites.

Web builds need to be intuitive and easy to navigate on a mobile phone. The screens may be smaller, but touchscreen displays have more interactive features that can be used to encourage visitors to stay longer and explore your site.

Simplified websites have no more than five or six category pages. Content should be spaced out and presented with visuals. This makes pages look less overwhelming and encourages readers to delve deeper.

Consumers want content they can digest easily. Since more people have been accessing the internet on mobile devices, there has been a significant increase in the number of promotional videos, and visual content such as infographics.

Encouraging mobile users to stay onsite and explore your content is good for SEO. The next step is to improve the purchasing path and make the customers buying experience convenient and easy on mobile phones.

The smart approach to drive mobile users

Next year, smart marketers should continue to invest in core mobile strategies such as SMS, QR codes and micro-content. New technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are nice ideas, but whilst the technology is still in its infancy, few consumers will adopt new trends beyond gaming.

Meanwhile, developers will take advantage of the improvements of existing technologies and build eco-systems that provide mobile users with a superior mobile shopping experience.

Online brands are required to build communication channels across a spectrum of digital platforms. The biggest challenge for marketers is to strike a balance between core mobile technologies and emerging consumer trends.

The mobile marketing scene in 2020 is predicted to be a year of experimentation and learning. Companies are advised to dedicate 10% of their digital marketing budget to mobile strategies. SMS will be a mainstay. Texting is immediate, has a high percentage open rate and can be used for multiple reasons as part of the customer journey.

Are you already thinking ahead to your mobile marketing strategy in 2020? Contact a member of our team to find out how SMS marketing services can help boost your revenue.

Make More Of Mobile Marketing In 2020
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Make More Of Mobile Marketing In 2020
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