Best industries for Text Marketing Sectors for Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a practical, popular, and cost-friendly solution for various industries.

In recent years, mobile usage has exponentially grown, becoming a powerful marketing tool around the world. Studies showed that professional SMS messaging is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Recent reports are showing how opportunities for businesses are flourishing through text marketing.

The power of mobile marketing is undeniable. More or less 3.5 million people own a smartphone, and the average open rate for the text message is a soaring 98%! It’s no wonder that SMS communications are popular among clients, who would instead get a text than a phone call or an email.

Businesses can use SMS to boost client databases, improve customer service, increase client loyalty and boost revenues.

Let’s get to know more about text marketing, the sectors that use it the most, and find out more about applications for text message marketing!

What is Text Marketing Definition?

Text message marketing is a strategy that uses text messaging services on mobile devices to advertise or promote services and products. If you’re one of those people who constantly check your cell phone, this type of marketing can be just as suited for you as it is for companies! Many clients find text messages more appealing than emails or calls because they are meant to be fast, easy, and convenient.

There are many ways text message marketing can help businesses. It’s a great way to promote deals or special offers that might cater to clients on the go. Furthermore, it is an effective tool for reaching out to customers who have signed up for updates from your business!

What are the Uses of Text Marketing?

There are many uses of text marketing for businesses. It is very versatile in terms of the sectors that use text message marketing and their applications.

If you’re familiar with how marketing campaigns are performed, you might know that getting information across to customers in an easy-to-understand manner is imperative. SMS messaging provides businesses with a fast, simple, and convenient way to promote products or services.

Because of the simplicity of SMS messaging, it’s effortless to reach out to large target audiences for commercial purposes. Since most people own mobile phones nowadays, emailing or calling may seem like outdated methods of communication.

People patronize businesses when they are aware of them. They recognize the brand, the service, products and know that it is good. Some people will try out new offers when they get notifications about it too.

Here is a list of the primary uses of text marketing:

  1. Make an impression on your new leads – When you are reaching out to new leads, it is always better to make an impression on them with the help of text messages. Send texts about upcoming offers or discounts that might catch their attention.
  2. Boost client database – It is impossible to reach out to clients by phone calls or emails when they need your service most. Text messaging is a better way to provide updates when you want to re-engage with your clients.
  3. Boost customer service – Your customers may have concerns or questions about specific topics that companies could quickly solve through text messages! You can send texts about special offers, new services, and other reminders to increase the number of satisfied clients.
  4. Invoice reminders – If you’re a service provider, you can send invoice reminders to clients using text messages. They would be able to pay their dues without any hassle or worries!
  5. Increase client loyalty – You can use texts to communicate with your clients about product feedback and get instant solutions from them too. 
  6. Increase revenues – If you have a new campaign or just a special offer that could increase your income, there is nothing better than text messages to get the word out!

What are the statistics about text marketing?

Even if you’re an expert on the market today, how does any of that help your business? These SMS marketing statistics show marketers’ interest in text messaging and how they’re trying to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

  • In North America, 52% of company executives claim that mobile communications are already a significant disruption in their sector. Although it hasn’t been fully utilized, mobile communication is becoming more common across industries.
  • SMS is still used by only about 61% of marketers. If you start now, you’ll be among the first.
  • People will notice what you send them — SMS open rates are close to 98 percent.
  • You can begin a discussion — According to a recent poll, as many as 45% of recipients respond to company-sponsored text message advertisements.
  • 46% of North American marketers say that consumer behavior on mobile has the most impact on mobile marketing.
  • According to survey results, more than three-quarters of businesses (76%) anticipate their text message marketing and SMS short codes expenditures to rise next year.
  • Also, 40% of marketers claim that mobile payments are one of the most fluid consumer behaviors.
  • About 47% of North American marketers consider the retail industry to have the most innovative mobile marketing techniques.
  • Next year, over three-thirds of marketers plan to give greater importance to mobile loyalty programs and discounts.

Which Sectors do Use Text Marketing?

Every business may benefit from text marketing, regardless of size or sector. Text marketing helps businesses grow by increasing revenues, rewarding loyal customers, and enhancing the redemption of offers.

Here are the top sectors that use text marketing to leverage their marketing efforts.



The retail industry is one of the first sectors to utilize text marketing campaigns. Some examples of businesses under the retail sector are department stores, specialty clothing stores, supermarkets, and furniture stores.

Sending coupons and discounts to customers who have opted in is retail businesses’ most common text activity. It would help if you made yours unique because many consumers are frequently bombarded with retail SMS messages. Retailers may personalize text message marketing by ensuring that customers are addressed accordingly and are sent promotions or offers based on their unique purchase history.

Also, retailers can use text message marketing for the following:

  • Availability of items – Allow customers to text to find out whether a product is in stock quickly.
  • Delivery and shipping notifications – Use text messages to alert customers when their orders have been dispatched and when to expect delivery.
  • Promotions and sales – Use text messages to inform customers of particular products, ongoing offers, and deals.

Car Dealership

car dealership

Car dealerships have an excellent opportunity to use text message marketing. Whether you’re an individual or a large dealership, it helps send out text messages about specials and discounts to generate interest in your products.

One of the most effective ways is to ask for referrals through SMS marketing. Not only will your referral program encourage existing customers to spread the word about your products, but it can also attract new customers.

Dealerships may use text messaging for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Appointment management – Allow potential customers to text you for viewing and test drive appointments. It’s quicker and easier than phoning or looking for it on the website.
  • Inventory details – To increase interaction with numerous leads, respond to make, model, color, or stock questions in seconds.
  • Service details – Allow customers to text in service appointments to create a smooth experience. You may also text the customer when their vehicle is ready to improve efficiency and delay.



The restaurant industry has embraced text marketing wholeheartedly, especially after the rise of services like OpenTable. The reason is that sending texts about upcoming reservations or special menu items can help bridge space between customers who book via phone and online.

Restaurants may use text-message marketing for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Reservations on the go – Alert customers about upcoming reservations, sending them easy-to-remember confirmation numbers.
  • Special menu items – Allow potential customers to text for offers on new items or daily specials.
  • Loyalty programs – Text rewards to loyal diners, ensuring they eat more often than competitors at your restaurant.



Hotels can also leverage text marketing with their loyal customers. Hotels may use texts for general communication, such as room service updates and check-out notifications. But they can also encourage loyalty by using texts as a way to send points or rewards. For example, you might tell the customer that he is eligible for free points if he texts back to the number provided.

Hotels may use text message marketing for the following:

  • Special Events and offers – Instead of having guests search and call, offer them information about special events or dinner deals through text messages. Your visitors will feel more welcome knowing you care about their overall experience at the hotel.
  • Check-ins – By texting visitors when their room is ready, you can provide them with a more streamlined check-in process.
  • In-room service – Allow people to text one number for all their in-room demands, such as extra towels, coffee, or even to order room service.

Real Estate

real estate

Real estate agents were among the first to utilize SMS marketing. A property listing provides a lot more information than what can be observed from the outside; by sending out a text message, you can give it to people interested in it. Real estate agents may send them messages on a variety of current events once leads have opted in.

Real estate firms may use text message marketing for the following:

  • Leasing – Offer text messages as a way to stay in touch with current tenants and let them know about any issues that may arise.
  • Listing – Inform your potential customers of new listings as they come onto the market. If you’re an agent, consider sending these directly from the listing agency or broker, so there’s no question about authenticity.
  • For sale – Keep in touch with current owners to inform them of improvements, open houses, and other important events.



It’s difficult for finance companies to stay in touch with customers since their products are complex and high-stake. Sometimes a simple reminder is all it takes to keep customers from leaving you.

Financial institutions may use text marketing as a tool for the following:

  • Alerts – Keep your customer base informed of account updates or changes that may affect them.
  • Reminders – Inform customers of deadlines or important events, such as account transfer fees if they move banks.
  • Customer service – Give your customers an easy way to reach out for help via text messages rather than phone calls or emails.

Political Campaigns

political campaigns

Text messaging marketing is also widely used in political campaigns. It is a valuable tool for candidates trying to keep their base informed about upcoming events or appearances.

Text messages are often used in political campaigns because they are relatively inexpensive but still convey valuable information to voters. A text message can efficiently support campaign efforts without being too distracting. 

Political parties may use text messages for the following:

  • Upcoming events – Inform supporters of forthcoming events in the area.
  • Donation requests – Ask for donations via text message during unique campaigns or events.
  • Voter registration – Alert voters to register in certain areas, especially when deadlines are coming up soon.

Human Resources

human resources text marketing

Text messages can be an easy way to send out weekly updates or reminders to employees. These messages are also perfect to include links back to your company website for updates, documents, or other information.

Businesses may use texts in the following HR-related information dissemination:

  • Weekly updates – Keep employees up-to-date about what is happening with the company via text messages. It can especially be helpful if team members are employed off-site or otherwise difficult to contact.
  • Training and onboarding – Provide new employees with helpful tips and reminders after they start their job. If your company also provides training for skills that may be valuable to learn, you can include links along with the texts.


gyms text marketing

Text marketing has become an excellent way to attract new memberships with gyms. Potential members may prefer texting over phone calls when filling out their personal information, and this method is usually much more affordable than a billboard or ad campaign.

Gyms may use texts messages in the following ways:

  • Daily workouts – Inform your current or potential members about daily activities via text messaging.
  • Reminders about membership rates – It may be a good idea to send out reminders before or after membership expiration dates.


airlines text marketing

Text messaging is a fast and effective method for airlines to interact with hundreds of people daily. Communication that is quick and clear is critical since various individuals have varying work schedules that are time-sensitive. Airlines may communicate with several clients simultaneously while remaining fast and efficient through text message marketing.

Some purposes of text messages for the airline sector include:

  • Alerts for flights – Keep your customers informed of updates or changes to their flight plans.
  • Inform about delayed or canceled flights – Informing passengers before they arrive at the airport ensures that travelers have enough time to find alternate transportation options if necessary.
  • Inform about boarding times and zones – If you have a hub in another city, inform passengers about boarding information, zones, and arrivals times.


Banks text marketing

The banking business has made significant technological improvements throughout the years, including mobile banking. But what if a customer isn’t near an internet connection? Text messages are the answer.

The following are some of the most common uses for text messaging in banks:

  • Account activity alerts -Keep your clients informed about everything that happens on their accounts in real-time. When money is withdrawn or the balance falls below the specified amount indicated by the customer, send them a text message.
  • Check deposit – Customers may also send an image of the check for deposit through text message.

Shipping Companies

Shipping text marketing

Text messaging is a reliable option when you’re on the go and need to share information about an order. Here are some of the most common uses for text message marketing in shipping companies:

  • Delivery alerts – Let customers know when their parcels have been shipped and when they can expect delivery.
  • Change in address – Customers can text their new shipping address for an appropriate delivery route.
  • Parcel status and tracking – Update customers about the location of their parcels through text messages.


Tourism text marketing

Text marketing in the tourism sector is a great way to instantly offer your service to individuals near your area of business. With the growth in technology, measuring results through text messages is very easy and provides employers with real-time information about what interests tourists or potential tourists. Some of the most common uses for text messaging in tourism include:

  • Customer surveys – Customer satisfaction is essential to any industry, and companies must know how to improve their business.
  • Attractions – Let tourists know about nearby attractions that interest them through promotional text messages.
  • Activity schedules – tour agencies may use text messages to inform guests about the activities and programs for the day.


healthcare text marketing

Healthcare businesses are often eager to keep in touch with patients, especially if the patient is very young or elderly. A healthcare business needs to be able to reach out and communicate with its clients whenever necessary. There are several ways that text message marketing can help the healthcare industry:

  • Reminders – Inform patients about upcoming appointments through reminders sent by text message.
  • Alerts about prescription refills – Doctors may text patients to ensure they have enough medication before their next appointment.



Casinos are a popular source of entertainment, and text message marketing works excellent as a means of communication. For this reason, casino owners need to update potential customers about events, promotional offers, and new games through text message marketing.

Some of the most common uses for text messaging in casinos include:

  • New games – Let your customers know when there is a new and exciting game to play and encourage them to visit your casino.
  • News about events – When an important event happens, text message marketing can help you let potential customers know in advance.


Text messages are an easy and effective way to advertise special offers, discounts, promotions, and brand awareness. For this reason, advertisers must make sure they can test different messages using data provided by their service providers to see which ones work best.

Some of the most common uses for text message marketing in advertising include:

  • Brand awareness – Advertisers may use promotional text messages to potential customers regularly.
  • Sale alerts – Inform customers about sale events and discounts on products through promotional text messages.
  • Customer feedback – Get positive reviews from satisfied customers by sending them a quick message via SMS and asking for their response.


education text marketing

Text messaging is a great way to promote school events, alerts, and general information. For schools, text message marketing can provide parents with the chance to save time by not having to check their children’s schedules constantly. Additionally, students may want to stay updated about significant changes in their courses or other school-related news.

Here are some of the most common uses for text message marketing in education:

  • School announcements – Schools may use text messages to communicate with parents about upcoming school events.
  • Updates on grades – Parents are often concerned with their child’s progress at school, especially when the grades begin to slip.
  • Alerts about changes in class schedules – Text messaging is an excellent way for students to be aware of essential changes in class schedules.

Beauty Salons

Beauty Salon

In the beauty industry, customers are often looking for new styles and techniques to try. For this reason, salons need a way to reach out and communicate with their customers about promotional offers and discounts. Text message marketing is great as a method of communication because it is cheap and effective.

Some of the most common uses for text message marketing in beauty salons include:

  • New styles and techniques – After a haircut or color, salons may use text marketing to inform customers about new ideas they can try next time.
  • Special offers and discounts – Give your customers unique access to promotional offers through text messaging.

Insurance Agencies


In the insurance industry, text message marketing is used to communicate between agents and customers. For example, text messaging can be very efficient if an agent has questions about policies or needs to send out customer updates.

Some of the most common uses for text messaging in the insurance industry include:

  • Updates on policies – Text messages are a quick and easy way to keep customers informed about changes in their policies.
  • Customer support – Insurance agents can often help their customers faster when sending out messages via text instead of making or taking phone calls.

Nonprofit Organizations


Text messaging can be a great way for nonprofit organizations to communicate with their supporters and update them about events, campaigns, and volunteer opportunities.

Some of the most common uses for text message marketing in nonprofits include:

  • Campaign announcements – Text messaging is a cheap and efficient way to increase awareness for campaign initiatives.
  • Event reminders – Send out notifications about upcoming events and encourage participation.

What is a Text Template? How Can Companies Use Text Templates?

SMS templates are text strings that you can use for your business. They make it easy for you to respond to FAQs and send mass texts quickly. SMS messages with photos and links are possible using enterprise-grade business SMS platforms. They also enable you to include custom fields, which your company’s SMS platform uses to customize outgoing communications.

There are various ways for companies to use text templates for their marketing and customer communication. Here are some of them:

  • Confirm Opt-Ins – If you’ve recently added a new feature or service that requires customers to opt-in, then text templates can be used as a way to confirm their participation.
  • Send Transactional Messages – In addition to confirmation texts, businesses use SMS marketing platforms to send transactional messages. For example, your company may automatically send out a text notification after every purchase.
  • Send Reminders – Send out text messages to customers about upcoming events, appointments, or payment due dates.
  • Status Alerts – When customers sign up for a service, you can send them status updates about their application using text templates.
  • Customer Support – Customer support is another area where SMS templates are hugely beneficial. Support representatives can send out template texts instead of taking or making phone calls from your company’s support lines.

Which Applications may be Used for Text Message Marketing?

There are various SMS Applications that companies may use for text message marketing. These applications have unique features and offer, but they all have one thing in common: they enable businesses to efficiently communicate with their customers via text message.

Some of the most popular SMS applications used for business texting include:

  • JookSMS – This application is aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable. It’s also open-source, which means it’s entirely free for download and use.
  • SMSFire – This is a powerful enterprise-grade SMS platform that you can integrate into your website and work with using API calls.
  • MassText – This text message app allows companies to send unlimited text messages without requirements or subscription fees.
  • TextMagic is a cloud-based application that can be used by companies of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises. The platform boasts some unique features, including sending group messages and real-time alerts about delivery statuses.
  • TextNow – A simple text messaging application that businesses of any size can use. The platform allows you to create business accounts under specific numbers for your employees, associates, and clients.
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