Today, non-profit organizations are making use of different strategies to raise funds. Every day new methods are added up to have variety and continuous operation. SMS marketing for Non-Profit Organizations is one of the most widely used methods to promote charitable contributions.

SMS marketing is one such method that many non-profit organizations have adopted. It helps in providing information to the people and also encourages them to donate according to their capacity.

For almost every organization’s success, proper marketing strategy plays a vital role. SMS is an excellent method to market for Non-profit organizations, and it also helps them get funds.

Through this article, you will come to know about the importance of SMS marketing for Non-profit Organizations.

How Important Is SMS Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations?

SMS Marketing is important because it is an excellent option for Non-Profit Organizations to get recognized and gather more contacts. Non-profit organizations are operating with limited financial resources, and for them, SMS is the most cost-effective way of marketing. 

It helps build a lasting relationship with people, provides valuable information about their activities, and collects donations.

With a very open rate of up to 95%, text messaging is an excellent tool for any marketing campaign – including charities and organizations.

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Non-Profit Organizations?

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Non-Profit Organizations

SMS Marketing for Non- Profit Organizations works advantageously in many ways. Almost all non-profit organizations will agree that SMS Marketing keeps them engaged and informed about activities or events.

One of the most well-publicized SMS uses in the nonprofit sector was the Red Cross Foundation’s Haiti mobile giving campaign. Hundreds of people donated millions of dollars via text message during this time of disaster.

As text-to-donate programs for charities and nonprofit organizations increased, the range of technologies available expanded, giving these organizations more tools to work with. Outside of fundraising, texting has found other, more innovative uses. Texting can mobilize and assess donor sentiment for data collection and as an event management tool.

Let’s take a look at areas where SMS Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations was strongly felt and utilized:

1. Use SMS to Give Information About What Has Been Done

 Use SMS to Give Information About What Has Been Done

Organizations can use SMS marketing to keep people updated regarding what has already been done and what is in the pipeline for the future. They will send their regular updates so that people remain aware of what’s happening around them. Such information includes reward details, volunteering info, special events, and so on.

For Instance, you may send an SMS for donors that reads: 

“You are the most generous person in the world! Thank you for your contribution to the XYZ Foundation. We have recently sent medicines and clothes to the tsunami-affected areas.”

2. Use SMS to Collect Donations

Use SMS to Collect Donations

SMS can be used as a method of collecting donations for Non-profit organizations. It is the best way to get an instant response to donation requests. There are many ways that charities can fundraise through targeted text messages to capture donors who typically might not have been asked.

It can be implemented by asking attendees to subscribe or text “Donate” to a dedicated number during events. A response message will provide options, including a link to the donation site or a request for a specific amount.

Here is another example from Conservation International: Hi! It’s the day: #GivingTuesday. 2020 brought a lot of challenges, but TOGETHER we make a significant IMPACT. Click [link] to take action!

PETA: MIDNIGHT DEADLINE: Give to PETA right now and make your give towards our $100,000 goals will have 10x more impact for animals! [link] PETA STOP to quit.

3. Use SMS To Inform People About Problems

 Inform People About Problems with sms

SMS messaging may be the only communication platform that remains effective even in far-off places. Many non-profit organizations have a presence in remote areas or dense forests throughout the world, where people live with severe malnutrition and poverty problems.

For this purpose, these organizations can use SMS to inform them about their activities and issues related to that area to take immediate steps to resolve them.

Nonprofits may also use SMS to send personalized messages to keep donors engaged and connected to the cause.

Check out this example of this is from Conservation International:

Thank you [name]. Did you know that wildlife rangers risk their lives to protect the most vulnerable species? Click [link] to send a “thank you” to a wildlife ranger today!

4. Use SMS To Manage Events

Use SMS To Manage Events

Many Non-profit organizations arrange events regularly where people are invited to come and donate their money or goods for a cause. If registration is involved, it will be easier to do so by using SMS rather than sending emails. People can also be informed about the event through SMS.

New automation software allows event field organizers to utilize SMS to manage attendees by providing drip campaigns. RSVPs for events can be automated by sending them as SMS. Based on the RSVP responses and automated event updates, people who’ve signed up for an event will receive reminders regarding the said event.

5. Use SMS to Communicate Between Teams

Use SMS to Communicate Between Teams

Use SMS to communicate between teams for convenience and cost-efficiency. Some organizations have separate sections for different purposes involving volunteers, fund-raisers, etc. Using SMS, will streamline your internal communication and make it easier to share information among these groups. Everyone becomes aware of what is happening and how they can contribute. It also helps in reducing the overall cost of communication and monitoring of team-members activities.

Bulk SMS is another ideal means for internal communications. You can send announcements and other information to employees and volunteers via SMS. They will quickly receive these at home, in the office, or the field. It is a perfect tool for sending benefits info, employee surveys, holiday announcements, and others.

What are the Advantages of Using SMS for Nonprofits?

There are several advantages of using SMS for non profits. While using SMS to communicate with supporters is still a relatively new trend, many organizations have already realized certain benefits. Here are four advantages:

  1. SMS Can Reduce the Costs: Any Nonprofit organization gets incurred with a lot of expenditure in terms of hiring an ad agency, printing brochures, giving free publicity, and so on. SMS helps in reducing these expenses by providing a cheaper way to promote the organization’s activities.
  2. SMS Can Build Good Relationships Between Organization and People: Effective communication is an essential factor for a Nonprofit organization’s success, whether it is between members of their team or with the community at large. SMS helps them in doing all this.
  3. SMS is the Better Way for Faster Communication: If some urgent work needs to be completed, faster communication always boosts a team’s morale, thus helping them achieve their tasks on time. By using mobile messaging tools like text messages, Non-profit organizations can stay in touch with their team members at all times.
  4. SMS Can Reach More People in a Short Period of Time: Anyone can be reached through text messaging as long as they have access to the internet or mobile app for sending and receiving messages. If Nonprofit organizations want to reach out to more people, then this is the best way to do it. Nonprofit organizations can increase their profits by using Mobile Marketing.

Examples of SMS Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

Examples of SMS Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

Here are some examples of organizations that utilized SMS marketing and messaging for fundraising and operational communication needs.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

In association with mobile marketing provider Advertebrate, PETA launched a campaign to encourage people to avoid wearing animal skin. They created an SMS message that read: “Animals are not clothing. Boycott leather,” and then sent it out automatically twice per day to anyone who registered via the campaign website.

The SMS Marketing campaign enhanced the reach of PETA’s traditional advertising efforts. The message is for fashion designers, model agencies, and individuals planning to wear animal skin during a show or any other function. PETA also used text messaging with its employees to direct them to urgent tasks and inform them about campaigns they would be involved in.

PETA has generated P4 million with this campaign.

Conservation International

Conservation International used SMS to remind its volunteers about the importance of monthly meetings and inform them about events, volunteering opportunities, etc. The organization used Mobile Marketing for its volunteer base because it was not possible to reach all the people interested in their services through traditional marketing methods.

People living in developing nations like India need government support for basic amenities and facilities. The local authorities are aware of this fact, and they have taken several steps to educate the public about the importance of proper sanitation, clean drinking water, etc.

Water purification is one crucial area in which support from private companies or agencies is greatly appreciated. To improve its reach and provide better solutions to the local population, the company used an SMS campaign to promote its services.

The organization created an SMS message and sent it out every morning to several towns in India. The message asked people if they were willing to pay a small amount for drinking water on their own instead of depending on the government’s free water supply scheme. Even though most people were not willing to pay any amount for water, the SMS marketing campaign generated a good response from the residents of these areas.

Since this campaign was launched, thousands of new consumers have signed up for the service, and many are regular users. 

The Humane Society of America (HSA)

The Humane Society of America is a non-profit organization that promotes animal adoption and has links with other animal protection agencies. HSA teamed up with Advertebrate, and they launched an SMS campaign in California to encourage the adoption of animals from shelters. People showed interest in the organization’s services after receiving these messages on their mobile phones.

The Humane Society of America collected information regarding the number of people who selected their service through this messaging campaign. They found that people were more ready to adopt animals after receiving these messages.

What is the Best Marketing Tool for Non-Profit Organizations?

Best Marketing Tool for Non-Profit Organizations

There are various marketing tools that non-profit organizations can use to streamline their operations, market their fundraising events, and effectively gather donations.

Here are some of the best and most utilized marketing tools for non-profits:

  1. SMS Marketing: SMS marketing is one of the most effective tools that non-profit organizations can use to communicate with their supporters, reach out to new donors and keep them updated about what the organization does. SMS messaging is cost-effective, and it also allows marketers to measure the success rate of each campaign individually because they can view the number of people who responded to each message.
  2. Email Marketing: Email marketing is another way for non-profit organizations to connect with the people interested in their services and generate more interest in the general public.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., can communicate with supporters and promote fundraising events or other activities that a nonprofit organization may run from time to time. The organization can generate a positive buzz about itself through this marketing tool because social media sites help make the brand popular among the masses.
  4. Non-profit organizations can also market themselves by using posters, brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials that people receive on their doorsteps or at places where they congregate most of the time.
  5. Website: A well-designed and inviting website is also a popular way for nonprofit organizations to market themselves. The organization’s site should be able to showcase all its accomplishments, fundraising events, campaigns for different causes, and updates on what it does.

How do Nonprofits Pay for Marketing?

Non-profits pay for their marketing campaigns through the funds they gather from fundraising, donation drives, charities, and others. When we say non-profit, the operation is not for earning or gaining profits from their activities.

The National Center for Charitable Statistics listed over 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US. However, about two-thirds of these are unable to generate funding. Thus they become stagnant and spiral down.

Only a handful of nonprofits become successful as they focus on collaboration, innovation, and storytelling.

Nonprofits need to engage the public and make them aware of what they do, how they are helping people in their communities, etc. They have to think outside the box while making marketing strategies to stay afloat and serve more people in their advocacies.

Sometimes, it might be better for the non-profits to collaborate and share their resources, as this will help them collectively communicate with the public about various services they provide.

Some funding sources enjoyed by nonprofits are:

  • → Private Foundations
  • → Government Grants
  • → Individual Contributions
  • → Corporate Foundations
  • → Donation Drives
  • → Fundraising Events
  • → Corporate Giving
  • → Contributions From Foundations
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