Automated growth strategy is the latest buzzword around technology that provides companies to raise your game, these business tools typically handle the small, menial tasks nobody enjoys doing because they are painstakingly time-consuming.

For small businesses to survive in a fast-paced environment, you need to increase productivity while reducing overhead. That is exactly why small businesses cannot ignore a growth strategy that can become automated.

Analyzing marketing data

Removing menial tasks from the workload of your employees frees up a surprising amount of time! And allows them to focus on more important activities. In a marketing department, ideas and growth strategy are crucial.

But when your team doesn’t have time to brain-storm, research or generate leads because they are organizing how many SMS responses you have received, the overall campaign suffers. Automated tools helps free up time that can be better spent improving content ideas and growth strategy campaigns.

There are numerous types of automation tools available. We will discuss several options that gear towards marketing departments in this article. The overarching purpose of automated tools is to support small businesses in delivering a quality service by removing the burden of time-wasting activities and complicated technical tasks end-users can find overwhelming.

Marketing automation platforms

The most successful marketing campaigns use various channels; sms, social media, email, blogs, guest posting etc. Trying to keep track of all the data and pull it together in one comprehensible document can be complicated and time-consuming.

Marketers also have numerous tasks to perform; create content and landing pages, run targeted email and SMS campaigns, maintain a social presence. All of which is time-consuming. Automated tools can handle all these areas and more when used properly in your small business growth strategy.

Automated tools that caught our eye:


Ontraport is one of them because the software is designed to help small businesses see how customers respond to messages on various platforms.

The advantage for marketers is that data from SMS, email, landing pages and social media is pulled together so you can build a compelling campaign within the platform.

This is what Ontraport has to say:

Most marketing tools show you how your email performs OR how your pages convert. ONTRAPORT is the only platform that shows how your entire business works on one single campaign map.


If creating content is what you need help with, take a look Delivera. Their automated tools help you to build campaigns and segment shoppers so you can target customers on the right platforms at the right time:

Leverage your customer data from multiple sources for personalized campaigns. Send emails to the right people at precisely the right moment with our powerful email marketing software.

The software features a Drag N Drop image editor which helps less artistic or time-pressed marketers create compelling content. To help businesses determine how successful your marketing campaign is, Delivera produces weekly reports.


Non-technical marketers will find a lot of uses for Auto-pilot. The company claims their software is as simple as “drawing on a whiteboard”. The platform’s design is to help marketers create content and distribute it through various channels such as email, in-app messages, SMS and postcards.

Autopilot also captures data from websites, apps and other systems to help segment customers and fuel personalized ads. Everything you create within the platform pulls together so you can monitor performance and gain valuable insights about how well messages are working.

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