Mobile devices are dominating consumerism. According to the latest figures, 95% of Americans own a  cell phone of some kind, 77% of which are smartphones. This gives marketers a premium channel to connect with customers taking advantage of essential digital marketing strategies.

However, mobile devices are intimate platforms. Consumers do not want to be bombarded with marketing ads. Online businesses therefore have to be savvy with marketing strategies. This article details digital marketing strategies and provides tips on how to utilize mobile marketing tactics successfully.

SMS Marketing

When you consider the number of digital marketing options available today, you may think SMS marketing is too “old school”. On the contrary. Text message marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ad channels in the current paradigm and proves to deliver a ROI.

SMS marketing proves to be so successful, it is a firm favorite with many major corporations including Coca-Cola, Domino Pizza and Walmart. The advantage of SMS marketing is that customers simply have to text a shortcode, or follow links, rather than having to remember a url or copy paste links. Consumers want convenience and speed and SMS delivers on both counts.

Furthermore, using SMS as a customer service platform strengthens bonds with customers. Texting is a cost-effective way of improving your customer service program, building brand awareness, and informing customers about information you want them to know.

Location-based marketing

Local businesses rely on local customers. Even if you are an online business and can make the odd sale outside your home town, most small businesses rely on local customers to breach the bottom line.

Smartphones are a god-send for marketers. GPS and location intelligence means customers can identify your location from anywhere. Furthermore, brands can receive a signal when customers are in the area and send a timely SMS messages with a special offer. Given around 90% of text messages are opened within 15 minutes, integrating location-based tracking into your digital marketing strategy can help to boost sales.

Chatroom app marketing

Messaging apps were never meant to be used as a marketing platform. But nor were social media networks. App companies like Whats App and WeChat recently started allowing brands to pitch ads. Consumers may not be happy about this right now, but in-app marketing will soon become the norm and consumers will accept it because the benefits of messenger apps override being interrupted by ads.

The problem with advertising through chatrooms at the moment is we don’t really know how effective they are. Consumers don’t want to see ads, and whilst we are in the early adoption stages, small businesses are better off monitoring response rates.

But keep an eye out on strategies the big brands are using, because it won’t be long before in-app marketing becomes an essential channel for small businesses.

QR Codes / mobile vouchers

The advantage of mobile phones is they offer customers and brands convenience. QR codes and mobile vouchers are highly versatile and are destined to become a standard way of shopping, especially during sales.

When combined with mobile wallets, stores can label items with QR codes that customers simply scan from the rack. For retail outlets, QR codes can significantly reduce queues and increase sales.

QR codes have also been used for raising brand awareness. Guinness ran a campaign that had a QR code on the glass which was revealed against the black nectar. Customers could scan the QR code and immediately post updates on their social media accounts to say where they were and what they were doing. Which was obviously drinking a pint of Guinness.  

Sometimes marketers have to say more to sell more. Because online marketing limits marketers to a small and crowded space, you have to find ways of driving customers to landing pages.

The best way to do that on mobile devices is sending images via SMS and embedding clickable WAP links! That drive customers to the information you want them to know.  

For this type of digital marketing strategy to work successfully, the image you send has to be enticing. You could even make it a game and send a partial image and giving customers three options to guess what it is. Curiosity and quizzes are great strategies to compel customers to click links.

Mobile marketing strategies has the potential to increase exposure of your brand, improve customer loyalty programs and increase sales. For small businesses, that are struggling for visibility in the online space… Mobile marketing is an essential channel to communicate with customers.

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