SMS Marketing Benefits

Text messaging offers various benefits for businesses. It has grown from a convenient communication tool between friends and family to a powerful marketing tool for businesses. These days, companies can take advantage of SMS marketing benefits considering that a vast majority of the population owns a cellphone and use it to send and receive SMS messages. Furthermore, SMS messaging is more likely to be read on cell phones than other mobile marketing methods, such as email or social media. Users usually allow their cellphones to notify them when a new text message is delivered, and the majority of these communications are read within a few minutes.

Despite this, some business owners are hesitant to use SMS messaging as a marketing technique because they believe the platform to be ineffective. In reality, the finest text message marketing providers are both affordable and user-friendly, providing value. Here are 10 SMS marketing benefits to consider as the most compelling reasons for adopting SMS marketing for your company.

1. Flexible

When it comes to the advantages of SMS marketing, one of the most appealing is how flexible it is. To help market your business, you can mix and match text messages to fit any situation.

You can inform customers about a sale, provide a limited discount, thank loyal buyers, launch a new product, deliver news, and more by text message.

Your company must adapt to the day-to-day flexibility of today’s business environment. Flexibility is essential to these continual adjustments. SMS marketing has a virtually no-lead time, allowing rapid communication with the intended audience. It may be utilized on a slow day or to clear out old stock ahead of new shipments. It enables you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

2. Customizable

SMS marketing communications can be tailored to your buyer base and delivered directly to their hands in seconds. Customization may range from their name to their purchasing behavior or demographic. Customizations can be based on several things, including the user’s location.

They may also be location-specific, generating a message depending on different businesses or regions across the country. Personalized communications are effective and powerful. They remind the customer that companies know them as individuals and that their business is appreciated.

3. Fast Delivery

Another great thing about SMS marketing is how quickly messages can be delivered. Time-sensitive content, such as flash sales or limited-time offers, can be sent out almost immediately to those subscribed to your service.

When it comes to texting, there is essentially no wait time. You can be confident that your clients will receive your message when you hit the send button.

The advantages of SMS marketing come through strongly in this scenario because the process is so quick. There are no materials to gather or copies to wait for. There are no templates to complete or individuals to contact.

All you have to do now is think of your message and send it out to your consumers. And, because we all know that texts are far more likely to be opened than emails, you can be sure that your essential news will reach your clients as quickly as possible.

4. Mobile-Friendly

Text messaging offers a wide net since virtually everyone has a mobile phone, if not a smartphone. These days, being mobile-friendly is quite crucial. People increasingly use their mobile devices to conduct activities like shopping and researching. You don’t want to miss out on this kind of exposure.

SMS marketing is an essential element of making your business mobile-friendly, and it may be a valuable tool in your mobile marketing plan.

5. Budget-Friendly

Sending an SMS message is cheaper than placing a full ad in front of a potential customer. Message costs range from $0.20 to $0.99 per text, with some platforms allowing your company to communicate for as little as a few cents each message. Meanwhile, bulk orders let you send hundreds or thousands of messages each month at a lower per-message rate.

Text messages are inexpensive to send and may be expanded or decreased to meet a customer’s demands. If your company generates $10 per transaction and sends out a text message to 500 people, you’ll earn $1,250 in revenue with a 25% conversion rate. That’s a 4,210 percent return on investment!

SMS Marketing can assist you in tightening your budgeting straps. Companies of all sizes every day cut costs by sending text messages rather than letters or brochures, which is also beneficial to the environment!

6. The open rate of SMS marketing is higher than that of emails

SMS marketing’s significant advantage is that texts are opened up to 98 percent of the time when delivered to your consumers. It gives the SMS open rate a higher percentage than all other advertising options.

It’s easy for emails to get lost in a spam folder and for consumers to trash a flier they pick up at the mall. On the other hand, Text marketing is not ignored because of the rise of mobile phones and the popularity of texting.

Your consumers will read your text and understand its content. Give SMS marketing a go if you want to increase the number of times you contact your clients.

7. Wide Demographic Targeting

Wide Demographic Targeting

SMS marketing reaches a far larger audience than other forms of digital marketing, which means you may expand your customer demographic through the advantages of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing reaches everyone instead of focusing on one marketing approach that might only appeal to a subset of your target audience.

They can receive your messages as long as they have a mobile device that may access texts. You also become more involved in their lives as you get more exposure.

8. Enhances Customer Retention

Using SMS marketing for your business gives your customers a chance to engage with you. Customer retention is increased whether they’re replying to a text message or taking advantage of a coupon you sent them.

Customers are more likely to remain with your company when they feel like they’re part of a community and not just another number. Engaging with them via SMS marketing may help turn one-time purchasers into lifelong fans.

Make offers and provide information about your firm to your customers as soon as you detect a need. Keeping your consumers in the limelight demonstrates that you respect them. So, it is best to give more, to get more.

9. Customers can choose to participate.

SMS marketing is based on consumers opting in. Customers must sign up to receive messages about deals and discounts before sending them, which means your target audience must consent beforehand.

Opt-in marketing has several advantages for businesses. One is that consumers who receive your communications are already somewhat interested in your brand or product; otherwise, they wouldn’t have subscribed. Another benefit is that you won’t waste time or money contacting individuals who aren’t interested in what you’re offering.

10. Customers may also choose to opt out.

While SMS marketing does have a high open rate, some customers will still choose to opt out of your messages.

It is perfectly normal and should be expected. Remember that when someone does opt-out, it’s essential not to take it personally. Instead, focus on the individuals who are still interested in hearing from you.

It is one of the most critical advantages of text marketing. A client may become irritated with your company and decide to shop elsewhere if they receive many texts from you. Accept the opt-out in this scenario, then try appealing to these consumers by other means.

How does SMS marketing work?

SMS marketing works by having marketing messages sent from “shortcodes.” Unlike regular phone numbers, shortcodes are typically 5-6 digits long and can be linked with one sender or shared by multiple senders.

In certain countries, including the United States, changing the sender’s information is not permissible. As a result, whatever shortcode your provider utilized will appear as a text message (not from your business). You must include your business’ name in your SMS marketing message.

There are two kinds of SMS messages that you may use for marketing:

  • Campaigns: Campaign messages are the classic “one-to-many” bulk text messages. They are typically used to communicate promotions (coupons, sales, etc.) or general information (event details, updates, weather alerts, etc.).
  • Transactional: Transactional messages are “one-to-one” communications activated by a specific occurrence or action. For example, an order confirmation or shipping notification for an online purchase would be an example. These messages communicate vital and up-to-date information to a single person.

If you want to know more about how marketing works, you may read the related article What is SMS Marketing? Guide and Benefits.

How much does SMS marketing cost?

Typically, businesses may pay around two to three cents per message. So, if you’re planning on sending 1,000 texts, your total cost would be $20-$30.

The cost of SMS marketing will vary depending on the size and scope of your campaign and the number of messages you send.

When comparing prices offered by SMS marketing platforms, some factors are Location, Features, Channels, and Short Codes.

What is the importance of SMS Marketing?

SMS is one of the most robust marketing tools available for all businesses. Few marketing channels can boast the same level of engagement as SMS. SMS messages have a 98% open rate and are read within three minutes of receiving.

SMS is an excellent way to reach your target audience with timely and vital information. SMS is also a very versatile marketing tool. It can send reminders, updates, coupons, and promotions. SMS can also conduct customer surveys or say “thank you” to your business.

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