There are two ways to maximize the effectiveness of your text messages. One is by crafting your paragraph carefully, and the other is to use a template of prewritten text. SMS templates may not be as extensive or well written as our opening paragraph. Still, they are more effective for responding quickly while avoiding typos or inefficient word spacing adjustments required on mobile devices.

Using templates will help you save time and keep your message brief precisely enough for the receiver to understand. It’s worth mentioning that it can also aid in polite phone communication if you’re struggling with ending an argument on the phone or having sensitive information to share, like breaking up for good.

In this article, we will go over some sample SMS templates for several different industries. We will cover the following sectors: retail stores, restaurants, service businesses, and more. You’ll be able to see the template and then read about what industry it was designed for so you can get an idea if it would work well with your own business needs.

1. SMS Templates for Real Estate

Real Estate template

Real estate is a competitive space, with many other agents vying for the same piece of business. As such, it’s easy for prospective clients to find themselves bombarded with offers from various sources, and important to stay ahead of the proverbial pack if you want your name and company to be remembered among them.

Text Marketing is an effective way of doing this because phone calls are cheaper than face-to-face meetings or even Skype sessions when they’re long-distance or international. You can also tailor personalized pitches relevant specifically to a given client, something that would be more difficult to achieve through traditional marketing avenues like flyers and TV specials. 

Below are  SMS Templates for Real Estate:

Good Day [Name]! We have great news for you. There’s a new listing for a 2-bedroom, two bathrooms on 2nd Avenue. Would you like to schedule a viewing?

Hi [Name]. This is to remind you about our scheduled open house viewing on Saturday, 2 PM. See you there!

Are you enjoying our website? Should you wish for a real estate agent, reply “YES” to this message for professional assistance.

Greetings [Name]! We appreciate your interest in our property on 2nd Avenue. If you’re still up for it, you may schedule a consultation here [insert link].

Hi [Name]! Your property listed has an open house viewing schedule for the whole week. Should you wish to see your schedule, reply “YES.”

2. SMS Templates for Retail Stores

Retail store template

For years, retailers have relied heavily upon display advertising to reach their audience, and in many respects, this strategy has worked well. But then, the rise of mobile and social media created an entirely new marketing paradigm that blew away traditional approaches – one in which marketers combine online display ads with SMS marketing, push notifications, and other mobile tactics to generate remarkable results.

SMS marketing has the power to engage your customers on a one-to-one level which can, in turn, motivate people into making purchases or even changing their minds about a purchase. SMS messages are unique and personal, which means, unlike emails, they don’t get lost in inboxes. 

Below are SMS Templates for Retail Stores:

Grab huge holiday discounts NOW! Stop by our shop during the weekend and score items up to 60% off! Supplies are running low. So, hurry!

Do you need last-minute gifts? Worry no more, ABC Retail Shop has got you covered! Come by at our store and show this message to get a FREE WRAPPING SERVICE from our staff. See you there!

From great Holiday finds to comfy sleepwear, we got everything you need. Our new sleepwear collection is out now. Visit our shop at 2nd Avenue and get the latest trends!

Not feeling like going out? Worry no more and visit our website at [Add URL]. Use our code FREEDELIVERY59 for Free Delivery services with a minimum order of $59. Should you want to unsubscribe, reply “STOP.”

Great news, [Name]! We have a newly-opened shop on 5th Avenue! We will be having a grand opening with huge discounts and promos ahead. Come visit us and show this message for a free $30 credit!

3. SMS Templates for Restaurants

Restaurant template

Restaurants today are constantly competing for your attention. As there are more places to choose from, it can be difficult for potential customers to pick one place over the other. SMS marketing for restaurants is quickly becoming more than just an option. It’s become a necessity.

Using SMS technology, businesses will reach and interact with their customers in ways they could only dream of before. They’ll be able to design specific promotions on the fly and push them out to individual consumers on the go, all while learning from how these interactions unfold in real-time.

Below are some SMS Templates for Restaurants:

It’s the holiday season, and we have a gift for you, [Name]! Treat yourself to our 50% discount on the Holiday Menu. Should you wish to see the nearest branch, click here [insert link].

Hi [Name]! You can enjoy a buy one take one promo on all our beverages by showing this text to the cashier. Promo runs until the end of the month. Hurry!

Thank you for choosing ABC Restaurant! Your order is on its way. If you are looking for more deals and discounts, reply “SUBSCRIBE.”

Good day, [Name]! This is to remind you of the reservation tomorrow at 11 AM. See you!

Are you tired and have no time to cook? ABC Restaurant got you covered! You can use the code: HOMECOOKING for free delivery and a 20% discount when you order between August 1 to August 15.

4. SMS Templates for Hotels

Hote lsms template

The first thing to mention is that SMS marketing has the potential to engage customers. After all, it’s one of the main reasons why people start using most social media platforms. For hotels, it means less time spent on the hotel’s website and more time in front of their phones texting back and forth with their friends.

And as anyone who runs a business knows, engagement should lead to conversion – guests booking reservations or checking into their hotel. Hotels have an opportunity here – with a little creativity and investment, they can have a much higher return on the marketing budget by using SMS than other marketing channels alone like email or TV, for example.

Below are some SMS Templates for Hotels:

Good news, [Name]! We know your birthday is around the corner. Celebrate your birthday with us and get a 25% discount on our selected accommodations. If you want to know more, reply “YES.”

Hi [Name]! Thank you for choosing ABC Hotels! We hope you enjoy your week with us. We would like to know more about your experience. Click here to answer a survey and get a 10% discount on your next visit.

Good day, [Name]! This is from the ABC Hotel Concierge. Here is a list of events and additional hotel amenities for the weekend. We are hoping for you to enjoy your stay here.

Great news! Your reservation for the two luxury rooms from August 15 (Friday) to August 17 (Sunday) is now approved. Please confirm your reservation by replying “YES.” We hope to see you soon!

Ms. [Name]! We have received your room service request for tonight. Your order will be delivered shortly. Thank you!

5. SMS Templates for Finance Sector

Finance Sector sms template

Swift selling of financial insurances and insurance policies as lucrative products largely relies on the consumer’s purchasing behavior. Using short messages or SMS/texting, for instance, has become one such trend that simplifies customer contact to trigger decisions in investing and continued adherence to the desired course. 

SMS marketing for the financial sector also makes it easier for customers who prefer less face-to-face commitment in doing business with banks. Hence, customers can easily make transactions through their mobile phones without going through lengthy procedures, which can be taxing on some people.

Below are some SMS Templates for Finance Sector:

ABC Bank and Finance. Your current balance as of [Date and Time] is [Balance]. If you need professional assistance, reply “YES.” You can also visit our website at [ADD URL].

Hi, [Name]! This message is to remind you that your next loan payment is on [INSERT DATE]. We are now available for online payment. Kindly visit our website at [ADD URL] and you can talk with one of our staff for assistance. Have a good day!

URGENT NOTICE! [Name], we have detected a suspicious transaction using your bank account with the transaction number [Transaction Number] amounting to $2500. If this isn’t you, give us a call at [Insert Contact Number] right away.

Your payment to Amazon amounting to $200 has been processed. Your current balance is $769.87.

Greetings, [Name]! Thank you for choosing ABC Bank and Finance. Your ATM is now being processed. Please wait for 7 business days to complete your account set-up. If you have questions, reply “ASK.”

6. SMS Templates for Travel Industry

Travel industry sms template

SMS marketing is the most essential for businesses that offer travel and transportation services. It’s the best way to interact with travelers when they’re looking for information.

It also provides them with offers about deals that aren’t publicly available on marketplaces. 

The industry is always changing too quickly to rely solely on email marketing, which doesn’t give you a strong sense of conversion rates like how many people opened your message and clicked through to your website. With SMS, on the other hand, you will be able to track what individuals are interested in, so it pays off inefficiency.

Below are some SMS Templates for Travel Industry:

[Name]. Thank you for choosing to travel with us! Your scheduled weekend getaway is now being processed. Please wait for 30 minutes to complete the transaction. We will let you know if it’s done.

Good day, [Name]! We have news destinations for you to see. Book your family trip from August 15 to October 15 and you can get a 10% discount. Should you wish to book, reply “YES” and we will get in touch.

[Name]! This is [NAME], your personal guide throughout your scheduled weekend trip tomorrow. Here is the list of events, restaurants, and places for you to try during your unscheduled time. Enjoy!

Hi [Name]! This is to remind you about your flight tomorrow at 2 AM. If you wish to change your itinerary, please call us by 5 PM. If you’re all set up, kindly confirm by replying, “CONFIRMED.”

The Maldives is calling for you! We have a 25% off on our Class A flights to the Maldives when you book a trip on August 15. Don’t miss out on the fun! 

7. SMS Templates for Healthcare Industry

Health Care sms template

SMS Marketing is a very effective and low-cost way for healthcare providers to reach out to different patient populations in ways that help improve their health outcomes. Practitioner turnover often makes it difficult or impossible to follow up with patients.

The healthcare industry is swiftly becoming one of the most advanced industries in the world. Advances in technology, treatment, and drug methods coupled with aging populations have driven this need for change. One significant change that has occurred is an increased demand for convenience. 

Patients are constantly looking to make their lives easier and more streamlined, so they’re often searching avenues on how best to meet their care needs without having to leave their homes or walking into a hospital building to get care.

Below are some SMS Templates for Healthcare Industry:

Hi [Name]! Your appointment with Dr. Melendez has been set up. Please show up at exactly 10:00 AM to avoid any delays and problems. 

Good day, [Name]! Your lab results are ready. You can see them right away at [ADD URL]. Please come by our office anytime tomorrow to discuss the results with your doctor.

[Name]! This is to remind you to refill your prescription tomorrow. Visit our pharmacy to continue your medication. 

Hi [Name]! This is [DOCTOR’s NAME]. We would like to know how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling any discomfort, discontinue the ointment and talk with me. I am here to assist you.

Eating a nutritious breakfast can make your day! A healthy breakfast helps you to feel energized, awake, and strong. Remember to drink enough fluids to sustain your needs. This is [CLINIC’s NAME] and we want to wish you a great day ahead!

8. SMS Templates for Human Resources

Human Resources sms template

Typically, the top HR executives at a company will be very caught up in meetings, reports, recruitment, and other various business-related duties. It means someone else in the company must handle all communications with employees and clients on their behalf.

That’s where SMS marketing comes into play, specifically for HR departments. There are many reasons HR may use an SMS campaign to reach their employees. For one, it’s a fast and effective way for them to communicate urgent updates such as office closings or non-working hours, and they’ll be able to send these updates to every single employee with just a few clicks. They can also monitor who read the message on their phone by viewing sent messages stats on the dashboard.

Below are some SMS Templates for Human Resources:

Good day, [Name]! This is to remind you to submit the report before the office hour ends. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Have a good day!

Hi [Name]! Welcome to the ABC Company. We are excited for you to work with us. Here’s your schedule for the week [ADD URL]. For questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Enjoy your week.

Good afternoon, [Name]! This is [Name] and I will be the one training you next week. I will send our weekly schedule at the end of the day. Please check your email by 4:00 PM today. Thank you!

Hi team! This is [Name] from the HR Department. This number is now the official contact number of our office. I would like to request for all of you not to use my personal number for work-related concerns. Have a good weekend.

[Name]! This is Step from the ABC Company. You have an interview with Mr. Veiga on Tuesday, 8:00 AM. Please bring your resume. Good luck!

9. SMS Templates for Insurance Agencies

Insurance Agency sms template

The availability of a new convenience for the insurance industry gives customers more reasons to keep their policies. Companies can use SMS, or text messages, on your phone to remind you about appointments and other significant events like when coverage ends. They also provide the option in these texts to renew by responding with a keyword and account number sent back as another message.

In addition, SMS marketing is an excellent channel for providers who want to contact customers about new offers or coverage changes they need to know about. This way, agents can remain an active voice in users’ lives instead of just being an issue once every six months during renewal.

Below are some SMS Templates for Insurance Agencies:

Hi [Name]! Thank you for choosing ABC Banking and Finance. To view your insurance policy, please refer to this link [ADD URL]. Your personal financial advisor will get in touch with you soon. 

Good day, [Name]! This is to remind you that the deadline for your monthly insurance payment is on [INSERT DATE]. For hassle-free payment, you can set up your online bank details here: [ADD URL]. You may ask your financial advisor for assistance.

[Name]! We heard what happened. Please get in touch with your financial advisor to process your accident insurance. 

Dear valued client, This is a reminder that our policies have been updated. You can review the revised policy at [ADD URL].

[Name], thank you for choosing ABC Banking and Finance. Unfortunately, I am unable to process your papers today. You need to submit the original copy of your [REQUIREMENT]. You may send the copy via my email at [INSERT EMAIL].

10. SMS Templates for Universities

University sms template

It is no surprise that the younger generations are wary when it comes to college. They have seen their parents’ and siblings’ struggles with student loans, underemployment, and overall low quality of life. Unfortunately for universities today, prospective students are not attending in droves like they used to even a decade ago.

To quickly and affordably reach out to this group- especially those undecided about their career choice- universities have begun using SMS marketing as a means of outreach.

Text messages, usually sent by universities to prospective or current students and parents, help promote the school. They may also provide enrollment instructions and tuition billing cycles, counselor or academic advisor information, university-wide events like game day tickets sales, or community service opportunities.

Below are some SMS Templates for Universities:

Hello! This is The ABC University. We will have an upcoming school tour on all Fridays of August. Should you wish to schedule and see our university, please refer to [INSERT LINK]. See you there!

Hi [Name]! Thank you for choosing The ABC University. Classes will begin next week and we can’t wait for you. To review your schedule, please log in to your official campus account at [ADD URL].

[Name]! Exam week starts soon. You can borrow textbooks from our University Library or get access to e-books on your e-Library. You may visit our librarian for assistance. Good luck!

It’s been a great semester, [Name]! Great job! Before leaving, please settle your requirements with our university admin. We are hoping for you to enjoy your vacation and have fun. 

Hi [Name]! This is to remind you that your semester grades are up for online viewing. If you have any complaints, please don’t hesitate to ask me. 

11. SMS Templates for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships sms template

If you’re in the car business, then you know how necessary customer retention is. It’s not enough to rely on your dealerships’ physical location and inventory to attract potential customers. It would be best if you had an effective way of contacting them – a way that they can’t ignore but won’t take up too much of their time. 

That’s where SMS marketing comes into play. Sending out short text messages about specials or promotions is an excellent way for car dealerships to stay top-of-mind with consumers without sacrificing valuable time from their day. It allows them better control over what type of message should be sent when. 

Below are some SMS Templates for Car Dealerships:

Hi [Name]! Thank you for choosing [Car Dealership]. We hope you’re happy with your purchase. For car accessories, we would love to give you a 20% discount on all of our items.

[Name]! Thank you for showing at our event yesterday. We hope you have a blast. If you’re still interested in buying any of our models, you can see all the details here [ADD URL]. Should you wish for an assistant, reply “YES.”

Good morning, [Name]! This is [NAME] from [Car Dealership]. I am here to remind you about our appointment later at 11:00 AM. See you there!

Good news [Name]! We offer a free 3-day driving lesson within a month after your purchase. If you would like to avail, reply “AVAIL.”

Want to get to know more about cars? We have a free seminar for you! The seminar will be held at [Address] on [Date and Time]. For more information, go to [ADD URL]. If you would like to join, reply “JOIN.” You can also fill-up the registration form on the link. We hope to see you there!

12. SMS Templates for Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit Organizations sms template

Non-profit organizations have to go outside of the normal marketing channels for their community. Text messaging is a fast and effective way to get in touch with immediate responders looking for an organization to donate time or money. It’s also inexpensive, so much less could be spent on public media purchases. 

Most importantly, it’s more personal than other options because it feels like you’re texting a friend instead of marketing or putting out a call for help. Text messages provide great response rates. They can remind donors about a non-profit event scheduled and text them ways to help out with this. 

Below are some SMS Templates for Non-profit Organizations:

Join our mini-concert on [Date] and help us plant trees within the [City/Town]. Concert tickets start at $35. If you want to help, you can also donate through [Add URL]. We care for our nature! Help us protect it.

Donate as low as $1 and you can help one student be a scholar. Here at [Charity Name], we value education and we want to give it to those who need it. For more information, reply “INFO.”

Hi [Name]! This is [Name] from [Charity Name]. I would like to thank you for your huge donation. We estimate that your donation can feed 10 stray dogs for a month. Thank you for helping. Have a good day ahead!

Do you still want to help? Our donation and fundraising drive will end on [Date]. If you want to participate, we can assist you. Reply, “DONATE” for assistance.

Good morning [Name]! The registration for the summer marathon starts tomorrow. If you would like to support us once again, we’d be honored to accept any kind of support. Kindly go to [Add URL] for more information.

13. SMS Templates for Customer Services

Customer service sms template

Customer Services needs SMS Marketing to automate the process of managing inbound customer inquiries. Texting can interact with customers in real-time and close deals faster, create stronger relationships and catch more sales leads. 

If you have customers who text queries, they will be more likely to respond to a promotional message as it appeals to their convenience. In many cases, messages will be received more quickly because SMS is simultaneously delivered via a cellular network or Wi-Fi network, rather than relying on additional ones such as data networks or SMS gateways. 

Mobile networks are designed for speed and not security, and texts are delivered at the fastest speed possible, making them ideal for promos that cannot wait for an email’s lowest priority delivery.

Below are some SMS Templates for Customer Services:

Dear [Name], thank you for choosing [Business Name]. If you still want to avail of the free installation service, reply “INSTALL.” Thank you!

Hi [Name]! Are you still interested in availing of any of our products or services? We’d be happy to assist you anytime. Our customer service is open 24/7! For more information, go to [Add URL].

[Name]! We have an offer just for you! Score a 50% discount on all our products and services on [Date]. We’d be happy to see you again! Come visit our store at [Address]!

Greetings, [Name]! Thank you for subscribing to our SMS Alerts. We can’t wait to give you gifts and surprises. Please tune in for more discounts and promos.

Dear [Name]. This is to inform you that your request with the transaction number [Number] is currently in process. Please wait for 30 minutes to complete the transaction. Thank you!

What are the Benefits of Using SMS Templates for SMS Marketing?

Below are the benefits of using SMS Templates for your SMS Marketing of any industry:

Cost-Effective: SMS templates provide a cost-effective way to create professional emails without hiring an expensive graphic designer. The cost of an SMS fee can vary from free to ten cents per message.

Versatility: You can use the same template for several purposes, such as email marketing and social media posts. It saves time because you don’t have to write new messages every time you promote your product or service on different platforms.

Ease of Use: The templates are easy to use because they typically don’t require any coding skills. You can personalize messages by adding your contact information and product name or description in the template’s placeholder fields, such as those for a sender’s phone number, subject line of an email message, etc.

Why Should You Use SMS Templates?

There are various reasons why you should use SMS Templates. In fact, they are the perfect solution for businesses. They provide an easy way to communicate with customers and prospects via text messaging, making it possible for companies of all sizes to stay in touch with their audiences on a day-to-day basis.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use SMS Templates:

→ SMS templates are great for several reasons, including cleanliness, efficiency, and organization. To start with, they can help your business come across as easier to work within the eyes of potential customers. 

→ SMS templates are the time savers of this age. Imagine you are in an office where you need to send messages to multiple people for different reasons. Using an SMS template will save you from typing the same message again and again, without sacrificing your privacy.

→ Text messaging has become commonplace in the mobile world. With it, customers have now been given more communication options than ever before. Customizing your messages for a two-way engagement on mobile can take many forms, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. SMS templates are an easy way to customize text messages for better conversions across the web or on mobile phones.

What are the Advantages of Using SMS Templates?

The following are the advantages of using SMS Templates:

Time Saver: You do not have to work on each message from scratch, from finding a template to downloading it and creating your messages with personal information such as your business logo or other additional company text.

Cost-Effective: In terms of purchasing the template and when activating your texts, sending out 1000 texts can be done for around $50 per month, so it is cheaper than traditional marketing alternatives. 

Savvy Marketing: With a professionally designed template, you can make your company look professional and well-established, which will give it an edge in the market.

Ease of Updates: When there are new deals or promotions from your business, update the text messages to reflect those changes without needing anyone’s help.

Additional Information: Companies that use SMS templates have said that they are more likely to receive responses from customers due to the personal nature of a text message.

What are the Disadvantages of Using SMS Templates?

Just like any other marketing strategy, using SMS Templates has its disadvantages:

Reduced Personalization: The simplicity of text messaging lends itself to a more standardized dialogue. SMS Templates offer pre-written messages that are easy to use and free up your time elsewhere. 

Since each text message requires fewer bits than an email, some companies prefer the one-size-fits-all communication style to maximize the number of messages based on different customer responses. 

No Content Variety: It is really difficult to put a lot of content into a small package like an SMS template. Adding more information often makes the template longer, and it becomes hard for the program text editor to accurately display all that additional text on a user’s mobile screen. 

It means that most templates you see will only have enough room for one or two sentences with links and buttons to take action. Remember that these templates are intended as simple reminders – they’re not meant to be in-depth messages about your destination wedding or your new job offer.

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