Nowadays, it’s hard to think of a business that doesn’t have an online presence. This includes real estate agents and brokers. To keep up with the competition, you need to be using SMS marketing for your business.

How do you market your business when you are working with clients who live in other states? How can you stay connected to them and their needs on a local level without being there physically? One of the best ways to reach out is through text marketing. Text Marketing for Real Estate Agents is an informative, trustworthy blog post that will provide tips on how real estate agents can use SMS marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Here are some tips for how real estate agents can use SMS marketing in their daily lives. 

How Important Is SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents?

SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents is an important tool for real estate agents and brokers, especially since most people in your network are mobile phone users. Instead of sending them a generic email or phone call, you can send them important information about their accounts, such as reminders about showing times, notifications that they have been paid, or other vital details. 

About 73% of the Real Estate Industry is reported using SMS Marketing and messaging to communicate with their customers.

The National Association of Realtors said that about 90% of realtors today prefer the use of SMS messaging to communicate with their clients. It is one of the top choices next to emails and phone calls.

For instance, RE/MAX Okanagan lets its website visitors book private appointments by text and even check-in for appointments upon arrival.

Likewise, REALTORS uses SMS as a primary tool for communicating with potential buyers.

Also, statistics show that a single text message can reach someone within just 6 seconds of being sent. That means that you can get your marketing out there more quickly and effectively than ever before!

Well-known real estate companies are taking advantage of the fact that SMS messaging is the preferred method of communication for people with the highest capacity for home buying – the Millenials.

And given how quick and easy it is for potential clients to get information these days, it’s more important than ever that you stay connected to them using text messages.

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Real Estate Agents?

SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents works by sending text messages to your customers as well as leads. There are many different ways to incorporate SMS marketing into the Real Estate sector, depending on what is appropriate for your business and the goals you have in place.

How Does SMS Marketing Work For Real Estate Agents

If you want to increase lead generation, then you should consider using SMS messaging to provide a little exciting incentive to people who opt in to receive your messages. It effectively rewards those people while ensuring that you don’t overdo it and scare them off with unwanted marketing. Likewise, if you want to use SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents by providing home sellers a quick and easy way to let you know that their home is up for sale, this can be done very quickly.

• SMS Marketing can be used for giving information about houses of sale. For instance: “Check out this beautiful home with four bedrooms and two baths for $500,000. Info: (phone number).”

• SMS Marketing is also a quick tool for announcing price reductions and deals. Example: “Hurry! Three bedroom house with a huge yard – $250,000. Info: (phone number).

• Boost Attendance At Open Houses by sending out SMS invitations, such as – “Come to our Sunday Open House, 5 – 7:00 PM. Preview this beautiful three-bedroom home for only $259,900! Info:(phone number).”

• You can also use SMS marketing to get people to submit leads electronically by sending a text message with the link that they can click on and send a message through. An example of this is: “Do you have a house for sale, or are you looking to sell? Reply here to submit your info, and we will contact you right away.”

Things to Consider When Doing SMS Marketing in the Real Estate Sector

Things to Consider When Doing SMS Marketing in the RE Sector

Several factors determine how effective SMS marketing can be. To maximize the potential for building and maintaining relationships, it’s vital to understand your target market and their preferred media (i.e., email, phone call).

Here is a list of the things to consider when using SMS Marketing for Real Estate:

Keep Text Short

Keep SMS short, concise, and it shouldn’t take too long to read. Make the messages inclusive of the information that you need to provide. Try to condense it into a short and sweet format so that your customers aren’t annoyed.

Be Clear

Be clear when you send out text messages to your clients. In Real Estate SMS Marketing, it’s important that you are very clear about what you are trying to say with your text message. It’s all too easy for even the most common words to become confusing in a short message format, and if people don’t quite understand what you’re saying, they can choose to opt out of your marketing.

Customize Your Text for Contacts

Customize your text for your contact so that it will sound personal to the recipient. What works with one group of contacts might not work as well with others, so make sure that you customize your text messages for different people to provide them with the most relevant information. This will help you avoid wasting time and keep your network engaged.

Use Successful SMS Templates

Using Successful SMS templates for your Real Estate marketing can make all your efforts worth it. Use text messages to send appointment reminders and other contact information to people who are considering using your services. Likewise, if you have specific templates that have been successful in the past, you should make use of them!

• For potential clients, prepare SMS drafts or templates that invite them to visit the website or an open house in the area. Use messages that are engaging and make sure to find out what they are looking for in a property.

• For current buyers, using SMS drafts for communication will update them on the ongoing process. Prepare scripts that will improve the experience of your clients.

• For current home sellers, use SMS templates to update them on the status of their property on the market. SMS is also a quick way of informing them of appointment schedules with interested buyers.

SMS Examples of Real Estate Text Marketing

SMS Examples of Real Estate Text Marketing

To give you an idea about what type of SMS marketing is appropriate for your business, here are some examples: 

Dear “client’s first name,” Thanks for reaching out with your inquiry on Property X. Is there any other info you need?

        Best regards, John Doe

“Dear’ client’s first name’, thank you for your request to get in touch. When is the best time to talk about getting your home sold?

        Best regards, Jane Jones

Hey! We’ve got a new home that lists for around $200,000. Would Wednesday evening work for you to stop by and take the quick tour?

        Thanks, David Jones

Did you like 123 Dewdrop Street? Get more information about similar homes in Gaspesie at

Hi {Client}! Great news – they’ve accepted your offer on 585 Rue De Bonbon! Can we set up a call for this afternoon?

Use keywords for each property

The first step of an SMS marketing strategy is choosing a keyword. It should be brief, easy to remember, and different from the keywords used by other businesses. Keywords give your contacts the option to opt-in for future text messages; this means that it will be possible to contact them in the future. 

To showcase a particular property, choose “House1” as the keyword. When people text the number mentioned with “House1” to it, they will automatically receive a message containing all the details about said property.

To display a property, use MMS.

Using MMS is an excellent way to display a property via messaging. If you’re interested in displaying properties for sale as an advertisement, this is a great option! Send out the pictures and information about the home in high quality, using multiple images if necessary. It can help potential buyers know what they are looking at, hopefully convincing them to inquire into the home in question.

To send photos of properties via MMS, here are the steps to take:

First, add a picture in the native application of your phone. Then, text: {your keyword}/{picture number} (the text can be anything – it just takes care of the message delivery)

From there, you should receive an MMS containing your image. The recipient will also receive an MMS from your company’s shortcode, confirming that your message was received.

Sending follow-up text messages is a smart option.

To keep your leads engaged, it’s important that you send them texts at regular intervals to show that you are still very interested in working with them. It will also help you remind people about appointments and other things so that you don’t have to deal with many no-shows.

Send property information to leads that are interested.

Sending property information to potential customers is essential as it will help them decide whether they should buy the property. It will also help you and your clients decide on the type of home they are looking for.

There are several ways to send property information or to interested leads. You can use emails and SMS messaging to provide information regarding the property.

If you use text messages, you may simply link the property information for the client’s convenience. Most people ignore marketing emails. Nearly 60% of email campaigns end up in spam folders.

You may also use SMS to arrange the best time for meetings so that you can provide the property information personally.

SMS Marketing Stats for Real Estate Agents

Statistics show that there are over 5 billion text messages sent every single day. And with this growing number, SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents is becoming an excellent tool for business.

 Stats for Real Estate Agents

According to the report developed by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of Real Estate Firms have a dedicated website. And along with the use of the web, firms are also using mobile phone communication to engage and connect with clients.

This number is a clear response to the statistics showing that at least 44% of home buyers search online to find a home for sale. About 99% of these searchers are Millennials, while most older Boomers prefer to use mobile devices.

Additionally, Real Estate Agents prefer the use of emails at 94 percent. At the same time, a close 90 percent uses SMS marketing and text messaging to communicate with their clients.

Thus, it is only understandable why SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents is a must-have in your marketing arsenal. SMS marketing is the perfect way to connect with clients and buyers, from scheduling appointments to sharing property information.

It is also worth nothing that most people would rather receive promotional text messages from companies they already have an interest in (rather than strangers), so it will only be easier for you to sell your services to your clients with mobile marketing.

What is the Best Marketing Tool for Real Estate Agents?

The best marketing tools for Real Estate Agents effectively work to connect and communicate with their target audiences. Some of the top-rated tools include the following:

• Mobile App

• Newsletter Subscription

• Email Marketing

• Social Media Marketing (especially Facebook)

• Website

• Text Message Marketing (SMS)

• Google+ Local Listing and Maps

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