The digital era has changed the advertising landscape exponentially. If you´re still using “Old Skool” marketing methods, you may find yourself struggling to reach customers and sales have dropped. There are benefits to SMS marketing.

Today´s consumers do not want advertising. They want information. And savvy consumers search for information on the internet.

You probably already know that you need to engage in digital marketing. You may have already tried it. Do you feel like you are flushing money down the proverbial pan?

The issue many businesses encounter in the digital age is the incapacity to reach your audience. With thousands of other businesses in your industry all competing for just 10 slots on the first page of search results, being visible online is tough.

You´ve probably even tried social media but discovered that free advertising is time-consuming and paid schemes are expensive. With all that noise it´s difficult to be heard.

However, there is one digital marketing tool that cuts straight through the chaff and enables you to connect with customers directly – on their mobile phones; SMS marketing.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Using bulk SMS services as part of your advertising arsenal gives marketers a tool that provides numerous distinct advantages.

First of all, SMS has an impressive open rate. More than 90% of text messages are opened in the first 15 minutes. Furthermore, text messages do not get filtered into spam! People love texting more than email.

Mobile phones are personal devices that consumers nearly always have with them. It´s common knowledge that people are never more than an arms reach away from their phone and always check their text messages.

Furthermore, by their very nature, mobile phones are designed for people to take with them when they leave the house. Businesses that take SMS marketing to the next level with geo-marketing can reach customers when they are within a close proximity to your store.

Lastly, mobile marketing does not have to be entirely about marketing. Businesses are using text messages to provide customers with relevant information such as reminders, notifications and thank you messages.

Brands that provide a great customer service strengthen ties with shoppers. Customers are more likely to return when you make them feel special. So why not use SMS marketing to build out your customer loyalty program!

How SMS Marketing Can Work For You

It has to be said that SMS marketing will not work for every business. But if you have a high turnover of customers and a physical store, text message marketing is arguably the most powerful tool at your disposal.

Consider how you can use SMS.

  1. Building your customer list
  2. Offering special offers
  3. Future promotions
  4. Customer service
  5. Announcements
  6. Driving traffic to landing pages on your website
  7. Surveys/Customer feedback

SMS marketing is highly versatile. Customers do not want to bombarded with advertising every time they receive a text message from you. Be considerate how many promotions you send.

Alternatively, rather than sending offers, why not make announcements. Let your customers know when your seasonal sales starts and when there is only a few days left.

Or maybe your customers would like to know when you have new line of stock in store or when new products will be available to buy. Do they have store credit that needs paying or an account that needs topping up? Useful information is good information.

Composing SMS messages

The SMS window is only big enough for 160 characters. Messages therefore have to be brief yet provide relevant information so customers know what you are trying to tell them and what they need to do next. So don´t forget a call-to-action.

If you have a promotional offer that requires more information than you can fit into a text message, embed a link or a video into the message so your customers have the opportunity to find out more.

The key aspects to keep in mind for SMS marketing campaigns are to make your customers feel they are being well looked after. You should also keep your messages personalized.

Some marketers call text message marketing “Old Skool” and many predicted the service would be obsolete five years ago. Not only is SMS marketing still going strong, it´s getting stronger.

For brands that need a reliable marketing channel to reach customers, SMS marketing provides a long-term and versatile solution. Text message services are also a lot less expensive than search marketing and social media, nor do they take up as much of your precious time.

It is time you try modern marketing methods that do reach your customers!

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