Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with online ads, social alerts and spam in their inbox. As a result, smartphone owners have been disabling notifications. These strategies will help you monetize SMS marketing messaging.

The problem is not as bad as it was two years ago, largely thanks to savvy marketers finding mobile strategies that don’t drive customers away. Even still, SMS is one of the few channels available for marketers to reach consumers in real-time.

Three Solutions to monetize your marketing campaigns

Brands looking for strategies to monetize your marketing campaigns, should try SMS. Texting enables you to reach customers in ways that other digital media cannot, and because you already have the hardware, SMS marketing is a cost-effective method.

1. Geofencing: Right Place, Right Time

One of the most powerful tools you can incorporate into a text message marketing campaign is geofencing, or geotargeting as it?s sometimes called.

Geofencing targets a defined parameter around your store and uses a software program with a built-in GPS and radio frequency to identify when customers enter the parameter.

This gives you the opportunity to fire off an SMS with an offer the recipient can?t refuse – in real-time whenever they are within walking distance of your store. No need for a push notification or email that will probably go unread.

Geotargeting is the most effective method of driving customers to your store, but you have to be able to identify them when they turn up to capitalize on your promotion – so don?t forget to include instructions.

There are several ways to do this; the easiest is to include a barcode or QR code that can be scanned directly from their phone. Or you may want to keep it simple and ask them to just show you the message – but for tracking purposes include a sales code that you can record for internal purposes.

2. Well-Crafted Text Messages

You only get 160 characters of space on a text message. Needless to say your message should be brief. This can actually work in your favour if your offer is good enough. Most shop owners do not need to bother with product descriptions or sales copy.

However, that doesn?t mean you shouldn?t make the offer more appealing to consumers than a mere discount. SMS is a personal channel – so make the message personal as well.

For example: ?Hello [name], we have a special offer just for you. 2 for 1 on [product] with this coupon. Offer ends today.?

SMS promotions should ideally be relevant to the recipient and provide critical information – price, end date and call-to-action are essential.

Some marketers would say SMS is not for everyone. We don?t entirely agree with that sentiment. SMS marketing may favor shop owners for obvious reasons, but small business owners can take advantage of SMS technology as well.

It?s possible to include links and other media such as images or videos in text messages. This gives you the opportunity to provide consumers with more relevant details about the products or services you are offering.

Use links to drive traffic to relevant content on your website where they can find more information. Without SMS you might not reach such a wide scope of customers whereby you would miss out on sales because your customers were not aware of them.

SMS messaging is a powerful channel that is often underused for the purpose of monetizing marketing campaigns. Try it today and give your bottom line a boost.

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