Text Message Invitations- Definition, Benefits, and How to Send Them

Text message invitations are convenient for reaching out to potential guests for an upcoming event. Whether for a baby shower, wedding, corporate event, or product launch, you need invitations to inform your guest formally. Paper invitations are no longer the only way to go. And while sending email invites is better, it can still get marked as spam or deleted.

Text message invitations offer a lot of benefits over traditional paper invitations. They are more personal because you can include a photo or personalized message with each one. They’re also swift and reliable – guests will get your invitation quickly, and there’s no fear of getting lost in the mail.

When you need to ensure that your visitors will receive your invitation, texting is the way to go. This article sheds light on the definition, benefits, and how you can send text message invitations.

What are Text Message Invitations?

Text message invitations, also known as SMS text message invites, are invitations that are sent to an individual’s mobile number. If you know what is SMS and what it can do for your event invitations, you will appreciate its various benefits. They are more personal than email invitations and faster and more reliable than paper invitations.

Depending on the invitation firm, you may need to install an iOS or Android app to send invites, or you can accomplish it right from your laptop or desktop computer.

Text message invites may be used for birthday parties, baby showers, formal dinners, and fundraisers. You can also use text messaging to send “save the dates,” wedding invitations, and bachelorette party invites. SMS text invitations are the perfect method to send lovely invitations to someone’s phone for any occasion you’re hosting.

What are the Benefits of Sending Text Message Invites?

There are several advantages to sending a text message invitation instead of a standard digital or paper invite which are:

1. Personalized 

With text message invitations, you can include a photo or personalized message with each one. It makes them more personal than email invitations. You may explore custom fields to create unique invitations for every occasion. There are also options to include first and last names in the message. You can create personalized invitations for guests, family, and friends with just a few clicks.

2. Fast and Reliable

Guests will receive your invitation quickly, and there’s no fear of them getting lost in the mail. You may also set reminders leading up to your event to guarantee that no one forgets your big day.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Printed invitations are often in the trash can. By sending text message invitations, you’re helping reduce paper waste.

When Should You Send a Text Message Invitation?

The best time to send a text message invitation is two or three days before the event. That way, guests will have enough time to reply, and you’ll be able to get an accurate headcount.

You can use a text message scheduler to send timely SMS invitations to your guest list. Then, you can also send text message reminders on the day before the special occasion to make sure that no one forgets that event.

What is the Best Software for Sending Text Message Invitations?

Depending on your needs, consider different software for sending text message invitations. There are a few good ones to choose from:

  • JookSMS: This software allows you to send text message invitations in bulk. You can import your guest list and write your text message invitation or evite right on the website. Then, you can schedule your text message invitations to be sent at any time. JookSMS also offers a free iOS and Android app that makes sending text message invitations even easier.
  • Greenvelope: Greenvelope is an online platform that lets you create digital invitations. You can add photos, videos, and music to your invitations. Greenvelope also offers RSVP tracking and event management tools.
  • Evite: Evite is one of the most popular online invitation platforms. It offers a wide range of templates for digital invitations. You can also track RSVPs and manage your guest list. The dashboard provides real-time updates on RSVPs, the ability to contact guests about any updates, and the option to monitor adults and kids separately. The invitation is sent out by email, and guests can accept, leave a remark about the group, or ask the host a question.
  • Hobnob: Hobnob is an iOS software introduced in March of last year. The app only requires hosts to enter their mobile phone numbers; they are not required to create an account or supply a valid email address. Hosts provide the details of their event, including name, location, date, and time, before choosing from one of the provided invite templates. The invitation is delivered to the selected people as a text message with a photo of the invitation, using their phone’s address book (it can also be shared via email and social media). Guests do not need the app to RSVP; they only have to respond “yes” or “no” to the message.
  • Invitd: After his daughter’s birthday party, entrepreneur Steve Carlton started Invitd in July 2014. He was so pleased with the response rate of text messages over other techniques, such as email and Facebook that he believed others could benefit from a text-message-based invitation system. Over 990,000 invitations have been sent thanks to the Invited app, available for iOS and Android. A host creates a bespoke invitation by filling in the name, location, and time of their event and selecting people from their address book to receive it. Recipients get an SMS message by name with all the details they need. They just have to respond “yes” or “no.” Their attendance is automatically updated on the host’s phone.

Can You Send Text Message Invitations in Bulk?

Yes. With the help of SMS marketing platforms and evite applications, it is now possible to send text message invitations in bulk. You can log in to your account, create the message, fix the schedule of sending, and leave the rest to the software. All you need is a list of mobile phone numbers of your guests.

Bulk SMS is an efficient way to communicate with your guests. Not only does it save you time, but it is also a more personal way to invite them. Your guests are likely to feel special when they receive an invitation as a text message as opposed to an email.

You can use JookSMS to send text message invitations in bulk. You can import your guest list and write your text message invitation or evite right on the website. Then, you can schedule your text message invitations to be sent at any time. JookSMS also offers a free iOS and Android app that makes sending text message invitations even easier.

How to Send Text Message Invitations via JookSMS

Below are the steps to send text message invitations using JookSMS.

1. Import Your Guest List

Whether you’re just inviting your closest friends to your event or you need to send text messages to thousands of people, our platform makes it simple to submit your contacts via a CSV or Excel document. Make sure you have explicit permission to text your guests, especially if you’re sending an invite to more than a few close pals and relatives.

2. Write Your Text Message Invitation or Evite

Once your guests are imported, you’ll be able to write your text message invitation. Keep it short and sweet! You don’t want to risk your guests’ attention spans by going on and on about the event. In addition to the essentials – like time, date, and location – mention any special features of the party, like a costume contest or a photo booth. You can now create lengthy text messages of up to 306 characters, twice as long as previously. Do you need to add more information? You may add 1,600 characters or pictures with MMS!

3. Schedule Your Text Message Invitation

Now that you’ve written your invitation, it’s time to set the date and time for it to be sent! JookSMS offers both date and time-based SMS sending, so you can choose when you want your guests to receive it. You may send your information immediately or schedule it for a future date. We recommend sending one text message to notify people about the event as soon as you have a confirmed date, followed by several text reminders leading up to the day of the event. The convenience of digital invitations is that you can send as many copies as you need without having to worry about using too much paper for printed invitations or getting the right addresses for sending. 

How to Use RSVP for an Invitation?

When using text message invitations for events, you may also explore the use of RSVP via text message.

RSVP means “please respond,” and the acronym comes from the French phrase, répondez s’il vous plaît. RSVP by text message is a convenient way for guests to let you know if they will attend your event or not. It also eliminates the need for them to call or email you. When using RSVP, always provide an easy way for guests to unsubscribe from future notifications.

Your guests can respond to the invitations instantly by replying to a certain code and sending it back to the phone number you sent the text message from. This is a convenient way for guests to say whether they can attend, and it also eliminates the need for your guests to have an account with a third-party RSVP service.

Here are some ideas to encourage guests to RSVP:

  1. Ask Guest to Reply to Your Text
  2. Create a Keyword for Your Event or Party
  3. Use Data Collection to Request More Details

1. Ask Guests to Reply to Your Text

If you’re only inviting a few people, stick to basic instructions by asking them to respond to your invitation. After that, keep a running list of who has confirmed their attendance. You may wish to choose one of the options below if you’re throwing a wedding with more than 100 guests, an enormous birthday party, or any other gathering with many attendees.

2. Create a Keyword for Your Event or Party

A keyword is a word or phrase that people may text to your phone number to register for notifications about your event. For example, if you’re launching a new line of bags called Elle on your fifth anniversary in business, you can come up with the keyword “Elleon5.” Our platform adds callers to a separate contact list whenever they text your number with the keyword. You may simply log in to the platform and view who has texted in the keyword when you need a headcount.

3. Use Data Collection to Request More Details

If you’re looking for more information about your guests, you may also use our data-collection features. It will allow you to request things like their mailing address or email address when they respond to your text message invitation. You can then keep this information on file and send them additional reminders or marketing materials about the event. The data collection feature allows you to automatically inquire about extra specifics from guests who have RSVPed using a keyword. Find out the name of their plus one, whether they are vegetarian, or anything else you need to know.

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