Benefits of sms marketing

Marketing is a competitive field and one of the most important steps you can take to stand out from your competitors. Bulk SMS marketing helps businesses connect with their customer base, which will give them an advantage in this cutthroat business world.

SMS marketing is an instant, efficient way to reach your audience. People have always had the convenience of their mobile phones on hand so you can communicate with them in moments when it’s most convenient for both parties involved.

Bulk SMS Marketing is a powerful way to engage with your customers and generate leads, but does it have enough benefits? Let’s take 13 quick reasons why running bulk SMS campaigns might be the right choice for you.  

Higher Open Rate

sms high open rate

SMS marketing is the top choice for marketers because the open rate for this type of marketing is higher than email or other digital marketing types. SMS open rate refers to the ratio of messages that are delivered correctly on the first try. Usually, this happens when you send more than one message or use short messages like invitations or notifications (vs. bulk messaging). The SMS open rate depends on the service provider, country, and technology. 

Digital marketers should not focus solely on the open rate of emails, but it is still an essential factor. Open rates can be misleading when you look at them in general. Instead, you want to see what’s going through people’s minds after they’ve opened your message or clicked a response email from one of our campaigns. For example, how did the customers respond upon receiving the text message? Did they ignore it? Did they read it? Are they engaged?

Email marketing is often doomed to failure because of its low open rate. On the other hand, SMS will always have a higher success rate with an average of 98% compared to only 20%. Sending messages also leads to response rates which means you can be sure that more people see your message when they receive one.


Cost effective sms

SMS Marketing is a tried and true method for reaching your audience. It provides the most cost-effective way to communicate with customers directly. It can be done on their device or through text messages sent from many businesses that advertise this service in new ways, such as push notifications.

On average, the minimum price starts at $29 per month and can go as high as $45 per month. It all depends on the SMS service provider and the type of SMS plan you want to use.

SMS marketing is cost-effective due to the prevalence of people owning a cell phone and the ease of use. SMS marketing forces an increased number of messages seen by potential customers, leading to more sales than other forms of advertising, especially with brand awareness already in place. 

On average, mobile internet activity ranks higher than desktop or tablet activity, so it’s easy for marketers to reach their desired demographic with the right balance of SMS messages. This form has no geographical barrier since mobile phones are used internationally, and mobile subscriptions are increasing every year across the globe.

Reach a Wide Demographic

Reach wide demographic sms

Understanding who your customers are can be a difficult task. Demographic data is the collection and analysis of broad characteristics about groups with populations, which provides businesses insight into how they market their products or services to consumers and future trends in demand for those items.

As we enter a time where marketers can use big data and artificial intelligence to amplify the power of demographics, marketers will soon have an even more detailed understanding of who their consumers are. 

This knowledge is beneficial for businesses because it enables them to make better decisions when targeting specific groups with products or services. Market segments are often grouped by age or generation.  While there is quantifiable data available on the internet with regards to the demographic reach of SMS marketing, many business owners and marketers swear by this.

Demographic information about this particular population may reveal interesting trends that could help brands learn how best to reach out to those most likely interested in theirs. SMS marketing is considered to reach a broad demographic because most people today have access to cellphones, and they are accessible at any point in time.

Fast Delivery

fast delivery sms

SMS Marketing is considered a fast delivery because it is an instant form of messaging that often leads to open rates that are much higher than email. In contrast, while email marketing has been around for decades, it took quite some time before email was commonly the primary channel for marketing content.

Text messages are typically sent in seconds. They reflect the modern era of instant gratification and allow consumers who are constantly moving to engage with brands in their time frame. 

Standard SMS has some key advantages over other types of messaging services. At its core, SMS is based on plain old GSM for all of the data connections. Many more pieces of equipment can handle this protocol than there are with newer forms of wireless protocols, so implementing a new provider is cheaper and faster.

Text messages send data over a cellular network, but phone calls send voice data. Text messaging is thus much faster – especially when you’re in a high-rise building and can’t get a signal for your phone call.


mobile friendly sms

Email marketing is declining, and SMS (text messaging) has become a popular replacement to reach customers. With so many people opting out of emails in favor of mobile-friendly strategies like text message campaigns, business owners should take advantage now before it’s too late.

Mobile marketing is a huge trend because it can be used to send text messages. In fact, mobile-friendly tools like SMS have been around for some time now, but their simplicity and more accessible features make them popular among marketers as well. Mass texts offer many advantages that businesses could use to increase success rates with sales or customer loyalty. There’s no better way of doing this than using an innovative tool such as these texting services.

SMS Marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies in today’s world. It helps to quickly connect potential customers with businesses instantly, making it the perfect marketing strategy for our ever-connected society.

It caters to mobile platforms like Androids and iPhones, which are more popular than desktop computers nowadays. So it’s considered mobile-friendly for this reason because business owners can increase their customer base within less time since they don’t need bulky equipment or complicated website technology that can get very costly over time.

Compatible with Other Types of Marketing

compatible text marketing

Text message marketing is a new way to reach your customers by sending them permission-based SMS messages. The opt-in feature means that the messaging recipient must ‘yes’ before you can send any advertisements or promotional material their way.

SMS marketing is a good way of reaching potential customers because it’s compatible with other types of advertising. That means that if you’re running any kind of advertisement on TV or the radio, for instance, you can also send an SMS text to people to let them know about it. 

In addition, you may also incorporate your websites, social media pages, and applications through SMS marketing. Thus, it does not disrupt your other marketing strategies. Instead, it supports and enhances them.

It’s a scalable form of messaging and has high response rates, so it works well as a supplementary form of outreach for any other advertising strategy you might be employing.

Flexible and Customizable

SMS marketing is flexible and customizable because it is an easy and affordable way to segment your customers based on location, interest, or any other data point you can think of.

Turning a message campaign on or off with one click means you are only spending money on responsive users at that moment in time. With email marketing, for example, you pay for every member of the list no matter what – even if they haven’t opened their inbox in months! This flexibility allows brands to manage their budget without hesitation.

Customizing your text messages will allow others to personally identify you rather than receiving an anonymous, impersonal message. It will enable our communication to be vastly less one-sided. It’s a great pre-text if the conversation is going well and also makes any communication feel personal for the receiver.

The key to building trusting relationships is customization. When people receive personalized text messages, they feel that their communication isn’t computer-driven but rather human and genuine instead. A good foundation for this type of connection lies in starting with an approach tailored just for them.

The power of SMS marketing is on full display with personalized messages. Not only does it allow you to provide more value, but personalizing your text messages means that they will be relevant for each subscriber.

Opt-In Option

In order to ensure that your campaign is successful, it’s essential for the people who receive messages on a mailing list like this one to have opted-in. That means opting out can be an option and requires affirmative consent from those on lists. It allows you to send them anything from promotional actions through educational content or any other type of contact.

To make sure that your business stays in contact with clients, you need an updated database of people interested in receiving information from the company. One way to do this is by providing them with website space to enter their phone number if they wish for more frequent communications.

The opt-in is the most common way for a person to enter your contact list, as they will offer up their data to be kept informed about what happens with that company. Therefore you must get consent before sending messages via SMS or email marketing content; otherwise, they won’t access any info from this site.

Opt-Out Option

An SMS (short message service) opt-out option is typically a special code that allows users to terminate their subscriptions and stop receiving messages from the company. Usually, it requires an incoming text reply with a specific keyword or word provided by the company to the subscribed mobile numbers. 

It’s possible to opt-out of SMS marketing by contacting your mobile service provider or requesting to opt-out of future texts at the phone number provided in the message.

Some are opting out because they have better uses for their time, while others are being plagued with spam messages. As for why it might be beneficial for both parties just to quit texting each other, if you’re receiving unwanted text messages, then you should definitely feel confident about opting out.

Better Communication with Customers

Better Communication with Customers

When businesses communicate with customers how and where they want, it’s easier to captivate their attention. SMS marketing enables instant communication between a business’s customer base, which in turn compels new or existing clients towards action, whether that means shopping at your physical location or online.

One of the major goals in marketing is the conversion of customers. The more customers that are convinced into buying, the better. Communication can be helpful to convince customers, which involves marketing strategies like SMS marketing. 

It is important to strengthen communication through SMS because it is a powerful and effective way of quickly sharing information with people across the world.

SMS can be used in emergencies, for quick updates, and to send encouragement. It’s convenient in applications such as group chat rooms, so businesses use it during customer service dialogue or teamwork projects.

Possibility to Use Shortcode

Shortcodes are used to address messages in the MMS and SMS of mobile network operators. They may also be dialed as an abbreviated phone number, with lesser digits instead of 10 or 11 numbers being needed for standard long-distance calling.

The shortcode will become your brand’s calling card. Recognition is important in marketing, so when you’re competing for attention among other text messages that are vying to be read next from this person or group, then they’ll know the message was sent by someone trustworthy with something worthwhile on their mind.

A shortcode is a much easier and quicker way to contact anyone than having them contact you by phone or stopping by your place. With shortcodes, you can ensure that the people who see or hear your message will remember it well enough to respond. 

To maximize your investment in mobile marketing campaigns for these devices, advertise them on multiple channels such as print materials and radio ads, so more of those potential customers are reached with all available information about how and when to use your SMS shortcodes.

Direct Channel for Communication

Direct communication is a type of speech that conveys clear messages or directs actions. It’s often used in the workplace to ensure no misunderstandings about who has authority and what orders they can give. 

Brands can use this same formality for mobile channels when they speak directly with customers while commercials air on broadcast television airwaves where many viewers will either tune out if not interested or skip past them altogether due to their ease-of-tune factor.

It’s no secret that mobile has been a driving force in consumer engagement. The most direct way to connect with your target audience can be found integrated into traditional media for better results.

The key to successful SMS marketing has the right message. Make sure your messages are relevant to your customer needs and align with their expectations for quality in-bound (messages) that they receive.

The other keys to success – send the right text at the right time, based on contextual data you’ve collected about your subscriber. Opportunities abound every day, letting people know when items are back in stock, reminding them about an upcoming event, announcing a seasonal drink offer. There’s always something worth sending because it ensures you stay top of mind when customers want more information or an outlet for feedback or questions.

The mobile environment is a new frontier for advertising, and marketers can use insights from data analytics to place relevant offers in front of particularly receptive consumers. There’s no better way than simple messaging with direct response elements available today.

Time Management

SMS Marketing is a time-saving process that allows you to devote your attention elsewhere. You can schedule campaigns and manage them efficiently, which means less work for the business owner.

The contribution of SMS marketing to time management is wide-ranging. Mass texting is a time-saving, web-based platform that helps businesses send the same message to all of their subscribers in seconds.

First, transactional SMS campaigns allow you to communicate with your customer in a time-sensitive manner. You can send automatic follow-up messages after they complete certain actions, such as purchasing or signing up for something via mobile phone call/SMS message. These interactions happen automatically on the user’s end based upon what type of device he has used.

Second, SMS marketing provides a cost-effective way for businesses to reach out and engage with potential customers. App integration makes it easy by automatically syncing data from your SMS campaign into existing software you’re already using or vice versa.

Third, SMS autoresponders are a great way to provide instant communication and valuable insight for your business. The texts automatically send pre-selected messages based on keywords in the original message, which means you can interact with customers without having them wait around or go through emails when there’s something important that needs attention right away.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes Short Message Service to deliver promotional messages, product offers, and short content in various ways. Brands can use this platform to send message alerts or telemarketing information at predetermined time intervals.

The subscriber would only receive the text messages when they opt-in by providing their mobile number during an opt-in process, which the company should specify either through digital marketing or other traditional marketing means. It indicates that brands should consider targeting services based on user demographics before sending SMS promotional across the board.

With the correct use of an SMS marketing campaign, a business can gather data from customers about behaviors and preferences, promote their products online among a targeted audience base, capitalize on social media trends to provide timely offers and immediately find out if customers are interested in new releases.

SMS marketing is a great way to market to people who are on their phones constantly. The two main benefits of this form of marketing are that it’s cheaper than other forms because the messages can’t be forwarded. That, as it operates through mobile carriers, permission may not even be necessary.

Who Should Use SMS Marketing?

  • E-commerce stores: SMS is an excellent communication channel for e-commerce companies, whether you’re sending promotional campaigns or order/shipping confirmations.
  • Travel companies: Customers demand real-time information. Therefore SMS is vital for travel businesses. It includes flight arrival and departure times, terminal changes, cancellations, weather warnings, and many more. You may inform clients exactly what they need to know via SMS without worrying whether or not they will receive it in time.
  • Service businesses that require appointments: Send SMS reminders to your clients so that they never miss another appointment. It will save you time and money by eliminating no-shows and late appointments.
  • Large organizations with 100+ employees: It’s vital to have good communication, but it’s difficult to communicate with each employee in a big firm. Email is too slow for important information. The most excellent method to ensure that every worker receives the information you want to deliver at the right moment is through SMS internal communication.
  • Healthcare Professionals: SMS marketing is just one of the many tactics and strategies professionals can and should use to stay in contact with their patients. It’s important to find a balance between providing enough interesting content so that your patients will want to continue receiving your messages but not so much, so they get annoyed and unsubscribe.

Why is SMS Marketing Important?

SMS marketing is important because it has a way of reaching out to the customer one on one, for promoting, for example, products with immediate benefits. This form of advertising reaches large audiences and promotes brand awareness.

There have been many cases where social media was used to organize protests or live streams from protest sites, which allowed people from around the world to witness these events and be a part of them as virtual bystanders.

With SMS marketing, this same sense of community can gather around marketing messages that have an immediacy that other platforms cannot offer with delayed responses and more formal interactions. Indeed, instant gratification texts can encourage us to follow up on purchases and our consumption habits in general. 

SMS Marketing has traditionally been considered to be an effective means of communication. It’s also a good idea to use it when people are most likely to have their handsets in hand, such as the morning commute or in between television broadcasts.

As of 2021, there are approximately 6378 billion smartphone users worldwide, as per statistica. China, India, and America have the highest subscriber rates for this rapidly expanding technology.

Is SMS Marketing Effective?

Yes. SMS marketing is a popular and cost-efficient method of targeting people with similar interests. However, it cannot be easy to ensure you’re getting the right results because it’s easy to ignore. Nonetheless, with an effective campaign, SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can allow nearby businesses to expand their customer base at very little upfront cost.

SMS marketing is a highly effective channel, often with high open rates – 98%. Pizza Hut used an SMS marketing strategy lately. Customers could get a free big pizza by texting ‘FREE PIZZA’ and following some simple directions, according to Pizza Hut. They promoted it on social media with six-day ads offering 100K coupons just for the first few days.

The social media campaign went viral, and the 100,000 coupons were all used up in less than a day. The corporation permitted the promotion to run until it reached 160 thousand opt-ins. However, because the codes were only valid online, they could be redeemed by emailing or texting them back in exchange for free lunch.

What are the Statistics about SMS Marketing Effectiveness?

The statistics about the effectiveness of SMS marketing can be overwhelming. It is now more convenient than ever for people to obtain information with just a few quick text messages. Research has shown that the average person responds in about 90 seconds, but it can take up 1/4th of an hour before they send you back an email, if at all.

It’s no surprise that 65% of marketers say SMS marketing is a very effective method for them. In fact, 75% have suggested people would be happy with an offer via text message- so why not try it out?

Email continues to be one of the most popular ways for people worldwide to communicate with each other. In 2017, there were 3.7 billion email users worldwide who sent an estimated 5 trillion emails that year alone. As new technologies are developed, and older ones continue their trendsetting work in this space, it seems inevitable that by 2022 this number will have risen even higher.

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

There are several benefits to SMS marketing. It is an effective way to target customers that might not have been seen on the internet. The ability to provide a more personalized experience, real-time interaction, and 24/7 availability makes it an indispensable marketing tool. 

In addition, SMS marketers don’t have any data limitations on their customer base or website traffic volumes. That means huge increases in profitability for companies of all sizes since they can send out more messages for fewer costs with better returns. 

SMS Marketing provides highly targeted audiences for advertisers because they have access to anyone with a mobile phone, making it more personal than general advertising media such as magazines or TV. 

It also provides superior tracking capabilities so that ad agencies know which spots work best or don’t work at all. Lastly, there are no printing fees as in print advertisements, so you will only pay for every impression your campaign generates.

What are the SMS Marketing Tools?

  • JookSMS: JookSMS is the perfect solution for any business looking to engage with customers using text messages. The platform enables organizations of all sizes and at every stage in their marketing process – from strategy development, promotion design/execution, and analysis to monitoring sent message activity as well as team activities via real-time analytics insights on our cloud-based system.
  • Klaviyo: Klaviyo is a unified marketing platform that includes SMS and email under one roof. With the wide-ranging features, you can send messages to customers from your website with just two clicks of a button.
  • TextMagic: You can send texts online, email to SMS (in which you or your application sends out a standard email converted into an SMS for delivery), two-way messages, and more. Send text messages with the click of one button. Combine this service with others like it on Skout or WhatsApp—you’ll be able to message anyone in seconds.
  • Postscript: Postscript takes the hassle out of managing your customer list. With Postscript, you can send messages to all subscribers on Shopify and Shopify without having to deal with multiple platforms or forgetting someone’s email address.
  • Attentive: Attentive allows clients on the Shopify and Plus platforms to send automated texts that are based on subscribers’ shopping behavior, such as product recommendations or promotions. The company also responds quickly when customers need assistance with their orders.

Can Templates be Used for SMS Marketing?

Definitely, the great thing about templates is that they provide a good starting point for your conversation. Still, it’s very easy to customize the content based on whatever you know about that customer’s needs or wants from your business. The following templates below are beneficial. However, it is essential to note that these templates had not undergone any case studies for their effectiveness. 

  • Discount message examples:
  1. Hi! You have been granted a 25% discount on our selected items starting this weekend. Visit us today!
  2. Sign up for a membership today and get your first two months of gym FREE! Promo runs until August 30. Hurry!
  • Holiday Marketing and promotional SMS examples:
  1. Thanksgiving is on its way. Have you decided on your Thanksgiving gifts? Visit us today for Thanksgiving flash sales.
  2. Happy holidays! To make your Christmas merrier, we have a gift for you. You can get a free gift from us when you purchase a minimum of $50 until the end of December. 
  • Loyalty rewards and birthday messages examples:
  1. Hi [Name]! It seems like your birthday is up. You have been one of our regulars, and we thank you for that. To show our appreciation and love, we have a birthday treat for you. Celebrate your birthday with us and have a free spa package from us! We hope to see you there.
  2. Greetings, [Name]! You have been supporting our chain for quite some time. Visit us anytime you’re free! For your 10th visit, we would like to give you something in return.
  • Announcements for new products or services examples:
  1. We have new and upcoming products just for you! Please refer to this [Insert Link] and learn more!
  2. Do you want to be one of the 100 persons to avail of our new services? Well then, hurry up and sign up for free registration! Reply “ASK” to avail discounts and sign up for our exclusive service.
  • Contest promotional text examples:
  1. Do you want [Insert product/service], but you don’t want to break the bank? We will give [Insert product/service] to 5 lucky winners. To join our contest, click [insert link] for more information.
  2. Grab the chance to win a [Insert product/service] by joining our giveaway. All you have to do is to answer some questions and post your answers on social media! Reply “JOIN” for the complete guidelines.
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